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Jenna's Sex Story:HOt Girl Jenna Fucked BY Handsom Boys:The story of parents that love their daughter a bit too much:Fucking Porn Story

Most would say that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I grew up in a gated community in the hills above Newport Beach California. I am a 5’7” girl, with a slim waist and long legs. My tits are small but perky with puffy nipples. I think I’m cute, in a girl next door kind of way. Maybe I am a bit too much of a tom-boy for some, and while I may not win a beauty pageant, you wouldn’t kick me out of bed. At least no one has yet, and plenty have had the opportunity.

My life has had some ups and downs, but for the most part my first 26 years have been pretty damn awesome. To the outside world, I had a very normal childhood revolving around school, gymnastics, swim team, surfing, and the beach. You know the typical suburban stuff.

It was the stuff no one knew about my family that made my life interesting. I am sure that the “interesting stuff” began innocently enough. My mom was probably bored during a late night feeding. Feeling her uterus contract as I sucked her tit probably got her a little excited and she started fingering herself. Maybe dad was bored and decided to give her a little head while she breast feed me. That led to a quickie while I slept next to her. That’s how I always imagined it starting, but I have never asked. Regardless, I don’t think they ever thought their little sex game would lead where it did.

My earliest clear memories of breast feeding were from when I was four. I was a cute four-year old, and have the pictures to prove it. I had big brown eyes, eyes that would be big on a cow (I love that line), a big mouth that I could fit my fist into, and shoulder length blonde hair. I was short for my age, but very athletic and limber. I could lie on my back and put my ankles behind my head.

Anyway, back to the breast-feeding. Each night followed the same routine. Mom and dad would give me a bath, get me out of the tub, dry me off and help me into my nightgown. We would brush our teeth then race to their bed. Mom would lie down in the middle, and we would both snuggle up to her. Dad would read a book or tell us wonderful stories. Eventually mom would roll over onto her back and I would snuggle in next to her. She would pull her nightgown down and pinch her nipple until it was hard, which I would take it into my mouth and suck. I still remember the sensation of the warm milk running down my throat, it tasted so good. Dad would mimic me and suck on her other tit, milk dripping down his chin. We would stick our tongues out at each other and have tongue wars, or lick mom’s erect nipples. He taught me to make my tongue hard and push her nipple deep into her boob. Mom really liked us playing with her nipples. Most nights that would be the extent of the sex play. Dad would carry me to my room and tuck me into bed. But 2 or 3 nights a month mom would say something like, “Enough of that” or some other silly comment, and push dad’s head under covers. Then she would start breathing really heavy and make little moaning sounds. Her whole body would tense up and her back would arch. Some nights she would get really excited and ask me to “suck really hard” or to “bite them”. After a while she would relax, give me a great big smile and tell me that she “loved her little Jenna”. Dad would pop up from under the covers and give me a big kiss good night. I remember his kisses were wet and sloppy, and that the smell of his face made me tingle all over. On those nights, dad didn’t carry me to bed right away. After my good night kiss I would roll over on my side, and mom would spoon me. Dad would snuggle up behind mom and wrap his arms tightly around both of us. Then he would wiggle back and forth against mommy to rock us to sleep. Mom would help rock me too, I could feel her stomach muscles respond to his rocking. I would push my bum back in to her to help. It was kind of like riding on a swing.

Obviously they were including me in their sex life. The world would be horrified, and my counselor thinks I am a bit messed up because of it, but to me this was a wonderful time. I remember them laughing and being in love with each other, and loving me. I felt safe.

Mom lost her milk when I was five, but the bed time routine didn't change much. Except that the frequency of our little games increased to 1 or 2 nights a week.

They tried to be discrete, but by the time I was seven I knew exactly what was going on. One of the boys in my class brought a “Hustler” to school. He thought it was cool that I wanted to look at it with him. I even pulled down my skirt and panties and let him touch my pussy. I tried to get him to let me see his penis, but he was too scared.

