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ntroduction: The continuing sexcapades of John, Lauren, Amy and her friends. Still awake, still writing. Please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes for that reason. Read for the story and not the words haha. Anyways, as always comments are very welcomed, and the more I get the quicker I write the next chapter. Kinda curious to see how far I can get in one day.

John was in heaven, figuratively of course. No his sister had not gotten a worried call from his neighbours in the middle of the night informing her of underage, incestuous sex going on in his house, and she had not coming storming back from her vacation in Mexico to kill him while he slept. No he was living in a house where four young, and very sexy girls were staying, and he was sleeping with almost everyone of them.

It hard started with his seventeen year old niece, Lauren, with her long blonde hair, great looks and figure, and large pert breasts. That little minx had dragged his daughter and her two friends into the mix as well. He had gone down on the tiny Sam, with her bluish black hair and red little peach fuzz over her delicious pussy. Then proceeded to take his daughters cherry in a very painful, but fulfilling escapade that left them both spent. God she reminded him so much of her mother, with the same dirty blonde hair and striking eyes that held him enthral. Jillian however, still seemed too shy to have any contact with him, but on a few occasions had let one of the other girls lick her until she came. John wouldn't pressure her into anything, if she wasn't ready for him then that's the way it was stay until she changed her mind. Even if she didn't, he just liked to watch her in the throes of passion, her long raven black hair flipping every where and her long, slender form thrashing around on his bed.

It had been a week since the morning where everyone got involved, and things had only gotten better. By day he was fooling around with all the girls, licking them, letting them suck his cock, and fingering them whenever they asked him to. He hadn't had sex with his daughter though, she still seemed a little tender and he knew she had to recover fully, or else risking further injury. He didn't mind though, he got all the wild sex he could possibly want from his nympho of a niece, Lauren. The few nights they had gotten his bed alone, they had fucked late into the night, cumming multiple times. He couldn't ask for anything more then that could he?

He sat out in the large backyard, soaking up a few rays while he tried to come up with something to write. Since the loss of his wife, his publisher had given him some leeway on his deadlines, but as time went on they got less and less friendly. He was shocked back into reality with a very harsh email that morning, claiming that if he didn't come up with three chapters in a months time, they would toss his contract.

To get some peace and quiet that he so desperately needed, he gave the girls a couple hundred dollars and asked them not to return until later that night. He was sad to see them go, he had started to get used to their presence. The house was quiet now and he couldn't bare to be in it, so he had taken his notebook out into the yard hoping inspiration would strike. Sadly it hadn't. All he could think about was those naked girls running around the pool, playing a very frisky game of tag. He had to make a mental note that not matter how tired he might be tonight, he was going to take Lauren aside and give her a hard fucking.

Lost in thought he almost didn't hear his cell phone ringing on the table nearby. Groaning at yet another distraction, he got up and answered it, maybe a little too aggressively.

'Calm down John!' his sister said on the line, 'What's Lauren done?'

'What? Oh, no, she's been great. Better then great actually.'

'Really? Usually she's a handful. Well I'm glad to hear things aren't falling apart there. I just thought I would call and see how you were doing.'

His sister, Joanna, was a few years older then him, and when she wasn't picking on him, she was busy making sure no one else picked on him. If it hadn't been for her, and Lauren, he was sure Amy would have been taken away by Child Services. So they least he could do was watch over her only child while she was on vacation. Even though it had been Lauren's plan to get some alone time with her new man.

'She's doing great. She's been a great help. Amy has a couple friends spending a week or two so she's been keeping them out of trouble.'

'That's good. Well as long as they're all having fun,' she laughed.

'Yeah I sent them out for the day. Needed to get a little work done before I lose my contract.'

'Awe John! I'm glad to hear you're writing again! If there's anything I can do to help just let me know. Anyways thought I would let you know I am due back in next Tuesday pretty early in the morning.'

John signed internally. The arrival of his sister back in town meant the end of a good thing. He hadn't even thought about it since this little event started, but now he couldn't push it from his mind. It also reminded him that his daughters friends parents would be wanting their kids back soon as well. What would he do when they were all gone?

