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Sex Story About Sex Daughter:Hot Step Daughter Story:I Fuck My Daughter

It all began one night as my wife, Elaine, was giving me head. I’d had a really stressful day at work and she was my Calgon, taking me away. After my shower, I had stretched out on our bed, naked, and my wife lay down on her stomach beside me, equally unclothed. She pulled me partly to my side toward her and lowering her face against me, sucked my soft cock into her wet, velvet mouth. I love it when she takes me in this way, especially the way it feels as my meat swells inside her sucking lips. As I grew inside her mouth, she moaned her approval through her continued ministrations.

When sucking me off, Elaine plays with my balls, rubbing and pressing against the ridge that runs around my nut-sack from my cock to where it stops at my rectum. The pressure there as she blows me evokes an awesome sensation.

We’d had anal sex on occasion and Elaine always seemed to enjoy it, but she was never the initiator. I had never had anything placed inside my ass except my doctor’s middle finger during an exam. However, as Elaine bobbed her auburn tufted head up and down on my now engorged pole, her fingers slipped below my balls and she began to playfully circle her finger around my ass. The unexpectedness of this action took me by surprise and I quickly responded, “Yeah, Baby, play with my ass. Oh, that feels good.”

Elaine then surprised me even more as she moved her hand to her wet pussy and pushed her finger insider herself, stroking in and out a few quick times. Her finger glistened with her moisture in the dim light as she pulled her hand away from her muff. Thus lubricated, she placed her finger again at the tight, circled opening of my back-side and gently began to apply pressure inward. My sphincter spread reluctantly, and I felt a very slight burning feeling as Elaine’s finger arrived at the first joint. She paused for a second and let me adjust to this intrusion, never missing a beat as she continued to blow and stroke my cock. All the while, her ample tits were pressed against my side allowing me to fondle her pert nipples.

With her finger positioned just inside my ass, Elaine gripped the shaft of my prick with her other hand and pushed herself smoothly, to the knuckle, inside me. It didn’t exactly hurt; it felt different more than anything else. She again paused and let me adjust to this added sensation. She then alternated between finger-fucking me, sliding her finger in and out, and wiggling her finger against my prostate in a “come-here” motion. As my senses adjusted, I really began to enjoy what she was doing.

Needless to say, my climax built to crescendo in record time. With Elaine expertly sucking me off, while jacking my cock with one hand, and breaking my anal-cherry with her other; I was soon at the threshold of ecstacy. Sensing this, Elaine moaned around my prick, “Cum on baby, cum for me, show me what you’ve got!”

My glutes tightened, jerking my hips against Elaine’s face and the heat of ejaculation surged though my balls. A tingling in my nipples reached a peak as semen shot out of my dick and into the recesses of my wife’s throat. She swallowed the first couple of streams, then pulled back and let me finish on her face and breasts. Still working her finger in my ass, she rubbed the head of my prick over her lips, smearing my juices and licking my slitted piss-hole clean of the drops produced as she gave a final milking to my shaft with her hand.

I lay back and wallowed in the throes of an awesome blow-job. Elaine smiled and reached for the towel she’d brought to wipe my cum from her face and tits. Seeing the peaceful expression on my face she said sweetly, “I just love it when a plan cums together.”

The next morning, Elaine asked me smiling, “So, how was that for you . . .?”

“It was fucking incredible!” I replied. “You can do that anytime you want.”


Two weeks later, we visited my son, Robert, and his wife, Karen, in Karen’s home town. They were the proud parents of our first grand-son and we were looking forward to spending time with them.

Elaine likes to drive when we are there, and she was doing so one evening as we made an alcohol run. With our spirits safely secured in the backseat, we headed back in the general direction of our son’s apartment. He had been called away to work and wouldn’t be back until late the following day and Karen had stayed at home with their six month old son. I wasn’t paying much attention to where we were, thinking more of a cold gin and tonic and playing with my grand-son when we arrived home.

