Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sex with a school girl: School girl sex story

 was glad for the weekend. 

It’s not that I dislike school, per se. It’s just that… I find school easy. And things that I find easy, I find boring. I didn’t see the point in drilling verb conjugations or taking the slope of thirty lines. Once I’d done any of those once, I could do it again.

There were two people who made school manageable: Tracy and Samantha. We were pretty much inseparable, both inside and outside of school. During the day, we’d communicate in elaborate sighs and eye-rolls. At night, we’d rush through our homework, then stay up late playing video games and writing fanfiction.

This weekend, Tracy’s parents were gone. So of course, Sam and I were spending the weekend at her place.

The annoying thing was that our parents weren’t that in to us doing sleepovers. It’s because I’m a guy. We didn’t have this problem when we were younger, but ever since puberty, us all sleeping in the same room has made them antsy. It wasn’t until last year, when Tracy pointed out to her parents that if they thought there was any problem with this, they must think she was into threesomes. We’d all copied her argument, with varying degrees of success.

Anyway, we were allowed to have this sleepover, which was great. Tracy said she had something she wanted to show us. I figured it was probably a new story. Tracy is a way better writer than Sam or I; her stuff can make you fall over laughing or burst into tears.

So Sam and I were definitely excited when we pulled into Tracy’s driveway. We continued our argument about Tracy’s mysterious thing as we walked up the long drive. Tracy’s house is magnificent old Victorian on a huge lot. The only downside to that house is the long walk between the end of the driveway and the front door. It really sucks in winter.

“I bet you it’s a sequel to Infinite Summer.” This was my latest theory.

“Betcha it isn’t! The ending to that was too tidy to allow a sequel.” Which was the Sam way of saying: ‘your theory is stupid.’

“Okay, if you’re so smart, what’s it gonna be?” 

I’m an ass when people don’t like my theories.

“Maybe it isn’t even one of her stories. Maybe she found a cool movie? Maybe she found really good fic buried on an ancient LiveJournal.” 

Those were classic Sam suggestions. She never thought inside the box. Sometimes this was good. And sometimes…

“Or,” (Sam continued) “maybe she learned to pogo stick?”

I ended the argument (such as it was) by knocking on Tracy’s door.

Tracy opened the door, beaming at us. Then her face fell.

“You’re not the pizza! I was all excited!”

“Love you too Trace!” Sam breezed past her, then turned around and gave her a hug. I followed behind and took my hug in turn.

(You want to know which one of them I have a crush on, don’t you? Everyone assumes I have a crush on one of them, as if I can’t be friends with someone without wanting to get into their pants. It’s so annoying. Luckily, as long as people keep asking me which one of them I have a crush, I can keep blowing them off with a “you’re wrong about that”. 

Do they know I have crushes on them? If you find out, please let me know.)

“So, what is it Trace? What’s you’re big news.” 

Sam is the excited one. I’m over in the corner with my hands in my pockets, wondering if pizza is actually coming or not.

“Pizza first, other things can wait!” 


* * *

Pizza successfully consumed, it was time for the big reveal. I was just as eager as Sam, I just had a better handle on insouciance. That or I was shy and didn’t talk much in groups. I’ll let you decide what the truth is.

Tracy ushered us into chairs. 

“We need to be sitting down for this? Isn’t that a bit cocky.” (See: insouciance.)

“Yes, you need to be sitting down! Because I’m going to hypnotize you!”

“You can do that?” 

Sam was a bit breathless. She was never going to learn how to play it cool at this rate.

“I’ve been learning online. My mom let me practice on her. Once I got it working on her, my dad let me try it on him. That went much more smoothly. I’ve made them do some funny stuff. Do you want to see?”

“So, you’re going to make us do funny stuff?” 

If yes, I’d know not to volunteer.

“Haven’t you ever seen a hypnotism show on Youtube? That’s the who point of it!” 

I was pretty sure that wasn’t the whole point, but I let Tracy’s point stand. 

“That sounds like it could be fun…” Sam trailed off for a second, but her perkiness was indomitable. “I’ll try it out!”

Whew. It wouldn’t be me!

“Okay. I want you to relax in your chair.”

Sam made a show of shifting around and getting comfortable. 

“Now, I want you to imagine that your body is getting heavier and heavier. Almost like there are weights attached to it at every point. Every time I say a number, the weight pressing you down becomes that many times heavier.” 

Sam nodded her consent.

“One, two, three…”

Sam slouched into her chair. Tracy’s voice was deeper than it normally was and more resonant too. I almost felt like there was a weight pressing down on me.

“four, five, six…”

I definitely felt a weight on me as well. That was odd. I wanted to tell Tracy about it, but she was saying something else.

“As the weight increases, I want you to think about getting sleepier and sleepier. Seven, eight, nine…”

My head drooped. I could see Sam’s doing the same out of the corner of my eye. 

“Ten, eleven, twelve…”

I really wanted to say something, but I was so tired. It would take too much effort, I decided. I just wanted to relax and keep listening to Tracy’s voice.

“Now, when I snap my fingers, you’re going to feel awake and the weight is going to disappear. But I want you to remember how good my voice sounds and continue to do anything I say.”

Tracy walked over to Sam, grabbed her arm and let it drop. It was completely limp. She then repeated the process with me.

I could see her better when she was right in front of me. She was definitely smirking.

“Got you too, eh? Well, now we don’t have to catch you.”

Tracy walked back to where she’d started. 

“Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen…”

I was almost asleep. And then she snapped.

Immediately, the weight was gone and I felt wide-awake. 

“Remain seated and don’t say anything.”

I wanted to get out of my seat and shake Tracy and ask her what she was doing. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t speak either. I was hyperventilating, but I couldn’t disobey Tracy’s command. I was helpless. Why had she hypnotized me as well? What was going on? I tried to tell myself to relax, that this was all some prank, but I couldn’t quite pull it off.

Tracy walked around Sam’s chair a few times. (I could move my head now. I could even raise my arms and move my legs. But I couldn’t lever myself out of my chair or open my mouth to speak.) Following her motions was no problem for me. But I couldn’t intervene at all.

Tracy smiled down at Sam and it was a smile I’d never seen. Normally when Trace smiled it was open and innocent and cheerful. This was a cruel smile; Tracy was looking forward to something that she knew no one else was looking forward to. My guts turned to ice. This wasn’t a prank. This was serious.