'Alright. I'll write it down. Did you want me to come pick you up from the airport?' he asked her, trying to keep the small amount of sadness out of his voice.

'No that's alright,' she responded, a little static on the line, 'Anyways I should be getting back to the pool. Those cute guys in speedo's aren't going to pinch their own asses!' and with that the line went dead. John closed his phone and put it down, returning to his chair where his notepad lay abandoned.

He closed his eyes in the warm summer heat and it wasn't long before sleep over took him. He drifted off into sweet bliss that was punctuated with sorrow.

'Uncle John?' A voice called to him from the real world. He opened his eyes and looked up at his beautiful niece who stood over him, her ample breasts straining at the thing fabric of her tank top, threatening to spill out and land on his face. He noticed the sun was no longer up and that the air was starting to get cool. A quick glance at his watch told him he had slept for almost four hours, and that it was now past ten.

'Shit I fell asleep,' he said, standing up and stretching his sore muscles.

'I can just see that,' Lauren smiled, putting a hand on his arm, 'We just got back and we couldn't find you in the house.'

'Yeah sorry, came out here to do a bit of writing.'

Lauren saw his notebook and picked it up, flipping through the first dozen or so pages. Finding nothing at it she rolled it up and smacked him on the shoulder, the way only a loved one can do without getting the person mad.

'John! You should have a hundred pages done by now! You need to get this done!'

'I know, I know. I got distracted. Your mother called and told me she was going to be back in town in a week, and it got me thinking. In a weeks time it will be just me and Amy here again.'

Lauren looked him deep in the eyes and saw the fear that was hiding there. She knew he wasn't doing well on his own, and that even though he was making progress with so many people around, once they were gone it would be a different story. She put her arms around him and gave him a long, deep kiss to wash away all his fears for as long as she could.

John let himself melt into her embrace and her kiss. The doors to the backyard squeaked open and the weight of three excited girls crashed into the two lovers, sending them crashing to the ground. They became a writhing, laughing mass of legs, arms, bodies, and heads, rolling around in the crisp evening grass. The older man could feel his fears of being alone start to wash away, if only for a few hours.

The fun made it's way into the house and up the stairs, where to his despair, John found that the three younger girls were going to head to bed for some much needed rest. A little sadder, he let Lauren led him into their room and closed the door behind them. At least could still be held by one of them.

The climbed into bed together, stripping down to their underwear and letting the cool, light sheets move over their skin. It felt good to have a full bed again, and his initial concerns about letting someone else sleep on his wife side had been pushed aside the first night Lauren had taken that place. He wrapped his arm around her and hugged her closely, kissing her forehead a few times.

'Want to watch a movie?' he asked, flipping through the pay per view channels.

'Nah, not really in the mood,' she said, a hint of excitement in her voice. John thought he picked up on the hint and placed his hands on her flat belly, enjoying the cool metal of her belly button piercing on his hot flesh. He had obviously read the situation wrong though because she pushed his hands away and wiggled out of his reach. 'Not tonight big boy. There are other things planned for you!'

With that the door swung open and three girls stepped in, dressed from head to toe in mild lingerie. Amy with her blonde hair was dressed in a light pink teddy with matching panties that highlighted her light golden tan. Sam, with her fair skin and bluish black hair had on a teddy as well, hers dark red that burned his blood in his veins. Jillian however looked the most ravishing. With her long true blonde hair, tanned skin and tall figure, she made her black lace bra and panties stand out on her skin, framing her nice tight ass and small B cup tits perfectly.

'Wow,' was all he could say, his lungs having already expelled all his oxygen.

'We thought you'd like it,' Lauren said, beckoning the girls over to the bed, 'Now we have a bit of a deal with you. The girls and I were talking, and Sam and Jilly want to lose their cherry tonight. So the deal is this. If you can take their cherries and not come after half an hour, then you get a special prize.'