It barely registered when my wife turned into a parking lot and turned to me as she switched off the engine. “Come on, let’s have some fun,” she said.

I looked up to see where we were and was surprised to find she’d pulled into the parking lot of an adult-novelty store. Other than once when Elaine had taken me to an XXX-video arcade on my birthday and we had gotten each other off in the booth, I had never been to such a place. Knowing Karen was expecting us soon I looked with a hint of concern at my wife. She smiled and quickly said, “I was thinking of getting something to take back with us. You are always so paranoid about being seen by someone at home, and this will be easier since we don’t live here.”

“Crafty little thing, aren’t you,” I smiled back, thinking to myself how much I adored this thoughtful woman, for knowing me so well.

Elaine seemed to know her way around inside, and I knew better than to ask any questions about that. Passing the DVD’s and magazines, she went directly to a display of toys along the side wall. There were dildos and latex pricks of every description and color. Whips, handcuffs, and feathers were displayed tastefully and color coordinated to boot. The variety of vibrators on display rivaled my favorite tool-store back home. I truly had no idea what Elaine had in mind, but was excited to learn.

I noticed a couple of the male patrons checking her out as we walked around the store and was not at all surprised. We go to a health club together and keep ourselves in decent shape. Elaine’s petit body is a perfectly proportioned 34-28-36, and she takes really good care of her complexion. With olive skin, big blue eyes and auburn hair, she is still a real head turner.

“You liked it so well when I diddled your ass that I thought we might try something else,” Elaine suggested impishly.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, a little nervous. My mind responding at the thought of a monster strap-on rubber dick on the shelf in front of us.

Elaine picked up a purple latex device about six-inches long that was bluntly pointed at the end and tapered for most of its length. At one point it narrowed to almost half its one-inch diameter then ended in a broad flattened end. “It’s a butt-plug,” Elaine answered the quizzical look on my face. “We can insert this in your ass while you fuck me, and it will massage you incredibly at the same time.”

I nodded, getting a mental picture and a quick sensation in my ass.

“And,” Elaine continued, “I’ll get this pink one for me. We can use it while you pussy-fuck me and fill both my holes.” It was shaped like slender cock and slightly longer than the first.

“I can’t wait to get home,” I responded.

“Oh, we’ll find a way to try these here. You’ll see,” Elaine replied.

I didn’t think she was remembering that we were on the hide-a-bed in the front room of my son and daughter-in-law’s cramped two bedroom apartment. The baby was in the second room with no room for another bed in there. We were kind of stuck.

Elaine selected a couple of warming lubes from the large display and a squeeze bottle of massage oil. “This might be fun,” she said, picking up a flesh-colored, double-ended dildo about twelve-inches long.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I’m glad it did,” I laughed.

“I’m ready for you to ‘get into me,’” Elaine said, patting my stiffening cock through my slacks.

We made our way toward the register where a twenty-something girl asked coyly, “Did you find everything you need today?”

Her skin was pale and she wore an extremely short, black-leather mini-skirt and red stiletto heels. A cobalt blue halter framed an awesome pair of tits that were complemented nicely with very erect nipples. Pixie-cut hair and lipstick were the same blazing blue as her halter. Knowing, blue eyes twinkled in appreciative understanding of our purchases. My prick leaped when she purred, “Oh, these look fun. Is there a special occasion?”

I was afraid my arousal would be too obvious if I replied, but my understanding wife spoke for us, “We’ve been married twenty-three years, and like it to keep it hot,” she said.

“Oh, I’m jealous . . wish I could play,” the cashier replied, winking as she swiped my card. She handed me the card with the receipt and whispered through sultry lips, “You two have fun now, and think about me while I’m stuck here at the register . . .”

Realizing that this beautiful girl assumed what we were going to do was a real turnon to me. Elaine, who knows me better than anyone in the world commented after we’d settled into the car, “Kinda makes you hot doesn’t it? Knowing she knows.”

“Shit, yes!” I said, maybe too quickly.