“Sam, Sam, Sam…” Tracy absently stroked Sam’s hair as she would a dog’s. “You know how John and I look at you, but you just brush it off. That’s what hurts. You could at least stand to acknowledge it.”

Sam’s jaw clenched.

Well. That was one question answered and a whole lot more opened. Sam and Tracy both knew I was into Sam. But Tracy was too? And Sam knew all this? Was I really so oblivious as to miss this by-play in all of our interactions?

“So today I figured I’d give John and I a treat. Don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll like it too. Stand up.”

The strength of her command propelled me from my seat. 

“Take off your shirt.”

Sam mechanically removed her shirt, revealing a white lacy bra. I’d seen her in a bra a handful of times – sleepovers, remember – but those had always been brief glimpses. Here I was free to stare, or at least, free except for the brief moment when my shirt blocked my view as I pulled it over my head. Tracy’s commands were still leaking over to me, apparently. 

Tracy moved in and cupped Sam’s breasts in her hands. They weren’t that large and fit easily into Tracy’s hands. Tracy moved to stand behind Sam and fumble with something out of sight. A second later, Sam’s bra fell to the floor, revealing her large pink areola. Her nipples were standing up straight. 

“Looks like this turns you on, Sammy. If John or I had known that you needed to be forced to enjoy it, we’d have done it ages ago. Isn’t that right, John?”

I was compelled to answer in the affirmative. A single tear rolled out of one of Sam’s eyes. I wished my words unsaid, but I was helpless in the grips of Tracy’s hypnotism. 

“Hmmm.” Tracy looked thoughtful and pulled a coin out of her pocket. “Heads you take off your pants. Tails John does.”

She flipped the coin and my heart leapt into my throat. I didn’t want to violate my friend. 

“Tails it is. John, would you be so kind as to remove her pants for me? Slowly, so that she has time for… all sorts of thoughts, really.”

I didn’t want to, I honestly didn’t. This wasn’t how I’d fantasized about taking off Sam’s pants.

But I couldn’t fight the command. Tracy had me completely under her control. I could grit my teeth. I could scream inside. But my hands found the button of Sam’s jeans and undid them. My hands cupped her hips before slipping inside of the waistband of her jeans and slowly pulling them down.

“Step out of your pants, Sam.”

Lock-legged, she obeyed.

“Now I want her naked. John, how about you remove her underwear with your teeth?”

I had to obey. I went on my knees in front of her. Gently – it seemed the hypnosis let me pick my pace when Tracy didn’t order it – I got my teeth around her underwear and slowly brought my neck down. I was close to her that I could smell the juices of her pussy and see them staining her underwear in anticipation of what must obviously come next.

It took me a few tries to get the underwear off. I left a tiny constellation of bite marks down Sam’s legs, where I hadn’t been careful enough with my teeth.

“Step out of your underwear Sam.”

Sam stepped back again. She was completely naked. 

“Sit down in the chair Sam and spread your legs for us.”

Sam sat down and did what she was told. There was no resistance in her, except for the silent tears that streamed from her eyes.

“I could order you to stop crying.” Tracy explained matter-of-factly, “and you’d have to stop. But I’ll be nice. I’ll leave you that outlet. It’s the only kindness I’m going to show you tonight, so you better enjoy it.”

The tears didn’t stop.

“Use you hands to spread you pussy. We want to see your cunt.”

I didn’t want to see Sam like this. I tried to look away. 

“Look right at it John.”

My neck whipped around. Helpless, I couldn’t do anything but stare. Sam was unshaven and a small forest of hairs nestled between her legs. Her hands were spreading this forest and the gentle folds beneath, giving me a view of the soft pinkness of her insides and the small nub of her clit.

“I want you to put on a show for us Sam. Touch yourself until you’re about to come. John, I want you to tell her all the things you’ve fantasized about doing to her. Start with the kinkiest.” Tracy winked at Sam. “I hope John’s stories help you get off. Maybe they’ll give me ideas.”

I couldn’t stop my mouth from opening and the stories from pouring out. Sam’s left hand gently probed the entrance to her pussy, while her right thumb rubbed her clit. And the background to this was my babbling.

“I thought about tying you down to my bed during a sleepover and licking your pussy until you were at the verge of coming. I’d stop and start until your begged me to fuck you. I’d pound into you and make you come right away. I’d hold off for as long as I could, making the pleasure to much for you to stand…”

Sam’s face was impassive throughout my fantasies, except for tears at some of the things I wanted to do to her. Her hands moved mechanically. 

“I thought about bending you over and telling you my dick slipped into your ass, when really I meant to. I thought I could slam you in the ass while you touched yourself…”

Sam’s legs started to twitch. Her fingers moved faster, frantically pleasuring herself at the whim of her cruel master. I added to the cruelty with my fantasies of degradation. Tracy rubbed her hand against her own crotch, getting off to all of it.

“I thought about stuffing your ass and your vag with dildos and having you get me off with your mouth, so that all of your holes were filled.”

After five minutes, quivering, twitching and sobbing, her hands suddenly stopped.

“You can stop now John.”

My mouth slammed shut so viciously that I tasted blood – I must have literally bit my tongue. 

Tracy began circling Sam. 

“You’re probably desperate to come, aren’t you slut?” 

Sam didn’t respond.

“Answer me!”

“Yes. I’m desperate to come.”

Tears still leaked from Sam’s eyes. 

“Well, you won’t be coming for a good long while. First you’re going to service both of us.”

Sam froze solid, all of her muscles tense. She was fighting against the implications of the command. 

“Oh relax, Sam. You’ll enjoy it.”

Sam’s muscles relaxed. This was perhaps the worst cruelty that Tracy had inflicted on her. I couldn’t think of any intrusion more horrific than forcing someone to be relaxed when inside they were screaming in agony.

“Sam, I want you to crawl over to John and take his pants off.”

Sam crawled over on her hands and knees, her head hanging down, her hair hiding her face.

She unbuckled my belt and pulled off my jeans without ever looking up. I was grateful I didn’t have to meet her eyes and felt a coward for it. The worst part was that I wanted this. I didn’t want to hurt her, but I wanted her. Tracy was giving Sam to me and I couldn’t help but want the gift. She would see it when my pants came off, see the boner that had been painfully constricted by them.

“Take off his underwear with your teeth. Be gentle. If I see him flinch, you’ll regret it.”

I felt hot breath on my legs. I looked away. I didn’t want any chance of seeing Sam’s reaction to the sight of my erect cock, the undeniable proof that I wanted her degradation. 