The girls sat down on the bed, each taking a side so that he was totally surrounded by this tantalizing underage flesh. Pure bliss! Amy gave him a small kiss on the lips, taking his hand and putting it on Jillian's covered breasts. Now this was a hint he could take. After the kiss broke, he sat up a little straighter and picked up Jillian's light frame, pulling her onto his lap.

He pulled her and kissed her full on the lips for the first time, tasting her cheery chap stick on his tongue. She melted into his warm embrace and he could feel she was finally ready for him, instead of just sitting back watching. Sam, wanting to lend a helping hand, unclasped her friends lace bra and took it off, making sure to hide all the good bits until the last minute. Not wanting to waste another moment though, John lifted her into a kneeling position and pulled her panties down to her knees. With his other hand he moved the sheet away from his crotch and pulled his cock from his boxers. It stood straight up and pulsated, ready to take another cherry.

He knew the girls had talked about Amy's experience at being impaled by him, so they should be ready for the pain. That mean all he had to worry about was not doing too much damage and trying not to cum. Whatever his special prize was, he wanted it. Jillian moved her hips and sat down a little bit, the tip of his hard cock pushing at the lips of her yet to be fucked pussy, the wetness enveloping him.

'Fast or slow?' he asked, giving her the option of how she lost it. She looked deeply into his eyes and bit on her lower lip, thinking long and hard on what she really wanted.

'Fast,' she said softly, closing her eyes. John grabbed hold of her hips and pushed his cock a little further in, the head only half way there. Without warning, mostly so she couldn't change her mind, he thrust himself balls deep into her tight wet hole, feeling her hymen snap out of the way like it was made of tissue paper.

The poor girl cried out, digging her long nails into his shoulders, giving him a taste of the pain he had just given her. He felt as bad doing this to her as he did doing it to his own flesh and blood, but he had to keep going. To stop now would only leave her with a lasting impression that sex hurt. She would be screwed up for years to come. Tightening his grip on her slender, smooth waist, he forcefully lifted her up and then let her slid back down, her muscles stretching the whole way, trapping his cock from escaping. The sheer strength of her muscles was amazing, he could feel her sucking him deeper into him with each thrust, until ten minutes later his balls were slapping against her tight ass.

Most of the pain seemed to subside, and the grunts Jillian was giving turned a little to moans. He fucked her, balls deep, his balls straining to release themselves. It was with great restraint that he didn't. It actually hurt a little to hold it in. Or it could have been how tight this young girl was. Either way, the pain mixed in nicely with the pleasure. He thrust deep into her and felt his cock poke at her cervix, threatening to punch it open if he kept it up. He could see it was hurting her some more, and he knew she couldn't keep going like this. So with a few, long, drawn out strokes, he lifted her off him and set her at his side, her body covered in sweat and her hand shaking as she played with her taut nipples.

'My turn?' Sam asked hopefully. John turned to her and found she was on her back, legs spread open and his daughter Amy licking at her wet gash and little button. He nodded at her and she pushed a very dejected looking Amy out of the way, coming over to him. She was about to sit on his lap when he held her back and stood up. It had been to painful on Jillian like that, he was hitting too deep. Unlike her older friend, Sam wasn't that tall, and he doubted she could take his full eight inches.

He laid her on her back, a pillow under her short hair, and spread her legs, her glistening pussy open to his will. He kissed the tiny girl deeply and grabbed a nipple between his fingers, giving it a little twist that caused her to groan into his mouth.

'Slow or fast?' he asked, giving her the same option as everyone else had. He would be damned if he was going to do something they didn't want.

'Um, fast! Like real fast! And hard!' she said, blushing deeply.

'Are you sure baby?' Lauren asked, coming to the young girls side and placing her hands over her chest.

'I like the pain. It's hard to cum without it and I want to cum my first time! So do me as hard as you can daddy.'

Having such a sweet little thing like Sam calling him daddy turned him on to no end, and if she wanted him to fuck her hard, then his little baby would get it. Without another word he lined himself up outside her entrance and in one fluid motion, plunged himself so far into the girl that he felt his cock actually push her cervix open and his balls slap against her ass with a sharp crack. Sam cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure and her eyes started to tear up. He knew he had really hurt her, but when she opened her eyes again he could see only lust in them.