It took me two weeks to figure out how to shoplift more magazines from a nearby liquor store. I am sure the owner would have been horrified to find out that the little girl looking at comic books while her daddy re-stocked his bar in advance of our annual 4th of July party had stuffed 4 of his raunchiest magazines into her Little Pony backpack when he wasn’t looking. When dad checked out, I carried an “Archie and Veronica” comic book up to the counter and had daddy buy it for me. As I walked out of that store I am sure that neither the store owner nor my daddy had any idea why I had that big smile on my face. I hurried upstairs after we got home and spent the next 5 hours locked in my room looking at all of the pictures.

This was all a normal part of growing up to me. Mom and dad never talked about what was happening in the bedroom, so it never occurred to me to say anything about it to anyone else. By age eight my dad was giving me all of my baths before bed. I really liked it when he washed my pussy clean. I would spread my legs wide and pull my tiny pussy lips apart with my fingers like the girls in the magazines. He would use the shower wand to wash me really good. He would stick a soapy finger up my ass to get it clean up there too. Mom would sit on the edge of the tub and watch him bathe me while she shaved her pussy. She would let me rub the shaving cream all over her privates while daddy soaped up mine. Mommy had the most amazing pussy lips. The outer lips poked way out of her pussy and were a deep red like a raw steak. They looked good enough to eat. They were softer than regular lips, and she let me give them little butterfly kisses. When she would pull those outer lips apart I could see her inner pussy lips, which were pinker, and glistened with moisture. She liked me to lick and suck on them. The taste was rich and heady, and they smelled just like Daddy’s good night kiss.

I had first discovered my love for pussy juice earlier that year. One night dad gave me an extra sloppy kiss me good night, I licked my lips and made loud MMMM sound. He smiled, and leaned towards me. I took his face in my hands, and began to lick his face. I licked his lips and cheeks until I got all of mommy’s sweet pussy slime off of his face. He then opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out which I sucked into my mouth. He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth, which was really cool. I liked having Daddy’s tongue deep in my mouth. Mom just watched us and began pulling on her pussy lips. Then she slid her whole hand deep into her pussy. It came out came out glistening.

“Do you want some more of mommy’s sweet nectar?” dad asked.

“Uh huh”

“Ok, stick your tongue out and open your mouth.”

Dad gently pulled mom’s hand up to my mouth. He placed her fingers onto my mouth. I closed my mouth and sucked them deeper into my mouth. I sucked so hard, the tips of them went down my throat. I didn’t gag at all.

“Interesting”, they said simultaneously.

“We are going to have to remember that”, Mom said conspiratorially.

From that night on I always licked mom’s pussy juices from Dad’s face. Some nights she would finger herself while dad pounded her ass. She would raise her hand to my face and she would pump her fingers down my throat to dad’s rhythm.

Another change to our routine happened when I was 8. Daddy’s cock began slipping out of mommy and hitting me in the bum as she spooned me. I really liked it when he hit my bum hole, so I began scooting myself into the perfect position for him to hit me when he slipped out. At first it seemed accidental, but after a few nights, it was happening so often I knew he was doing it on purpose. It made me really happy that he wanted his cock inside me too. Once he realized he was lined up just right, he would press his cock hard against my bum hole, only my pajamas kept him from pushing in deeper. It was always just a poke or two before he pulled back and slammed back into mom's cunt or ass. Mom's ass and cunt seemed to be interchangeable to dad once she was lubed up well. All the time mom was getting fucked she would hold me close to her, telling me how much she loved me, and rubbing my tummy, legs, and arms. She rubbed me everywhere but where I wanted her to rub. She would never rub my little clit, and I really wished she would. I would try to pull my nightgown up so I could rub myself but mom would pull my hand away and whisper that my nightgown needed to stay down.