She was careful with her teeth. I felt no pain. My legs wouldn’t have marks like her did. I almost wished there’d been pain. My boner pulled free and quivered for a second like a released spring.

I couldn’t bear to see her, but I couldn’t bear to ignore her any more. I looked down. Something was obscuring my vision. Tears, I realized with a start. I was crying too. 

Sam looked up as I looked down. Her bloodshot eyes met mine. And her tears stopped. I didn’t know what that meant, but I hoped I was forgiven.

“Have you ever given a blow job, Sam?”

“No…” Sam’s voice was unsure, weak. 

“Have you ever seen a blow job in porn?”


“Hmmm. That brings up a new question. What type of porn do you like watching Sam?”

Sam’s voice, when she finally answered, was slow and reluctant. “Rape porn. Where the women are tied down and the men do whatever they want with them.”

Tracy’s face broke into a large smile. 

“Well, I guess today really is your lucky day. I want you to give John a blowjob until he comes. John, once she starts, I want you to stroke her hair and tell her what a good job she’s doing. Tell her she’s a good slut. Oh and I want both of you looking into each other’s eye’s the whole time. None of this staring away bullshit.”

Sam’s head slowly moved towards my cock. Her eyes found mine and locked on them. They were beautiful, despite the tears. I’d always been attracted to Sam’s green eyes.

I felt her breath on me, then her lips on me, then the softness of the inside of her mouth, the gentle pressure of her lips, and the light touch of her tongue. She bobbed up and down on my cock and I couldn’t help but moan. I couldn’t help but stroke her hair and tell her she was a good slut who was making me feel good, but those words weren’t mine, weren’t my choice. They were Tracy’s words in my mouth and they tasted bitter.

“Sam, you should touch yourself whenever touching yourself isn’t going to make you come. I want you on edge constantly.”

Sam’s fingers found her slit and began to work furiously. Her head moved in time to them and I thrust deeper into her mouth in time with her bobbing. Our bodies were a brief elaborate pageantry. I wished it was silent, but I kept up a running monologue.

“Good slut. You make me… oh… you make me feel so good.”

Sam still didn’t cry, despite my cutting words. My crying hadn’t stopped. I couldn’t bear hurting her. 

“Sam, this is taking too long. How’s your gag reflex?”

Sam stopped sucking on me for a second. Her fingers kept up their furious stroking.

“It’s not strong.”

“Then I want you to fuck John’s cock with your throat. You’re only allowed to bring it out when you absolutely can’t go any longer without air. John, you should help by holding her head and pushing deeper in.”

Sam’s head fastened on my cock again. This time she didn’t stop with it in her mouth. She pushed up on me, until I felt the back of her throat. I could feel it spasming. Her face was in a grimace. The pain had her crying again.

It felt fucking amazing.

I pushed her into me, I stroked her hair, I babbled. All I could focus on was how good her throat felt. She didn’t have to move. I fucked her throat with abandon. I felt the orgasm building right away. Sam’s face barely had time to go red before I was yelling out.

“You’re such a good slut! You’re making me come in your throat! Good slut, good slut, good slut…”

My words lost coherence as I came, just random epithets. My knees threatened to buckle. My dick twitched, deep in Sam’s throat as it shot out rope after rope of cum down her gullet.

“You can pull him out of your throat now Sam. But I want you to keep going. John, tell me when the pleasure is too much.”

The pleasure was already almost too much. Her tongue felt like fire on my sensitive dick. It wasn’t a bad fire. It felt incredible. It felt better than anything I’d ever felt before. But it was overwhelming. My legs started shaking. It was almost too much.

It was too much.

“Stop!” I shouted. Sam kept going. 

“Stop! Please stop.”

Tracy grinned at me. “I guess there’s too much of a good thing John.”

My legs buckled and I slowly sunk to the floor. Sam crawled forward and resumed her cock sucking. The pleasure coursed through me. I could barely think. All I could do was frantically beg Tracy to make her puppet stop.

After an eternity, the punishment ended. 

“That’s enough Sam. It’s my turn now. John, you will watch. As soon as it doesn’t hurt to do so, I want you to touch yourself until you get hard. Then keep yourself hard.”

I didn’t (couldn’t) move from my position on the ground, but my head tilted to find Tracy. She was sitting in a chair, naked, playing with her pussy. It was shaved and it glistened with her arousal. She must have gotten naked while I was helpless in the face of the pleasure.

“Sam! I want you to crawl over to me and beg to be allowed to eat me out.”

Sam crawled on her hands and knees to Tracy. She crawled like a woman going to her execution. But an inexorable force drew her forward and brooked no resistance.

I experimentally touched my cock. I found it still too tender for me to play with. 

“Please let me eat you out Tracy.”

“That wasn’t convincing at all. Beg me like you mean it. Beg me like I’ll kill John if you don’t convince me.”

“Please let me lick your beautiful pussy Tracy. I need to lick it. I’ll do anything. Please let me suck it, lick it, please let me make you feel good.”

I heard an edge of tears in Sam’s voice. Surely she didn’t believe Tracy. Surely after what I’d told her she didn’t care if I died.

“I guess you can lick me. But if you don’t get me off in five minutes, I’m going to hurt John.”

Sam leapt at Tracy’s pussy. I couldn’t see much, but I could hear the frantic licking. I hated to admit it, but watching one of my best friends go down on the other was hot. My dick twitched. Reminded of it, I tried touching it. It wasn’t that tender anymore. I gave it a tentative stroke. It responded eagerly.

As Sam buried her face between Tracy’s thighs and Tracy held her down and called her a slut and a whore, I slowly stroked myself hard. I touched myself as I watched Tracy’s legs begin to twitch. I touched myself while Sam touched herself and stopped and started again. I touched myself as Tracy came and pushed Sam off of her pussy. I touched myself as I saw Sam’s face covered in her own tears and Tracy’s juices. I was fully hard by the time Tracy regained her breath.

“Sam, keep on the edge of coming, but flip over onto your stomach.”

Tracy walked out of the room. I couldn’t talk. Sam couldn’t either. All we could do was stare at each other, in hopeless dread. 

Tracy came back a few minutes later with a coil of rope, and a 6” dildo. 

“The rope is for later. I’m going to release one of you from the hypnosis so you can struggle however you want and force the other one to hurt and rape you. I haven’t quite decided which of you will take on which role yet.”

Tracy sounded so matter of fact. There wasn’t even any anger in her voice.

“But for now, you’re going to put on a show for my amusement.”