Without a second of hesitation he pulled himself all the way out and thrust back into her, feeling her cervix give once more and the head of his cock poking right into her womb. She cried out again and grabbed Lauren's head, pulling her into a very brutal kiss. John was surprised he was even able to get the tip of his cock into her pussy, let alone the whole thing. She was the tightest girl yet and it came from her short stature and small figure. He pounded into her hard and fast, his breath catching in his chest and his muscles burning only a few minutes into it. He knew he couldn't keep up this pace, and right now he didn't want to. She felt so divine, wrapped around his large cock, that he wanted to cum as soon as possible.

The room was filled with their aggressive love making, with him pounding into her so hard that her inner thighs were starting to turn beat red. She egged him on though by wrapping her legs and arms around him, pulling him in and out of her soaking wet pussy, without ever breaking the kiss with his niece. He could feel her leg muscles tensing and her pussy start to quiver; she was getting close. Knowing she was a bit of a pain slut, he lifted her ass off the bed and pile drived her, his cock sinking a half inch further then it had before, breaking into her cervix on every thrust now. That was all it took to throw her over the edge, all her muscles clenched and her pussy cut down on him like a vice, sending him into one of his own. Together, the older man and younger girl came, his grunts echoing off the walls while her cries of pleasure and pain were muffled by Lauren's mouth as they still kissed. It wasn't until after his massive orgasm finished, his cock still spewing another two loads directly into her womb, that he realized Lauren had been trapped in her grip just like he had. With Sam passing out from the intense overload, his niece looked up at him, her lip bleeding pretty badly from the kiss she had tried to break off at the wrong time.

John pulled himself from the unconscious girls grip and sat back, looking at what he had done to this once tight pussy. Cum oozed from her whole that gaped open, still twitching ever so often. A mixture of his cum, her cum, and quite a bit of blood oozed onto the sheets under her, coating her ass. He knew fucking her that hard was probably not a good idea, but when she had asked him he couldn't resist. With each thrust he lost a little bit more of that fight until finally, it was too late.

'Did she really cum,' Jillian asked, looking down at her own pussy, which still remained tight and intact, on a little bit of blood covering her lips.

'She sure did,' Lauren said, wiping the blood from her lips with her tongue. Too tired to move, John laid back and closed his eyes, falling into the black depths of his mind a few minutes later to the strained sounds of Sam breathing.


John woke up to the sun streaming in through his window. He had a girl on each arm, Amy on his left, and Lauren on his right. Sam had apparently woken up at some point during the night and crawled on top of him, his half hard cock buried in her tight pussy. She had been busy. Jillian was nestled up to Lauren, an arm over her, him, and Sam. Was there any better way for a guy to wake up? Actually there was, he wished he didn't have to piss like a race horse and that his cock and balls weren't all sticky with half dried cum. Other then, right on!

The older man gently got away from all the girls and out of bed, needing one hell of a shower to feel clean again. That would require being alone this time. From his experience with these girls, trying to get clean in a shower while sharing it was nearly impossible. So he grabbed a towel and headed down stairs, figuring he would use the shower in the pool house so he could get a few laps in afterwards.

As he passed the living room he glanced at the clock and saw that it was already past noon. The light on the answering machine was blinking as well, and figuring he might not be back in the house for a while he went to go see who called. He picked up the phone and called the machine from there, so he didn't wake the girls with any loud noises.

'Hey John, it's Joanna. So somethings happened, a couple got killed the resort I am staying in and they are sending people to other hotels. I don't really feel like packing just to unpack an hour later, and I think I've had more sun then I can handle so I am cutting my vacation short. I should be at your place to pick up Lauren around one or so. Sorry if this inconveniences you.'

Stunned, John put the phone back on the receiver and glanced back at the clock, getting the exact time. It was five to one already! Panicking, John rushed into the kitchen and grabbed the robe Lauren had left there the morning before. Throwing it on he made his way back to the stairs, but realized he was too late when the door bell rang.