“Me too!” Elaine replied, taking my hand and rubbing it against her crotch. I could feel her heat through the thin fabric of her skirt. She backed the car around and we headed to my son’s apartment.


When we arrived at the apartment, Karen had already but our grand-son to bed. “He was really tired,” she apologized.

I took a sip of my gin and tonic and grinned, “I’m feeling a little tired myself.” I didn’t want to seem too anxious for bed, but my cock was about half hard with thoughts of the flirtatious girl from the video store fresh in my mind.

“It’s too bad they called Robert away, I was hoping to spend more time with him while we’re here,” I offered, making small talk to distract my dirty mind.

Karen responded, “Yes, he’s had to be away a lot lately.” I could see the loneliness in her face, as clearly as we heard it in her voice.

Still thinking of the girl at the video store, I was pretty worked up and also excited to try our new toys. Elaine and I felt badly though, about excusing ourselves too soon. Karen seemed to need grown-up company pretty badly. We chatted with her until she looked at her watch and said she really needed to get some sleep. We replied that we understood and said our goodnights. I shooed her off to bed, insisting that I make out the hide-a-bed myself. What I didn’t say was that we had no intention of leaving the inadequate mattress on the flimsy frame with what we had planned for the night.

Elaine made us a nightcap and we sat quietly together kissing and fondling each other in the darkened room. We noticed when Karen’s bedroom light was turned off and gave her a half hour to doze off before we got down to the business at hand.

The mattress was made up on the floor and Elaine and I maneuvered ourselves into the center of it facing each other, sitting cross-legged with our knees almost touching. I’d removed my pants and Elaine her skirt. We leaned together and kissed deeply, our tongues a swirl of passion. She had removed her bra at some point earlier and I felt her stiff nipples through her shirt. After all the years we’d been together, her body still excites me to see and feel. The prospect of a new sensual adventure had my cock at full mast and I could tell that Elaine was hot to go as well. The buttons on her shirt were undone and I could see the cleavage between her breasts, even in the dimly lighted room. She leaned forward and took my cock from the split front of my boxers and ran her thumb and forefinger up and down softly.

“Oh, Baby. That’s really nice,” I whispered in her ear.

“Shush!” Elaine cautioned me, “We can’t wake the baby, or let Karen know what we are doing in here.”

“We may be in trouble then,” I shot my best Gary Cooper grin at her.

“Roll over and lay on your stomach for me,” she said.

“Anything to please a lady,”I replied, stretching out.

She pulled my shirt over my head and gripped my boxers taking them out of her way as well. My stiff cock, now pressed firmly between the mattress and my belly, ached for relief. Elaine began to caress my back like she loves for me to do to hers. She lightly traced her fingertips across my skin and didn’t miss a single point of the flesh that was exposed to her hands. I realized that she had also gotten out of her clothes as I glanced at her and saw the smooth outline of her nude form close to me. Schemer that she was, she had everything we’d bought arranged within easy reach in the faintly lighted space around us. There was even a sheet so we could cover up in a hurry if necessary.

She took the massage oil and squirted some into her hands. Rubbing them together to warm the oil, she began to caress and rub the backs of my legs and ass. She worked her hands up my back and squeezed my shoulders and ran her hands down the length of my arms. She was good. The massage was extremely relaxing, especially helped by the gin. She leaned forward and pressed her tits to my back and made circles over my body with hers. Her nipples were obvious as she ran her breasts over my skin. She lifted off of me and rubbed with her hands until the oil was soaked in.

I heard the sound as she opened what I thought was more massage oil, but drew a breath as she squirted some of the cool lube directly into the crack of my ass. “Sorry,” she said, “I didn’t think to warm it first.” She spread my cheeks and rubbed her fingers around my rectum, running her fingertips across my circled bud.

“That feels good,” I said, really enjoying what she was doing.

“Oh Baby, I know,” Elaine said. She selected the double-dong, “Let’s try this one first.” She put the latex tip against her puss and rubbed in circles around her clit as she knelt beside me.