Tracy walked over to where Sam was lying. Grabbing Sam’s hand for a second, she slammed the dildo into her pussy. Even wet as Sam was, she let out an involuntary yelp. 

“Oh stop whining. That wasn’t even the painful part.”

Pulling the dildo out, Tracy then placed it at the opening of Sam’s asshole. 

“Sam, you’re forbidden from making any sounds. No matter how much this hurts, you have to bear this in silence.”

Sam was laid out on her stomach, but her head was facing me. I could see her whole body and her expression. Tracy put her weight on the dildo. It slowly made it’s way into Sam’s ass. Sam didn’t let out any noise at all, but her face became a rictus of pain.

Tracy drew out the ordeal. Or maybe that was genuinely as fast as she could push it in with only the barest excuse for lubrication. Despite it all, Sam’s finger’s still danced over her clit, keeping her close to coming.

Finally the dildo was inside of Sam and it was over except for her silent shaking and the tears that leaked out of her eyes. Tracy gave it one last smack and Sam spasmed.

“Lay on your back, Sam.”

Sam flipped over.

“Come over here John.”

I obeyed. When I came to stand before Tracy, she grabbed my erect cock.

“You did like I commanded. Good. Tell me John, are you a virgin?”


“And did you hope that you could lose your virginity with Sam?”

“With her or you.”

Tracy looked taken aback for a second. Then she patted my thigh. “Poor noble John. You never told either of us. Well, look on the bright side. Your nobility paid off. You’re going to lose it with Sam. And maybe I’ll fuck you tonight too.”

She gave me an appraising look. I felt like a slab of meat being considered at the grocery store.

“When I pull on your dick, I want your whole body to follow it. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” The word was pulled out of my mouth. 

Tracy pulled me down to my knees and positioned me right at the mouth to Sam’s slit. I had to brace myself with my hands. I could see Sam’s face all to clearly, covered with tears and snot and lubrication and still grimacing in pain from the dildo in her ass. Her damp pubic hair brushed against the tip of my cock. Her busy hands brushed me every few seconds. Her breasts bobbed up and down with her frantic breathing and racing heart. We were like this for a few moments, frozen in time.

“And how about you Sam. Are you a virgin?”


“And did you ever imagine John taking your virginity.”

“Once or twice.”

“Answer honestly Sam. Do you want him to fuck you right now?”

“No…” Sam’s voice was tiny and full of hurt. Her eyes beseeched me for… something.

“Hear that John? She doesn’t want you inside of her. Oh well, I guess this will be rape then. Push into her.”

I pushed in. There was no blood, no resistance. I knew better than to believe in breaking hymens. There was a rush of pleasure, of contentment, of relaxation. If felt better than the blow job, better by far. Her tight pussy pressed down on my cock from every angle. I couldn’t have stopped even if I’d been able to, not once I’d got my first feeling of her.

I buried myself in her entirely, right up to the point where our pubic hair mingled. 

“Fuck her as hard as you can John. Fuck her in just that position and don’t touch her clit. She isn’t allowed to come until you do.”

Sam’s hand was still as I pumped into her frantically. Every time I drove in, I felt the pleasure as fresh as the first time. It was incredible, intoxicating, a heady experience. Her legs twitched and she groaned, but I don’t think she came.

Despite my frantic pace, my orgasm was slow in coming. I’d come so recently. But slowly the pressure built up in my balls and my breathing went ragged and I picked up my pace to as fast as I could bear. 

Finally I was at the point of no return. “I’m gonna come!” Was all I could choke out. All my energy, all my breath went into pumping in and out of her as hard and fast as I could. 

“Make yourself come Sam!”

Sam’s finger’s flew to her clit and began to touch it frantically. Suddenly she was moaning far more loudly. The moans took on the barest of meaning. If you listened hard, you could perhaps hear them as “Oh God, oh God, I’m coming.”

I felt my dick twitching again and I began to shoot ropes of come deep into Sam’s pussy. It clamped down tightly on me, making it feel even better and milking me for every drop I had.

I pumped a few more times, before the pleasure became too much. Then I collapsed forward onto to Sam.

It took me a second to realize that something felt different. The bands that had been wrapping my mind and directing my will were gone. My face was right next to Sam’s. Her eyes were closed, but they slowly opened. Tracy was saying something in the background, but I didn’t care.

Sam’s eye’s met mine. They were bright and fierce; the eyes of a predator. She whispered something in my ear. It took me a second to realize what it was and what it meant. 

“Let’s grab that bitch!”

Friday, April 1, 2016

My father's Best Friend Fuck Me Erotic Stories

Erotic Stories
I lay on my stomach next to my best friend, she was lying beside me on my bed while we surfed with my laptop. We were watching short free porn videos of girls giving blow jobs and letting the guy cum all over their face and even in their mouths. “Eeeww, god, that looks so gross! How can they do that!” blurted Kathy. 
Erotic Stories
“I don't know, most of them look like they like it. Do you think they are drunk or fucking high or something? 
Erotic Stories
“Maybe they are whores who have to do that shit.”
Erotic Stories
“Most of them don’t look like whores, these are homemade videos, that means those guys are wives or girlfriends.” 
Erotic Stories
“Do a search for blow jobs, lets see what other women say.” I typed 'blow job' into the Google search box and the screen filled up with endless pages of links about fellatio. Kathy and I spent the next hour reading articles from Cosmopolitan, Bust, and even Ms on how suck a cock and make it pleasurable for both him and her. There were a lot of pictures and we even some YouTube like videos that were hotter than the crappy porn we'd been watching. 
Erotic Stories
Kathy rolled to her side facing me, “Could you do that with Kurt? I mean you fuck him and you let him get off in you, could you let him fuck your mouth too?”
Erotic Stories
“I don't know, he's asked me to suck on it but I haven't done it yet. I like it when he puts his mouth on my pussy but I still haven't felt wild enough to give him head.” 
Erotic Stories
“You mean you don't like him enough?”
Erotic Stories
“I love him but he is the first guy I ever had sex with so what if I knew somebody who might make me hotter; hot enough to do any damn thing he wants.”

Kathy's eyes lit up “Who!? Are you thinking of somebody else!?”

I looked away from the question in her eyes, I couldn't tell her that for some totally crazy reason I was fantasizing about her dad almost every day. Got he is hot! Every time I go to Kathy's house and see her father my knees get all tingly and weak, I could fall down and roll over like a bitch dog in heat for him. I knew for sure that I would suck his cock if he asked me to. 