'Fuck!' he cursed. He knew this was too good to be true. He could feel his world crashing down around him already. He rushed to the front door, and slowly opened it. Joanna stood on his stoop, suitcase in hand and a smile on her face. As always she let herself in and gave him a big hug. Joanna was a head shorter then he was, with short blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes. Even at forty-one she had the figure of a woman half her age. With a nice round ass and large DD breasts. It was easy to see where all the good looks went in the family

'Jesus John, did you just wake up or something?' she asked, walking past him into the living room and putting her luggage down.

'Yeah, was up pretty late dealing with all the girls,' he said, trying to think of some way of getting rid of her before all hell broke loose.

'Mom?' Too late. Lauren stood at the bottom of the stairs, buck ass naked with wild sex hair. Joanna glanced over at her daughter, and John could feel the confusion that was rippling through her mind. Why in the hell was her daughter walking around the house naked?

'What the hell is going on here!' she demanded, rounding on her little brother who, feeling defeated, sank into the couch and covered his face in his hands. He could hear her charging at him, sense his impending death at her angry hands, and prepared himself for whatever ever was about to happen. There was a loud scream and he was vaguely aware the other girls had come to see what all the noise was about. More fuel on the fire.

The death blow he expected never came. There had been no fist to the back of his head, or boot to his body, no lamp broken over him. Nothing. He opened his eyes and looked up to see what had saved him. Standing between him and the raging lioness that was his sister was Lauren, her arms stuck out in protection.

'Lauren move out of the fucking way,' Joanna fumed.

'No!' she refused, 'I won't let you hurt him!'

'Why would you protect someone who raped you!'

'He didn't! I raped him! I took advantage of him! It's my fault! Not his! If you're going to hit anyone, hit me!'

Joanna looked stunned. Her anger fleeing from her as she took all of her daughters words in. Lauren had done just what she had promised him over a week ago, and protected him from any blame. He knew it wouldn't hold up in court though. No matter who started it, he was still doing something illegal. Extremely illegal. Joanna took a step closer to her daughter, and for a brief moment John thought she was going to actually hit her own daughter. Her face twisted into something between recognition and understanding, and John couldn't believe it.

'I should have known this was going to happen when I left you here. I thought you were a little too eager to spend a few weeks here,' she said, breathing heavily, her eyes glancing back and forth from her brother to her daughter. 'I'm sorry my first thought was that you had raped her John. You can't really blame me for that. But you have been in a very dark place for so long now, and Lauren was so eager to make you happy, that something like this was bound to happen.'

'Jo,' he began, not really sure what he was trying to say, 'I never meant for this to happen. I just didn't have the will anymore to stop it. Trust me, this isn't want I wanted to happen.'

'It happened none the less though,' she sighed, sitting down on the couch, with Lauren still standing between them, her arms folding down to her sides though. 'I can't really blame you. When Lauren puts her mind to something, she doesn't stop until she has it.'

'Like mother like daughter,' was the only thing he could think to say, and thankfully it made his sister laugh a little.

'So what do we do now?' she asked, pulling her fingers through her hair absentmindedly.

'I stop this, like I should have from the very start.'

'Uncle John no!' his niece protested, 'You're finally happy! And I don't feel the need to keep running off and going to parties, hooking up with random guys, and I haven't had a smoke in over a week!'

'You smoked!' Joanna growled, rounding on her daughter for the second time.

'Sorry mom. Like I said thought, I haven't had one in a while. I don't feel the need to. I feel... content.'

'I don't want to stop this either!' Amy cried out, running down the rest of the stairs and launching herself, naked, onto her fathers body and hugging him around the neck. Joanna glared at him for a moment, but then her eyes softened when she saw how happy Amy was.

John had seen that look before, his sister was lost and didn't know what to say or do. This happened on rare occasions, and John had always been able to help her out of them before. He didn't think it was going to happen this time though. He couldn't see a way out of this that everyone would be happy with. Someone was going to get hurt, it was just a matter of who.


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