That changed on Valentine’s Day when I was nine, I remember it was Valentine's day because mom called me over after dinner to give dad his present. He opened the box and inside was a skimpy red silky nightgown. He pulled it out to look at it, and surprise, there was a second nightgown in the box for me. Mom had made matching nightgowns for us as a Valentine’s Day present for dad. I stripped to my panties and pulled that wonderful nightgown over my head. The silky material felt cool to my skin, and made my little nipples hard. It fit perfectly, tight across my chest and tummy, but floated away at the waist, barely covering my bum. I rubbed my hands over my nipples, pinching them to make them stand out even more, I wanted dad to see that I was becoming a big girl. The nightgown felt so soft and smooth, so different from my cotton little girl nightgowns. They all had no shape and reached nearly to the floor. This was the perfect Valentine’s present, and I ran over and gave mom a big hug and kiss. I began turning pirouettes for them and the nightgown was swinging straight out from my hips. I could see my “Care Bear” cotton panties in the mirror as I spun. They were ruining it. I hated wearing panties to bed. Mom didn't wear them. Why did I have to wear them. So I stopped twirling and took them off. As I stepped out of them, I kicked them straight into the trash and began to spin again. Now I watched myself in the mirror as I spun perfect pirouettes. Neither of them said anything, as I ran upstairs for bath time.

Dad washed me really well that night. He asked me to kneel in the tub as he removed the wand from the shower hose, and after getting the temperature and pressure just right, held the hose to my bum hole. I remember feeling the warm water wash into my bum, and fill my tummy. After letting the water run into me for a few seconds, he would remove the hose. I would tighten my tummy and squirt the water back out. Using the water pressure to open me up, he pushed the hose past my little bum muscle and deeper into me. The water now was flushing me out really well. The water wasn’t on very high, so I could tighten my bum around the hose, and feel the water build up inside me. Then when I loosened my bum, the water would come rushing out. After a few minutes, he removed the hose from my bum and rinsed me off good. He then had me lay on my back with my legs under my arms, my hands holding my bum up in the air. Lubing up his fingers he was easily able to fit two deep into my bum. He twisted and wiggled them around in me, which felt really good.

While dad played with my bum, mom knelt over my face and let me lick her pussy lips and bum hole. I took full advantage of the situation and licked and sucked those tender lips until I was rewarded with a mouthful of her pussy slime. She squirmed a bit and then sat right down onto my face. My nose went into her pussy, and my mouth was pressed right up against her backdoor. I made my tongue hard and pushed it up into her asshole. She must have liked that because she began moving her hips so that my tongue was sliding between her puckering asshole and her throbbing clit. Each time my tongue reached her bunghole she would press down onto my tongue. She was getting really excited. The next time she slid her clit over my mouth I sucked it into my mouth and began licking the end of it with my tongue. She began to shake all over. It was the coolest thing. I was so intent on licking mommy’s cunt that I hadn’t realized that dad had worked three fingers into my little bum-hole. That was the first time he had worked three fingers into me, and it didn’t hurt a bit. He was just rotating them a bit and letting my little bum-hole got used feeling stretched. After the bath I slipped into my nightgown and headed for bed… Dad’s bed.

Once in bed, dad went straight to work on mom under the covers. He had her panting like an overheated puppy. When he came up for air I got an extra sticky good night kiss. Then we assumed the spooning position, dad was rocking us, and mom began rubbing her hands across my tummy. The touch of her hands through my new nightgown was amazing. Even better, she let her hands slide down to my pussy and she began to rub my little clit. Let me tell you, 9 year old clits work really well. Dad was really going at mom's cunt, and she was breathing really heavy and beginning to tense up. She pushed her ass back into dad, and pulled me with her. Dad’s cock slipped out just as he thrust forward, His cock rubbed against mom’s clit as is slid through her legs straight for my waiting asshole. The friction against her clit, along with the mental image of what was about to happen to her daughter pushed her over the edge and she locked her legs around that cock like a vise and began to shake all over. With her legs clamped on his cock it was locked in place. Dad could feel my little bum-hole pressed hard against his cock-tip. Time seemed to stop for me, and I can still remember how good that cock tip felt as it forced its way into my asshole. He stopped with the tip just beginning to open me up. The tip of that cock was slick with mommy's pussy juices and was just asking to be pushed deeper. I tried to push my bum against it. I was determined to get his cock into my ass. I pushed hard and relaxed my bum and felt the shaft begin to slide past my butt checks as the tip entered my bum. Then the most wonderful thing happened. Daddy's cock head slid past my bum-muscle just as he began to shot his hot sticky load deep into me. His cum felt warm as it filled my poop shoot with gooey goodness. With the extra lube I pressed harder and could feel it inch ever deeper into me. Dad finally responded and began pushing back, but with mom legs locked between us there was only so far he could push it into me.