Kathy eagerly waited through my silence until she couldn't hold it in “Who! Do I know him and did you let him do it with you?”
Erotic Stories
“Forget it bitch, I can't say.” I turned my attention to the monitor “What do you want to see now?”
Erotic Stories
We shut down our porn night after watching some serious three way with two girls sucking and fucking one lucky hard-on. He was well hung and filled every hole those two had, even in their butts. When he finally came they licked the discharge from his cock like they were enjoying a fine delicacy. While that was on screen Kathy and I talked about the two of us with one guy. We couldn’t decide if we would take Kurt to bed or her boyfriend Alan. Kurt is cuter but Alan has a more appealing body. After the lights were out Kathy whispered into the air “How about your dream man, maybe he would like two hot naked eighteenies at the same time?” I smiled into my pillow as I thought about Kathy's reaction if she knew that she had just proposed a sex romp with her own father. 
Erotic Stories
Later that night I woke up to feel bed jostling and heard mewling like a kitten for looking mommas milk so I rolled over to see what was going on. Kathy was lying on her side of the bed with one hand between her open thighs and the other pulling on a nipple. Her eyes were closed so she didn't see me turn over to watch her. She had taken her night gown off so my best friend was naked and so involved in enjoying her own fingers she was oblivious that I was awake and watching her. A light scent of her musk wafted across the small space between us, the heady fragrance flipped a switch in my groin and a strong sexual urge blossomed between my legs. My pussy got warm and squishy in seconds, my heart started to thud heavily as I watched Kathy finger herself. My entire body began to shake as I put a hand over hers then slid two fingers down the contour of her hot puffy pussy lips then jammed them into her. 
Erotic Stories
Kathy's eyes flew open then she focused on me when she felt the invasion between her legs. She opened her mouth, a short “UH” flew past my ear then she grabbed the wrist of the arm between her legs. I rocked my hand against her cunt which caused her hips to buck. Any surprise or reluctance Kathy may have felt at first quickly faded, she smiled into my eyes, arched her back and spread her legs for me. I rose up until I was propped on an elbow beside her then started finger fucking my best friend in earnest. 
Erotic Stories
I'd never had any sexual thoughts about any girl in my life but at that moment I was getting so turned on I wanted nothing more than to make love to Kathy and have her do the same for me. I leaned down far enough to kiss her on the lips. She didn't reject me, she pressed on my mouth with hers and in moments she slipped her tongue through my teeth. I rolled my fingers into her as far as they would go then set into a rhythmic pace of fingering her to higher levels of lust and need. She was building to a climax, I could feel it inside her, the tenseness of her muscles straining for release but my fingers weren't enough to trigger the orgasm so I slid down the bed, rolled over between her legs then licked the top of her cunt, my wet tongue licked over the skin hiding her clit, exposing the pink swollen knob. Kathy gulped a deep breath then went completely still while I kissed and suckled her tender hot button. It took only a few moments of mouthing until she arched off the bed and started to gasp as her body cramped and convulsed. 
Erotic Stories
She went limp. The only part of her moving was her chest as she panted for fresh air. I moved from between her legs, wiped her flavor off my lips with a finger then put it into her half open mouth. Kathy formed a vacuum on my finger and sucked off her cunt juice. 
Erotic Stories
I leaned over and kissed her lightly then said the obvious “That's something we never did before.”

She chirped a quick laugh “No shit, not even Alan gets me off like you just did.” 
Erotic Stories
I fell back to the bed beside her, we were both still for a minute or two while she caught her breath. I was hot and horny and secretly hoping she would do something for me just like I did with her but I wasn't going to ask. After a while of calm she rolled her head and said “Take off your night gown.” 

As I looked into her eyes which were half hidden by long jumbled hair my heart picked up its pace again, “Why” I asked.
Erotic Stories
“Because you and me are going to have a little more fun and we are going to do it completely naked. Get that fucking rag off” she demanded.
Erotic Stories
I sat up then pulled the shift off my body and threw it in her face. She laughed then launched herself at me and threw me down again. In seconds Kathy was sitting on my groin smiling down on me. She leaned over and kissed my left nipple while pinning my arms to the bed. I felt her pussy hair rubbing on the skin just over my own bush of curls while she licked and sucked on my nipples. They both grew longer and hard while the sensation of her cunt on my stomach created a hot spot on my skin, my heart quickened. Kathy worked on me with her mouth and hands, making me hotter, turning me on in a way that I'd never felt before. Kurt could get me hot, I could fuck him and get off but what I was feeling with Kathy was so much more sensual. I was beginning to realize that a girl knows how make another girl feel like she would want to; Kathy was seducing me like she wanted to be seduced. When she put her head between my thighs and started eating me, she didn't attack, she didn't weigh me down with her own needs, she mouthed me tenderly, slowly, her hot wet tongue was driving me crazy.
Erotic Stories
I reached the tipping point, my climax started where Kathy had her lips on me and began to grow exquisitely in my loins. When I arched off the bed to push my pussy on her face she pulled away then sat up, I was left hanging a single thread, the final tether that when broken would release my orgasm. I yelped “Oh my god, don't stop! Finish it bitch!” 
Erotic Stories
She smiled down on me and asked “Who is he?”
Erotic Stories
I was desperate, my body was in limbo between total satisfaction and numbing disappointment, I needed her to keep going. “Who? What are you talking about?”
Erotic Stories
The evil degenerate bitch put two fingers into my hole and started stroking in and out while she put the end of her thumb on my clit. “Who is your dream man? Who's cock would you suck until he came in your mouth?”

I couldn't say, I wouldn't say it was her dad who fed my sexiest fantasies. I was starting back up the mountain of lust from her fingers in me, I felt my pussy get hotter and wetter where her fingers were, I pleaded “Please, don't stop, oh god this feels so good.”
Erotic Stories
Kathy pulled her fingers out of me then laid on my body, her skin was as smooth as silk on mine, my hormone level built higher. She put her lips on mine, softly, quickly then asked again “Who do you want to fuck Crissy?” She put a hand between us and cupped my pussy again then repeated “Give me a name.”