I could tell she was really getting turned on by the expression on her face. She pressed the tip inside her cunt and began to push inside, gasping in pleasure as her lips spread around the deeply textured prick. I’d rolled on my side watching her and began to slowly stroke my cock, using my thumb on top with my first two fingers on the underside to make the best contact against my glans. Elaine pushed the rubbery dick as far inside as it would go and moaned in pleasure as she began to work it in and out of her hot, wet twat. The other end bobbed wildly as she jacked herself off. It looked a little comical seeing her hold the cock like a real prick and pound it that way.

She tilted her head back and continued to stroke her pussy. It wouldn’t have taken her long to cum, but she stopped and leaned forward taking my penis into her mouth, sucking up and down my length a few times. “Didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten you,” she said, raising back on her toes and knees. “Ok, back on your stomach, Baby!” she said, rolling me down.

She held the dildo in her pussy with her hand and positioned herself over my thighs with the extended latex prick against my ass. Like I said, all I’d ever had inside me was a finger, and I didn’t know what to expect exactly. Elaine rocked her hips forward and I felt the tip of the dildo make contact with my sphinctoral ring. Sliding her legs forward, I felt the pressure increase. Elaine rocked her hips backward and slid forward again. This time, when she rocked forward the latex pole empaled my ass and I felt its intrusion inside me begin. Elaine had been butt-fucked herself, and expertly proceeded to break me in.

She leaned forward slowly and I felt the pressure inside me increase. She continue until she was laying, stretched out on my back. I felt her legs straighten beside mine and knew that she was as deeply inside me as she could go. At first there was an intense ache-like feeling and a burning sensation as my sphincter stretched around her prick and my bowel was filled with rubber. Elaine lay still, knowing personally what I would be feeling. “You ok, Baby?” she asked softly.

“So far, so good,” I moaned as quietly as I could.

She gently began to raise her hips and the movement of the cock in my ass was euphoric. As she rocked up and down to fuck me, all the pain and burning quickly subsided. The intense sensations that replaced the pain was beyond anything I’d ever experienced in my life. I bit down on my knuckle to keep quite, wondering if that would be possible at all.

Elaine was fucking herself at the same time, the double-dildo servicing us together. I knew she was experiencing similar distractions as I, and realized we would likely be discovered. We rocked together, her thighs slapping softly against mine in the darkened room. I couldn’t manipulate my cock in this position and wouldn’t cum until later, but Elaine emitted the tell-tale grunts and moans that signaled her impending eruption. She thrashed against me, tension building toward crescendo until she began to grunt with each thrust of her hips. The sensations in my body were incredible and knew we had entered a new era of pleasure, from which we would never leave.

With her eyes closed in ecstasy, Elaine raised her legs along my sides and thrust herself upright. With her hands flat on my lower back, she humped wildly, fighting to keep quite. Her muffled moans actually pretty loud in the room. As the waves of her intense orgasm began to subside, she opened her eyes and screamed a startled, “Oh shit!”

I turned to see our daughter-in-law standing in the opened door of her bedroom, her fingers furiously twiddling an obviously dripping cunt. We didn’t know when she had discovered us, but from the looks of things, she’d been there for a while. A translucent camisole was pulled above her round, exposed tits, and she’d kicked out of whatever she had worn on the bottom. She continued to finger her pussy, rocking her hips in sync with the thrusts of her hand, her exposed breasts bouncing with her movement, full and pert.

“Oh, please don’t be angry,” she cried. “I didn’t mean to break in on you. I needed a drink and thought you’d be asleep.”

Of course, we were speechless. My wife reached for the sheet she’d prepared for this, and began to cover us with it. I thought to myself, “This is fucking great, Karen watched me taking it in the ass!”

“No! Don’t stop!” Karen pleaded, astounding both of us. “I haven’t been able to cum since the baby was born, and I really need some relief. Please let me watch you fuck, I’m really, really close.” She never slowed the ministrations to her cunt. She’d raised her free hand to her breast and was absently pinching a pink nipple.