Then it was over, mom's legs relaxed, and she pushed dad away. Without even acknowledging what had just happened, he picked me up and carried me to my bed. As I lay in my bed my daddy’s cum began seeping from my asshole. I reached back and scooped it up in my hand as it leaked out. It was slippery and sticky at the same time. It formed long strings as I opened and closed my fingers. I held my hand up above my mouth and let it drip onto my tongue. It was salty and sweet. It was the first time I had tasted my daddy's cum, and it smelled and tasted even better than mommy slime. I was so happy to lay in bed sucking on my fingers as daddy's cum leaked out of my bum hole. It was the best night ever. I went to sleep thinking of how much fun we would have tomorrow night. I could hardly wait.

The next morning I woke up to Mommy and Daddy arguing. Mom was crying. I listened by their door and listened to mom say,

“You ruined everything; nothing will ever be the same again”.

Dad’s voice was firm as he calmly replied,
”I ruined it”?
“Who gave her the nightgown”.
“Who sat on her face for half an hour, while I opened her up really well, as we agreed, so she didn’t get hurt?”
“Who has been letting her suck on her pussy lips for the past 6 months”?
“Who has been letting her suck on her tits for years”.
“I had it under control, and just barely pushed in, as we agreed”
“You were the one that locked the leg lock on my cock so tight I couldn’t pull back”
“How is it all of a sudden my fault that she decided to impale her ass on my cock?”
“I didn’t fuck her, she fucked me”.

He paused to let it all sink in, before finishing with,
“Let me know when you come to your senses”.

With that he turned and left the room. He saw me sitting in the hall outside their room, and swept me up into his arms. He carried me into my room, set me down gently on the bed, and sat down next to me.

“I love you little Jenna. Everything will be Ok; we just need to give mommy some time. She is a little confused right now, but she’ll come around. She is who she is.”

I was too confused to understand what he meant by that, but I would soon find out.

After he left for work mom came into my room and told me that I was getting too old for our little games, and that it was time to stop.

I cried and refused to go to school. I stayed in my room all day, and sulked. I tried looking at my magazines, but they just reminded me of why I was so sad. When bed time came, mom gave me my bath and put me to bed in an ugly cotton nightgown with another pair of horrid “Care Bear” panties. I didn't know what I had done wrong, so I went to their bedroom door and begged them, “I'm sorry, please let me in“. Mom came and got me and took me to my room. I tried to pinch her nipples, but she pushed my hand away and said, “No”. I fell apart and began to sob uncontrollably. After she left me, I returned to their door. I could hear them talking, but couldn’t hear what they were saying. I fell asleep, curled in a ball outside their locked bedroom door.

The next night, mom brought me into her room at bed time, but Dad stayed out and watched TV. Dad didn’t come to bed with us for about a week, but eventually mom said something to him and he returned. They didn’t have sex for another week, and I was back in my cotton nightgown and panties. But in the end, dad was right. Mom did come around; we just need to give her time for her true nature to win out.

Before the month was over they were back to having sex nearly every night. It took nearly another month for the full routine to return. Even then, I was still in that stupid cotton nightgown and horrid cotton panties. I tried everything to get mom to relent and let me wear my silky nightgown, and to skip the panties, but mom held firm. Dad would encourage me with winks and a shrug of his shoulders, which usually earned him a “look”. I knew I was on my own.