I couldn't take any more, my blood was boiling, I needed to explode “Barry! Your dad, I want to fuck him so bad Kathy! I would do anything he wanted!” My orgasm boiled out of my cunt through me directly to my heart which froze as solid as every other muscle in my body. Kathy jammed her fingers deep searching for my G spot as I melted into the mattress. Kurt had never brought me so high, so thrillingly. 
Erotic Stories
I couldn't say anything, I could only lie stunned on my back trying to get oxygen into my lungs. Kathy was on her back beside me breathing almost as hard. I rolled my head to look at her profile and felt a wave of shame wash through me. I had told her my secret, she forced me to call out for her father, what the hell would she think of me! She saw me looking at her then rolled to her side facing me “Do you know how cool that is, you wanting to screw my dad? That would be like awesome!”
Erotic Stories
I was puzzled “Your not mad or something?”
Erotic Stories
She stroked my hair softly looking intently in my eyes “Crissy, you would be the best thing that’s happened to him in years. He dates a couple of women but nobody steady so he wouldn’t be cheating on anybody and you are a free, sexy young woman,” she paused, “Yeah, you should fuck him.” 

“He's more than twice my age” I cautioned her. 
Erotic Stories
“Hey, your legal, and you think he's going to blab to the world he screwing his daughters best friend? She paused then snickered, “Well, he might.”
Erotic Stories
“I don't know Kathy, he's –--------”

Kathy leaned in for a light lip to lip caress “You have to do it, you have to fuck my dad, that would be totally hot!”
Erotic Stories
I smiled at her then kissed her with a hint of tongues. “Okay, but not tonight. Tonight I’m going to fuck his daughter, roll over to your tummy and spread your legs.” With that Kathy and I continued to explore the new dimension in our relationship. 

Kathy couldn't let it go. The following week, even in the halls at school she was trying to make plans on getting me into bed with her single parent. It could have been sexual harassment but what she was suggesting and my own thoughts kept me kind of turned on all week. The next weekend we had a double date with Kurt and Alan who were best friends but on Friday Kurt told me he had to go with his parents to some kind of conference. Kathy took pity on me and said I could go with her and Alan anyway. 
Erotic Stories
We started out at the theater watching Jurassic World in 3D. Watching that big dinosaur rushing at me from the screen scared the shit out of me so I spent half the movie hanging on to Alan just as tight as Kathy was on the other side of him. Kathy saw me clinging to her boyfriend but she didn't seem to disapprove so I held his arm until the credits ended. As we walked out of the movie house Alan was holding Kathy's had then he took mine in the other. In moments the three of us were walking across the parking lot swinging our arms in unison, animated with energy, laughing and talking about the show. 
Erotic Stories
We went to a cafe that was a favorite hang-out for teens and got a late burger while talking with some of our other friends. Alan was going to drive me home but before we left Kathy pulled me aside “Lets to it tonight.” 
Erotic Stories
“Huh, do what?”
Erotic Stories
“Alan, let's get him in a bed and have a little fun with him.”
Erotic Stories
“Together? You wouldn't be mad or jealous? I mean you're dating him.”

My best friend looked exasperated, “We talked about this, both of us fucking a guy at the same time, this is it girl, tonight would be perfect, we have the chance with Kurt gone. We can go to my house, my dad is out and won't be back until really late he told me. Alan is about to get very lucky but he doesn't know it yet.”

“What if Alan tells Kurt?”
Erotic Stories
“So? We'll probably have to give Kurt the same game, I mean, it’s only fair.”

I looked at my best friend who was becoming slut before my very eyes; an abrupt bouquet of thrills bloomed in my panties “Okay, let's go.” I'd show her, I could be a slut too. 
Erotic Stories
“Alan, you don’t have to take Crissy home, we're all going to my house.” He looked at me with a frown of disappointment but didn’t object, I could tell he thought he wouldn’t get laid that night.
Erotic Stories
In the house we didn't hesitate. No words were spoken, none were needed. Kathy and I had decided on seducing Alan so there was no need to be crafty or sneaky. She held his right hand, I had his left and we towed him directly to her bedroom. She went to her player, put a disk in the slot then turned to him “Take your clothes off Alan.” I moved to stand beside her facing him, we both started stripping our skirts and shirts. I was watching him as we undressed to panties and bras. His eyes were huge, taking us both in at the same time, his crotch went from a small bulge to a long swelling as his cock got hard. I was kind of embarrassed because he was only the second boy I ever let see me in my underwear but when he was dropping his pants my shyness transformed to lust. Seeing how his erection pushed out from his boxers caused my entire body to shiver. 

When the three of us were dressed in only the thin veneer of underclothing, Kathy grabbed his hand and leaped onto the bed, pulling him with her. I followed and in moments he was on his back with a hot teen girl on each side of him. Since I was the new adventure in his life his eyes were playing freely all over me. Kathy put her lips on his ear then I heard “Lie still and enjoy what is going to happen to you.” His cock pulsed visibly under his briefs. 
Erotic Stories
I started on the left side, Kathy on the right. We kissed, licked and fondled Alan from head to stomach, turning him on even harder for us. She reached into his underwear and grabbed his hard-on then invited me “Two hands, put yours there too.” I grabbed the waist band of his boxers and urged them off his hips, from under his ass and down his legs. When he was bared I put my hand over Kathy's and together we started pumping his erection. I liked what I was holding, Alan was bigger than Kurt and as I stroked him my cunt started flowing with need and permission. 
Erotic Stories
Kathy was the first to bend over his lap and put the end of his erection in her mouth. I was watching her do her first blow job while running my hand up and down his thigh and pinching his balls. She bobbed up and down on his long stiff cock and the way she was moving and licking it looked like she was having fun. I'd never done it either but my mouth was watering and after watching her blow him for a couple of minutes a sharp, sudden urge to taste him overwhelmed me. From deep within me a strong primal need boiled up from my womb so I grabbed Kathy by the hair and pulled her face away from his lap. I gripped the solid muscle then went down on the first cock I'd ever had the nerve to suck. Alan flexed his hips to push deeper, as the shaft of his cock slid across my tongue I put a vacuum on it, pulling even more. I felt him brush my hair over my shoulder so he could watch me nurse on his erection. 
Erotic Stories
I kissed, licked and mouth fucked my best friend's boyfriend until she whispered in my ear while rubbing a hand over my ass, under my panties and into the entrance between my legs, “My dad would like this, you should do it with him.”
Erotic Stories
I lifted off Alan and looked the salacious bitch in the eyes, her fingers on my pussy had damn near set me off. I shook my head to deny the rush of shivers in my stomach, “I'm going to fuck him.”

Kathy must have mistaken my intent because she lit up with a huge smile “He'll be home later!”