I was surprised when Elaine dropped the sheet and raised herself off the double-dong still buried in my ass. She pulled it from inside me with an erotic flourish. Using it, she motioned toward Karen, “Why don’t you join us over here,” she said, her voice thick with arousal.

Now I was the speechless one. “Oh, don’t look at me like that,” she quipped to me, “You can’t tell me that you haven’t been fantasizing about a threesome since we talked to the girl in the video store!”

“Just when you think you know someone,” I thought. I also quickly decided to just go with the flow.

Karen stepped over and kneeling down at the edge of the mattress on the floor took her camisole by the hem and pulled it smoothly over her head and dropped in beside her. She was beautiful; her skin smooth, and her titties looked, so, so kissable.

Elaine took Karen by the hand and encouraged her toward the middle of the bed. She retrieved a hand towel from her collection of supplies and wiped some of the pussy nectar from between her own legs. She then reached and did the same for Karen, as I watched with my mouth hanging open. I nearly died on the spot when Elaine tossed the towel at my face, the fragrance of their mingled sex strong upon it.

“Dad will be the best to help you first,” Elaine said to Karen. “You just lie back and let him work his magic on that pretty little clit.” Karen complied, laying back with no hint of embarrassment or reluctance, a look of blatant lust skewing her face. While I had never, ever thought of her sexually; fucking her was all I could think of at the moment!

Her pussy was completely smooth and freshly shaved; it had to have been done just before we arrived back from the store. I reached to caress her swollen lips between my thumb and fingers as I positioned myself between her parted thighs and drawn up knees; the heat radiating from her flesh intense. There was no hint of stubble and I couldn’t wait to bury my face in her young snatch, her moisture running a small rivulet down the slit. As she rocked her hips and contracted her pussy, new gushes would press out of her.

Karen’s scent was intoxicating as I lowered my face to her twat. I lapped slowly from as low as I could reach with my tongue to her smooth clit and tasted the most wonderful sex I’d ever experienced in my life. She gasped and thrust upward, grabbing my head in her hands and grinding me downward into her, the flow filling my mouth to overfull. From the corner of my eye, I watched as Elaine restored the double-dong into her pussy and worked it in and out, adding a circular motion to her thrusts. With her other hand she alternated between fingering her clit furiously, grunting as she ground the latex insider her, and pinching and pulling at her nipples.

I was rock-hard as I lay on my cock and wanted desperately to be pleasured myself, when Elaine provided the solution. She stood, straddling me and gripped my hips, raising me to my knees. She moved her hands down and across my ass and grasped my cock, jacking me slowly with just the right amount of pressure. She turned and sat on my uplifted back, facing toward my ass as I continued to eat our daughter-in-law. She leaned forward and I could feel her tits press against my flesh as she jerked me rhythmically. She retrieved a butt-plug from the corner of the bed and began to press the tip inside my still lubed hole. I felt the stretch and plop as she seated the toy against my sphincter. The sensation as she rocked it back and forth, continuing to jack me off, brought a deep groan out of my throat that reverberated against my daughter-in-law’s wet snatch.

Licking her clit, I used a circular motion for a while, then changed to light lapping right against her bud. She rocked her hips against my face and grunted as I felt her legs contract against my sides. Panting rapidly, she thrust upward with one hard thrust and pressed into my face. At first I thought she was pissing, but realized that the fluid she suddenly injected into my mouth was her pussy’s nectar fired in stream after stream of pure ecstacy. She screamed through clinched teeth, “Aungh, aungh, oh, gawd, oh, gawd. Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, aungh . . .”