At first when they had sex, dad was really careful not to “slip out”, not that it would have done any good. Mom always had her free hand protectively between her legs to “protect” me. But again it was only a matter of time before mom’s desires overcame her fear of the change that had begun in our little family. Eventually her hand returned to rubbing me and pulling on her tits during sex. Within days dad slipped out and poked me again. Soon he was slipping out of mom to give me a poke two or three times a night. But pokes through the nightgown and panties only frustrated me.

By now I has giving myself shower enema’s two or three times a week, and sneaking vegetables up to my room which I would lube up and use to stretch my little bum hole. I quickly graduated from carrots to bananas, and on to cucumbers. But the most inviting bum hole couldn’t get dad’s cock past that nightgown and those ridiculous panties. But I was well on my way to removing that barrier.

Project Impale was a two part plan that I had begun almost immediately after that wonderful night. Part one was to get that stupid nightgown out of the way. I started by pulling my nightgown up at night. At first I only pulled it up to my knees. I then rubbed my legs along mommies. She liked that. After a few days I was able to inch it nearly up to my bum. I took my time, and by the time mom’s hands had given up their protective duty I was sleeping with my nightgown all the way up to my waist. Mom pretended not to notice, and actually was helping the situation by reaching her hand up under my nightgown and rubbing and twisting my growing nipples. Which I didn’t mind at all.

With the nightgown out of the way, and only my panties were protecting my bum dad again began poking me on purpose. Once he had his cock against my bum, he would push so hard that my panties were pushed inside. My prep time was working, because he could easily push the cock head in, but the panties kept him from getting any deeper. It was just so annoying. Mom would let us play our game for a minute, with him straining to break through the panties. Then she would reach down and push dad’s cock back into her pussy. She thought she had everything under control. It was definitely time for phase two of “Project Impale”.

After school I took a large cucumber from the fridge. It was nearly 7 inches long and as about as big around as pickles they sell at the county fair. I peeled it then took it up to my room where I lubed up really good. It took a few minutes for my bum to relax enough to get it in, but in it eventually went. After it was about half way in, I sat down on the chair by my desk and bounced up and down to force it in the rest of the way. Once in, I started doing my homework. I wanted to leave it in for at least a half an hour to let my bum get used to it. Mom gave me a funny look when she came into my room to drop of it my laundry. She asked me why I was doing my homework naked. I said I was hot, which I was, but not the way she thought I meant. She told me to put some clothes on. I just ignored her and eventually she left.

It was a good thing she didn’t make me get up to put my clothes on, because when I stood up, the cucumber slid out of my butt and plopped to the floor. I inspected my asshole with a mirror and was happy to see that it was gaping open nicely. I liked watching my asshole close up after I made it gap open. As I watched it slowly close up, I pushed several fingers into it. Ever since I had watched mommy sitting on the edge of the tub with her whole hand up in her cunt, and wondered what it would feel like to have my whole hand inside my ass, but I had never been able to get my hand in. I decided that today was going to be the day. I went into the bathroom, I didn’t want mommy to see what I was doing. She might figure out my plan and ruin everything. First I squatted in the tub and pressed the shower hose to my asshole, I turned the water on and it slid easily into me. I tightened my bum muscle and felt the water pressure build. Over and over, I filled my gut and let it flush out.

Then turning off the water, I lubed up my hand, and shot some up into my bum too. I could usually fit four of my little fingers and most of my hand into my bum, but even after the cucumber, and enema I was having trouble getting my thumb in. I tried wiggling my hand back and forth but nothing was working. I needed something to stretch me just a little more. I spotted a shampoo bottle that was a bit larger than the cucumber had been. It had smooth sides and rounded top. I lubed it up and sat down onto it. I was still too tight, and I couldn’t get over the rounded top. But I could feel it stretching me, and I was determined. I just sat there, bouncing up and down on that shampoo bottle until at last my bum muscle relaxed just enough and I slid over the top and down the sides. It filled me completely, I felt very stretched, and only a little pain. I sat there for a while, determined to let my bum muscle get used to its new limits.