“Not him, Alan; he's going to fuck me right now.” I laid next to Alan who was straining to hear what we girls were whispering and coaxed, “It's now or never boy, fuck me now or never at all.” 
Erotic Stories
He was over me in an instant. Alan went to his knees and together we pulled off my bra and briefs. As soon as was I naked I had the second cock I’d ever experienced slammed into me. He was high on hormones but long on stamina so he fucked me tenderly, first over me then we rolled to our sides where he spooned his cock between my legs. While I was getting screwed on her bed by her boyfriend Kathy finished undressing and was kissing and caressing his body anywhere she could put her mouth. The room was getting hot, the air filled with the sounds of slapping bodies and murmurs of three hot horny teenagers. 
Erotic Stories
Finally Kathy had waited long enough, grabbed Alan by the hips and pulled him out of me. She went to her hands and knees over me then welcomed Alan with her hot swollen pussy. I was on my back so the nipples on her tits were hanging over mine. I held my breasts up until the tips were rubbing on hers which helped to get us both more turned on. I watched Kathy's face while Alan was holding her in place by the hips, her eyes were closed and her mouth was working silently, forming sounds of pleasure that had no volume. It was obvious she was enjoying what was happening to her. 
Erotic Stories
She collapsed down on me so her stomach was mashed onto mine. Alan adjusted his position so the cock between her legs came at her from a different angle. After a minute or two of feeling her get fucked while lying on me I reached over Kathy’s back, pushed him out of her then grabbed his erection and pulled it down so he could put it in me again. My best friend was sandwiched between me and him while he fucked me. Alan was getting redder in the face, his movements less fluid as he pumped in and out of Kathy. I'd seen Kurt reach the end of his endurance many times so I knew Alan was about to cum. I pushed him off her to his back then crawled over the Kathy and grabbed his erection. Kathy moved around then in an unspoken accord, she and I started licking and playing on his stiff muscle. Having two girls focused on his hard-on was too much for the boy and he started shooting cum into the air far enough to splash up to his chest. We girls both had hands on his prick so we pumped him together, draining his balls as a team. When Alan was done convulsing and moaning she licked a line of cum off his skin then challenged me with her eyes to do the same. I dipped into a puddle of semen with the tip of my tongue then licked it clean from his stomach. Kathy smiled with delight when I did. 
Erotic Stories
Alan may have gotten off but he wasn’t done and we weren't done with him. Kathy flopped next to him “Eat me you fucker, eat me until I get off then you have to do her.” She rolled to her back and I laid beside her, Allan was over us on his knees, one between her legs, the other between mine. I hooked the leg brushing hers over hers so we were intertwined from thighs down. Alan cupped our cunts with his hands and began to plunge two fingers in two girls at the same time. I was watching him move, his muscles working, his body covered with a sheen of sweat, the air around the bed was fragrant with the scent of sex, his fingers were caressing across my clit as he pumped in and out of my pussy. My body was burning from the inside out, I couldn't get enough cool air to put out the flames. I rolled my head to see Kathy watching me with wide, lust laden eyes and a wave of desire for her slammed into my nerve endings and I launched off the bed with a hard, gut twisting climax. 
Erotic Stories
As soon as I could collect my shattered body back into a coherent form I rolled over between my best friends wide spread legs and started licking and kissing the tender treasure at the junction of her thighs. Alan moved away so I could go down on Kathy then when I started he grabbed my ass and pushed his erection into me. Even though what we three were doing was hot and exciting I didn't have enough time to get off again, Kathy started heaving under my mouth just as Alan finished his job of fucking me. 
Erotic Stories
The night was almost done. Three limp, exhausted bodies lay quietly on the bed recovering from the most intense sexual encounter I had ever experienced. Kathy curled up against Alan and cooed love into his ear while I rested. I fingered my pussy, smearing cum over the lips of my cunt and thought about how fucking great it felt to be so fucking depraved.. Alan recovered enough to get over Kathy's back then slipped his third erection into her. She was getting laid while we talked but he didn't seem to mind she wasn't fully involved with him. Alan came, Kathy smiled and I went to go pee. After Alan left Kathy and I took a shower, we played and laughed and teased while cleaning cum and sweat off the other. 

We were back in bed, dressed modestly in sleeping gowns when we heard her father come home. When she heard footsteps in the hall Kathy called out “Dad?” 
Erotic Stories
He opened the door slowly and peered into the half light in the room “What sweetheart?” He glanced at me “Hey Crissy, you're looking nice as usual.”
Erotic Stories
His comment made my stomach flutter but Kathy ignored his offhand compliment to me “It's 12:30 in the morning! Do you think it is okay with me or the world that you are out screwing around so late? Don't you have a sense of responsibility at all? Me and Crissy could have been having an orgy here tonight and you wouldn’t even know.” I almost laughed out loud because that is exactly what we had done.
Erotic Stories
He smiled at his daughter, “Well if you had an orgy then I hope you enjoyed it, I didn't and I didn't enjoy it.”

Her smile shrank to pressed lips of concern, “Weren’t you on a date with Marilyn?” 
Erotic Stories
“After dinner she invited me to her place for what I thought would be a nightcap, but then she told me we needed to split. Apparently she has her eye on someone else.”
Erotic Stories
“Wow, I’m sorry dad, did she hurt you?”

“No, not really, she wasn't someone I could be madly in love with. Good night girls.” He closed the door. 

Kathy sat up animated with excitement “Now, Crissy, go to him now!” she whispered. 

My heart started thudding but I resisted, “God girl, I should have never told you your dad makes me hot. Are you going to bug me about this forever?”
Erotic Stories
“Yesssss!” she hissed, “he didn't get any tonight so he'll be all charged up and ready. Go fuck my father, it will be awesome!”
Erotic Stories
“Awesome for who? Him, me or you?”
Erotic Stories
She pushed me toward the side of the bed “Go find out. I bet he's already got his clothes off and I'm pretty sure he sleeps naked. When I collect laundry I always find his briefs on the floor beside the bed. He takes them off then gets in. Go, see if he is as good as your fantasy.”
Erotic Stories
My heart was slamming in it's cage, my body flushing, my inhibitions began to withdraw to a shadowed niche of my mind. I wanted to go to him but I was afraid to go to him. What would he think of me? Would he reject me then ask me to never come over again? Would he turn my forwardness against me, that would crush my soul, I knew it. Kathy pushed me completely off the bed and I started on the longest 30 foot journey I had ever taken in my life. 
Erotic Stories
I stood next to the bedroom door as another wave of apprehension washed through me. I turned to go back to Kathy but she was standing in her door and pointed firmly at his room. After a few more moments of indecision I clicked my fingernails on the wooden surface, I was tense ready to bolt for any reason. 
Erotic Stories
I heard blankets rustling then “Yes? Come in.” My cunt flooded with lust, I eased the door half way open and stuck my head in.
Erotic Stories
“Would it be okay if I talked to you?” Oh-my-gaud! How fucking lame was that!