Elaine stopped jacking my cock, and slide off of me onto the mattress. She leaned forward and began to kiss Karen’s lips forcefully. Karen quickly responded and soon their tongues were a swirl of exchanged passion. Karen’s recovery from her long-overdue climax was astounding. I watched in awe as Elaine rolled to her back and pulled Karen on top of her. The still impaled double-dickey bouncing wildly as she maneuvered into position. Karen quickly straddled Elaine’s legs and rode upward toward the glistening knob of the latex prick. She raised herself upward and using two fingers guided the dildo into her dripping lips. As she lowered herself onto the cock, her eyes rolled back and she moaned in absolute pleasure. With the rubber buried between two hot cunts, Karen lay forward until her tits were mashed against Elaine’s, their nipples coupling in sync with their fucking. Tongues soon rejoined the foray, and the sound of girl-sex grew loud in the room with moans, grunts, and squeals.

My cock felt like it would burst; I don’t remember ever being this hard, and my need for release could not be ignored any longer. Karen’s fresh ass was bobbing sensuously as she humped Elaine, her little rose-bud hole appearing, then disappearing as she clinched her glutes to fuck my wife. I stepped across, straddling my daughter-in-law’s body aligning my aching cock with her crack and lowered myself until the near-purple mushroomed head made contact with her flesh. Karen altered her thrusts, turning her ass upward to meet me in invitation. It was awkward, but I began to slowly thrust into her hole, meeting little resistance through her abundant flow of juices; her pussy producing more fluid than I would have thought possible before that night.

The butt-plug Elaine had filled me with massaged my prostate as I moved. Now knowing personally how being fucked in the ass felt, I entered Karen slowly and deliberately. I slid into her gently, and felt as she contracted against my intrusion. The sensation of the double she shared with Elaine was incredible as it rubbed against my throbbing pole through the thin membrane that separated both cocks.

I felt myself bottomed against Karen’s ass-flesh, and fell into rhythm as she and Elaine continued their girl-coupling. Karen had raised slightly and placed her hands beside Elaine’s head on the bed allowing me to lean with my hands on her shoulders for support. Our menage a trois was soon in full sync, complete with the slapping sounds of flesh, intense, labored breathing, and the grunts, groans, and moans we each contributed to the foray.

Elaine and Karen had both cum earlier, and I knew that I would soon fill my daughter-in-law’s hot ass with my semen. The combined sensation of the toys we employed, and the taboo of the threesome we shared, added to the fact that Karen’s ass was just fucking hot, brought me over the top quickly. As my balls contracted in preparation of unloading deep into her bowel I felt my own ass contract around the plug still clamped inside of me. As my sperm began to shoot through my rock-hard rod, I grunted, “Oh, fucking shit!”

“Fuck, give it to me Dad,” Karen moaned in response, “Fill my ass with your spunk.”

Elaine released a series of moans in time with Karen’s thrusts into her pussy, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh, shit. I’m cumming . . . oh, fucking shit. YES, YES, YES . . .”

I was still unloading an enormous blast into Karen’s ass when I felt her tense against me. She thrust herself roughly against the rubber prick in both their pussys and held herself, clamped against everything that was empaled inside of her. My ejaculate began to seep around my cock and run down Karen’s crack. As she clamped down against me, I again felt her pussy spray as she squirted in long hot blasts, coating my balls and running down my legs.

The intensity of it all had drained my strength. I sagged against Karen’s ass and tried to catch my breath. Elaine continued to writhe in the aftermath of her climax while Karen’s whole being convulsed in spasms as she enjoyed the continuing waves of our sex. My legs felt like rubber as I weakly stood to my feet, pulling my wilting cock out of my sweet daughter-in-law’s now gaping ass. The combined juices of our sex soaking everything as it ran down our legs onto the mattress below.

I stepped to one side of the still coupled women, and watched intently as Karen rolled off Elaine and lay on her back at my feet. The latex dong making a sucking sound is it pulled from her hungry cunt. Elaine reached down and withdrew the prick from her own pussy and plopped it weakly to the side. I squatted next to Karen and she looked up at me with hard lust still flashing from her eyes. All three of us were winded, our breathing loud in the small room.