It was time to see if it worked. I pulled the shampoo bottle out with a slurp, lubed up my hand again, lay down on my back, wrapping my legs up under my arms and behind my head. I pressed my fingers together and pushed them against my bum hole. To my surprise, the shampoo bottle had done the trick. My entire hand slid easily into my ass all the way up to my wrist. The feeling was amazing as I twisted my hand from side to side. It was different than anything I had every put up my bum, my hand moved; it was alive and could probe and poke me. I could feel each finger as I flexed them and wiggled them around. It was so cool. I pulled my hand from my ass, confident that I was ready for tonight.

Phase two couldn’t have been simpler. In fact I am sure Dad was surprised it took me as long as it did for me to figure out. What he didn’t know was that I had been waiting until I was ready. The night progressed as usual, I quickly pulled my nightgown up to my waist, and dad gave me a couple quick pokes, only to be rebuffed by my ever-present panties. But I was lulling mom into a sense of confidence. I had already decided that the next time dad poked me I would be ready. Generally there was a progression to his pokes. The first time he poked me it was only a touch, the second time was a firm poke, and the third time he would thrust so hard that my panties were pushed up into my bum. I was waiting for that third thrust. When I suspected he was getting ready to slam that rock hard cock against my Strawberry Shortcake protected asshole, I reached back with my free hand and pulled the crotch of my panties to the side. I then pressed my bum back through mom’s legs to meet his thrust. His cockhead didn’t even slow as it flew by my barn door and imbedded itself deep inside me. When he stopped pushing, I began to pushed back and felt him slide in even deeper.

Mom gave in to the inevitable. She slid up my back and got out from between us. Dad lay back and pulled me onto his stomach, my legs spread wide supported at the knee by his strong hands. Mom nearly emptied a bottle of lube on his cock as he began to pump deeper into me. As dad drove his cock deeper into my ass, mom slid off the bed and took a huge dildo from her bedside drawer. She found a comfortable position to watch us, and with a single thrust embedded the fake cock deep into her pussy.

As daddy’s real cock worked its way ever deeper into me I began to feel really good. The feeling started in my pussy, but quickly ran up through my stomach until it felt like my head was going to explode. I began to shake all over and started to moan. I had rubbed myself to orgasm occasionally, but I had never felt anything like this before. Dad began pulling his cock nearly all the way out of me, and then slowly pushing it back in as far as it would go. With each thrust he pushed more of his cock deep into my ass. Over and over he plunged that wonderful piece of meat into me, with each movement driving me deeper into ecstasy. It was the most wonderful feeling. Every nerve in my body was firing at the same time. Each time he pulled out I would moan and quiver all over, my breath coming in little jerky spasms. Before pushing back into me, he would stop long enough for me to catch my breath. Then he would push back deep into my ass. As his meat filled me, the steady pressure of its progress gave me so much pleasure that it made my head feel like it was going to explode. I couldn’t make a sound, I could hardly breath. I thought my brain was seizing from overload. It was the best feeling ever.

I had to have more of that cock inside me. I reached between my legs with both hands and wrapped them around the base of his cock shaft, trying to pull him deeper into me. With both hands now wrapped around his throbbing cock his stomach muscles tightened and I felt his cum begin pumping into me. I could feel spurt after spurt flow past my fingers and shoot deep into my ass.

I kept a hold of his cock after he finished shooting his load, and was surprised how rapidly it began to soften. My hands were covered with that sticky yummy goodness, which I happily licked clean. I twisted around and whispered, “thank you daddy! that was amazing!!”, and gave him a sloppy kiss on the cheek. I then looked over at my Mom. She lay on the floor by the side of the bed totally spent with her eyes closed and still breathing hard. The giant black dildo still stuffed deep into her cunt, and my new All-American Barbie was rammed to her armpits into mom’s ass. Barbie’s blonde hair was all matted in mommy slime and lube. Dad looked over at mom and said, “That’s a new look”. Without looking up, she raised her hand and flipped him the bird.