“Sure Crissy, what's on your mind?” If he was surprised or disturbed by his daughter’s best friend standing in his room at one in the morning dressed only in a mid-thigh flannel night shift, he didn't show it. He was sitting back against two pillows, bare chested. The blanket covered his legs and lap, a Kindle rested face down on his groin. The sight of his broad muscular shoulders and deep chest shot a surge of motivation directly to my feet. 
Erotic Stories
I stepped to the bed “Is the book interesting?” More absolute dumb! 

“It's getting there, but I’m sure you didn't come here for a book report, what's on you mind?”
Erotic Stories
My mind went blank and my blood began to surge, I was helpless to stop the flood of need that engulfed me as I whispered softly “You are.”
Erotic Stories
He looked at me puzzled but I didn’t offer any more words. I turned off the bedside light, pulled off my night gown, lifted the blanket then went to bed with my best friend's father. 

The next few moments were the rawest, wildest, most terrifying in my life. My heart was slamming loose in my chest, my mind a void as I looked into his deep brown eyes for rejection and revulsion. I didn't see it. 
Erotic Stories
I was shaking so hard I didn't at first feel his hand when he placed it on my waist but I felt when he pulled me to him, tight against his hard body. As my breasts flattened against his chest all the tremors and doubt fled, to be replaced by an explosion of hot desire for him. He flexed his loins, pressing his cock against the top of my thighs. The first time he bumped me he was still flaccid, the second touch of his body on mine told me he was growing strong. I lifted my leg so when he pushed against me the third time his full grown erection slipped between my legs. Kathy's father rolled up and over me, tucking me in neatly between him and the bed then put the head of his erection into the crack of my body then pressed gently down and in to my welcome center. He pushed up on his arms and studied my face intently as he inch by erotic inch through the opening of my sex until our groins bumped. Barry pulled back until just the head of his cock was sheathed then re-entered again. He smiled down on me then began a slow rhythmic movement, in and out of my overheated body. 
Erotic Stories
I looked up at him then swooned with the overwhelming sensation of having him in me. I was completely still, almost lifeless for the first few moments, still unsure of what I was doing until he smiled then asked teasingly, “Why did you come over here Crissy?” 
Erotic Stories
I grabbed his hips to help him move and answered with more confidence than I felt “I came to fuck you Barry, I want you to take me any way you can, any way you want and you don't have to play safe.” 
Erotic Stories
With those words of encouragement in his ears Kathy's father started me on a long, delightful sexual odyssey. After a few moments I regained my confidence, when I realized I could please him as a woman I turned my fantasies loose and reveled in the feeling of fantastic sex with an older, well experienced man. Just the few deep strokes by his big cock and I knew I had found what I had been yearning for.
Erotic Stories
I yielded to him completely. He molded me, turned me, positioned me and made love to me, causing a storm of unbelievable sensations to rage in my body, I was enveloped in a cloud of euphoria. I was on fire, every fiber of my being was burning. His touch, his body chafing against mine was taking me to the top of a mountain where air was thin, making it hard to breathe. The feel of his erection thrusting in and out, rubbing on my body's lips inflamed the hypersensitive nerve endings. I gave up breathing, I gave up thinking, I gave up everything to the man between my legs. He pushed up on his arms and looked down into my eyes. I strained to hear him as he moved his lips “God, you are so hot Crissy” With those words he pushed me off the mountain and my heart and body went into an endless free fall as my climax overwhelmed me.
Erotic Stories
I smashed my groin against him as my lust finally unleashed months of pent up fantasies. It was like a cork exploding from a bottle of Champagne and the bubbles of desire were releasing small shivers and thrills all through me. I heard a girl crying with excitement and then, when I thought I had reached the peak of my orgasm, Barry groaned loudly and began to cum. The intense sounds in my ear and the flood of hot cum gushing from him threw me over the edge of a cliff and again I felt the free fall sensation as a second, stronger climax consumed me.
Erotic Stories
I didn't want to move or open my eyes because if I moved the afterglow of my orgasms would fade. I could feel his discharge seeping from between my legs, I felt him lying beside me, breathing with exertion, a hand lying softly on my stomach. My cunt was smiling, I knew it. I rolled to my side so that my breasts and stomach were pressed against him. This was the first moment we had since he came in to think clearly. Kathy's dad smiled into my eyes “Are you going to run away now?” 
Erotic Stories
I wrapped an arm around his neck, pulled him to me until our noses were touching and answered “I can't stay here all my life but I think I'll be here when you wake up in the morning.” 
Erotic Stories
He lifted his head and looked around the room as if expecting to see someone, “Does my daughter know you're here?” 
Erotic Stories
I grinned “I wouldn't be surprised if she stood in the hall and listened to us screwing. She was all happy when I told her you turn me on and almost dragged me here and pushed me through the door.” 
Erotic Stories
Barry leaned to me and put his full hot lips over mine and pulled me close enough I could feel his big balls rubbing on my legs. I bumped my pelvis against him and in moments we were necking and groping, rolling around on the bed. I kicked the blanket to the floor because we didn't need it then made him lie on his back so I could lie over him. With fingers massaging his thick new growth hard-on I bent to him and licked drops of cum from the shaft then formed my mouth over it. I'd sucked only one cock before and that was just a couple hours before but I wasn't hesitant or grossed out as Barry's flexed and convulsed against my tongue. As I fingered his nuts and bobbed up and down I wondered briefly if I should let him finish, take it all but the hunger between my legs convinced me to stop, he could cum all over my face the next time. This time I needed him to fuck me again. 
Erotic Stories
I moved up until I was lying on his stomach, spread my legs then reached behind me to grab his surging erection and aimed it at the proper place between my thighs. He rolled his hips and the head of his cock speared my lust flooded cunt easily. I sat up on my best friend's dad and fucked him desperately, I needed him inside me, I needed him to ravage my body; I needed him with my mind, my heart. When I laid down to rest my head on his chest, to listen to his hammering heart, my eyes focused on the small gap under the bedroom door, I saw two back-lit shadows that could only have been made by someone's feet in the hall.