Karen rolled up on one elbow and reached toward my prick, still moist from my cum that had filled her ass. Her tits draped sexily against my knee. Leaning forward, Karen parted her soft lips and sucked my softened cock into her very hot mouth. She bobbed back and forth, running her tongue against my glans as she grasped my quickly stiffening shaft with her hand. As I grew inside her mouth, Karen moaned against me.

Elaine maneuvered herself between Karen’s legs and positioned her face against a very wet pussy. “Oh Karen, you taste wonderful,” she said, lapping hungrily as Karen moaned around my prick.

We continued for a few minutes when Elaine pulled away and suggested, “Let’s try something else. Karen, let Dad lay in the middle of the bed.”

Karen scooted back a couple of feet allowing me to reposition myself on my back. Then, at my wife’s direction, she straddled me in a reverse-cowgirl position and began to lower her pussy around my throbbing pole. Still following Elaine’s instruction, Karen raised up and nearly off of me before plunging herself fully against my thighs, a groan of pleasure pushed from her lips.

She rode me hard, and her tight pussy was filled with my hard cock. She’d drop to the hilt, and I could feel myself bottomed inside her womb. Then she would raise and the friction of our flesh would reverberate with ecstasy throughout our bodies.

Elaine stood and positioned Karen’s hands against my shoulders as she had her lean back against me. I continued to thrust against her, my dick fully engulfed inside her young pussy. Elaine then lowered to her stomach between my stretched out legs and sidled up until her tongue was pressed against Karen’s clit.

I felt Elaine’s chin press against my balls as I fucked Karen from below. She was obviously enjoying eating our daughter-in-law as much as I was fucking her. We continued for a while, when I began to feel Karen’s pussy contracting against my prick, and her hips thrust downward against me. She kneaded the skin at my shoulders where her hands were positioned, and she began to pant heavily as she came again. “Aungh . . . aungh . . . aungh . . .,” she groaned over and over.

With my cock deeply implanted inside my daughter–in-law’s cunt, I felt the familiar contraction in my balls as my own orgasm began to release. I knew she was back on the pill, and the thought of filling her with my seed sent me over the top instantly. I came in long, hot spurts, feeling Elaine lap the combined fluids of Karen’s and my ejaculate from around my cock as it was buried inside her.

My cock was still hard inside Karen’s pussy as Elaine took her by the hands and raised her off of me. She then replaced her own pussy onto my prick, lowering herself against me roughly in the same reverse-cowgirl position. She leaned forward, placing her hands on my thighs as she bucked against my skin. This was the first time I’d been inside her pussy since we arrived at the apartment, and she began to writhe against me quickly. Since I’d just cum, my cock was extremely sensitive as she rocked up and down on me.

Karen reached down and grasped one of Elaine’s nipples in each hand, pinching and pulling gently. At this contact, Elaine’s orgasm erupted with fury. “Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck, oh fuuuuuccckk . . .” she moaned, bucking on top of me wildly.

I felt like I’d just gone three rounds with Mohamad Ali, my breath coming in ragged gasps. Apparently, Elaine was the same. She leaned forward and just rolled to one side as my now softening prick pulled wetly from her snatch, the aroma of our sex very strong in air.

Karen lay on the other side of me as Elaine turned her body around to kiss my lips. I extended my arms to either side and the two women cuddled close to me, laying their heads on my shoulders. Karen played with my soft cock and Elaine tweaked my nipples gently. Both their breasts were pressed against my sides and I’d never felt so satisfied in my entire life. Each had draped a leg across mine, and I felt as Elaine caressed Karen’s with her foot.

I had no idea where this adventure might lead us in the future, but I had a feeling this would not be the last time the three of us fucked each other.

The baby began to cry and Karen smiled as she raised to go and take care of him. Leaning across me, she kissed Elaine fully on the lips, pressing her tongue inside her mouth as she breathed a lusty, “Any time, any place, any how.”

Elaine smiled in agreement, “That goes for me too,” she said, caressing my balls in her hand.


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