As dad slid me off his stomach, his cock popped free of my ass, which emptied its load of cum into a puddle on his belly. I lay down next to him with my head on his stomach. Mom rolled over and just lay there on the floor, watching us. I licked the cum from off his tummy. There was so much of it, and was so yummy. As I rolled it around my mouth, it coated the insides of my cheeks, my tongue and throat with richness like really good ice cream. I lay there with my head resting on him, and just stared at that most wonderful of all things on this earth, my daddy’s cock.

As I lay there staring at his cock, a drop of cum leaked from the tip. The drop just hung there threatening to drip, gravity stretching that single drop as far as it could. Then another drop oozed out and followed the first down and together they formed a silken string from his cock tip to his tummy. Additional drops tricked out and followed the string to start a new puddle. I was mesmerized, just watching the mini science drama unfold. My body was still tingling in post-coital bliss. Mom had removed the instruments of her pleasure from her nether regions. I stifled a giggle when she removed my Barbie from her ass. My attention returned to the new puddle. Not wanting any of that precious substance to go to waste, I slid forward and licked it up. The string of spunk now extended from the tip of my tongue to the tip of his cock. Dad put his hand on the back of my head and eased my head forward. I opened my mouth wide enough to slurp his soft cockhead into my mouth like a lollipop. Dad slid his hand down my back, and started rubbing my ass as I began to suck on his cock. I was rewarded with more cock juice, which I greedily swallowed like the little cum-slut I was quickly becoming. I could feel him rubbing my ass hole, which had already closed up tight. Even so, he easily slid two fingers into me, and began kneading my bum muscle. I looked over at my mom and our eyes met as she wiped a small tear away. I didn’t understand why she was sad. I winked at her as dad’s thumb replaced his fingers in my ass. He then slid a finger into my twat and I responded by sucking harder on his cock, which was quickly coming to life again. He began rubbing his finger and thumb together inside of me, which was a very cool feeling.

As his cock hardened, I sucked more of it into my mouth. It was bumping against the back of my throat when he rubbed my clit with his index finger. When his finger hit my clit it felt like I had been hit with an electric shock. That little bundle of nerves, the spot that had been craving attention for so long, triggered an amazing explosion of pleasure through my body that caused me to lunge forward. His newly hardened cock slid deep into my throat, so far that my nose rammed into his balls. Dad mind must have been in overload too, as he realized he was up balls deep in his 9 year old daughter’s throat with his fingers deep into her virginal cunt and her very un-virginal ass. In a moment of pure animal lust his free hand grabbed a fist full of my hair and held my head in place as he began to skull-fuck me. Just as before, my gag-reflex was totally absent, but I was very aware that I had 9 inches of prime grade-A man meat fucking my throat. I held my mouth open as wide as I could so as I felt his cock slide across my tongue and down my throat. I was quickly running low on air, but that seemed to be the last thing I was thinking about as I reveled in the sensations I was feeling. His cock began shooting thick gobs of cum down my throat, and he finally realized he had to pull out to keep from suffocating me. As he pulled his cock free of my mouth, I gasped for breath, as his cock splattered my face. I scooped the cum off my face and sucked his juices from my fingers.

I had the biggest grin on my face when I realized how intently he was watching me. Cum bubbled from my mouth and nose as I fought to catch my breath. As my breathing slowly returned to normal I looked up at him, and in my best cockney imitation of Oliver Twist said, “Please sir, may I have some more”. He could only shake his head in amazement. He looked over at mom who sat quietly on the floor. She didn’t return his look, and instead simply lowered her eyes, as she looked down submissively. I gave him the biggest hug when he took me in his arms and replied, “Sure my little Jenna, whatever makes you happy”.
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