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Laurie shares her daughter with me:Daughter Sex Story: Dad Sex:Dad Sex Story

Daughter sex story:
I had been watching the woman across the street for some time wanting to make a move but the opportunity had yet to appear. She was in her mid thirties and lived with her teenage daughter. They were living there when I moved in six months ago. She was tall (about 5'9”) and had a slender body with long dark brown hair. I had heard from another neighbor that she was divorced and had an “off and on” boyfriend. She had been hard to approach since neither she or her daughter spent anytime out side in the front. My chance came when a meeting was called by the city building department for a planning issue that affected our area.

The night of the meeting I dressed to impress and managed to get an introduction from one of the neighbors. We talked a bit and I invited her to stop by for coffee or a drink the following day. I could see a bit of spark in her eye and new she was interested. I told her I would entertain her with my quick wit and glib tongue. She said she would like to put that tongue to good use in several places. I figured I was in for sure at that point.

When she stopped by the following day and had a glass of wine she invited me to come back to her place for a swim and anything else I would like. My response was I will have to grab a bathing suit and she might be sorry for that offer since I wanted everything. She responded that bathing suits were optional and she might have more than I could handle. The conversation was going great and I asked if it might be better to stay at my place since her daughter may not approve. She said she had no secrets from her daughter and often had sex with her daughter around. She added her daughter had seen her having sex many times and she never tried to hide it. They often wore little or no clothing at home and hoped I would not be offended. I said on the contrary I would only be more delighted.

By this time we were both getting aroused and had already started doing a little light making out and fondling. She indicated she would be more comfortable at her place so we grabbed the bottle of wine and walked across to her house. As we were walking I asked about her current boy friend and she said he was not in the picture this week. She said he was not comfortable with having her daughter around when they made love and the last time he had b
Daughter sex storyeen there her daughter had walked in on them so he got angry and left in a huff. She added the distraction had made him loose his erection. I filed that away as something not to do but was wondering how far the relationship she had with her daughter went.

As we entered the house we got as far as the couch in the living room. I was removing clothing from her as we walked in. Her blouse and bra came off in seconds revealing lovely medium sized tits that were the very pointed ski jump type with nipples that almost points up. When we got to the couch she was wearing only a pair of black heels and a skirt. I was impressed when I dropped the skirt and no panties were to be found. As she sat down I dropped to my knees in front of her and also went down. She slid her body toward me and spread her legs wide, putting a lovely trimmed pussy in front of me. She slipped her hands around my head and pulled me down on the waiting feast.

She was soon moaning softly as I tongued her from asshole to belly button several times lightly without touching her clit or entering her vagina. I was trying to hold the pleasure off as long as possible. When my tongue did finally enter her slit and touched her clit she went rigid with the sensation. I slowly sucked her clitoris into my mouth and was astounded at the size of it. It was about an inch in length but was like having a small penis at the top of her pussy. It became hard and erect when touched and sucked. Her moans had become louder and more animal.

With her pelvis pushing back at me my head was lifted with each upward thrust and I saw movement to the side of us. I was aware of someone standing just back in the hall watching. I assumed it was her daughter and did not look up or react. I kept tongue lashing her mother and found it more exciting to know she was watching our intimate acts. I had seen the daughter only from a distance. From what I had seen she appeared to be very attractive and maybe in her mid to late teens. I had the impression that who ever was there had on little clothing.

Laurie was writhing and bucking as she was consumed by her impending orgasm. When it started she let out a cry of “OOH GOD” that was loud and shrill. The orgasm lasted more than a minute and her body collapsed in euphoric exhaustion. I put my hands around behind her and lay my head in her lap with my face turned toward the hall. Her daughter stepped into the room wearing only panties and looked down at me. I winked at her and smiled. She came into the room
Daughter sex story and sat down next to her mother with her leg touching my arm..

As I stared at her taking in her seductive body she looked back and said “Hi I'm Bonnie”. I said “Hi back at you, I’m John”. She was gorgeous, with long black hair, beautifully shaped small tits (just as her mothers) and a very shapely body for a teen. Her skin was milky white and flawless. She looked about 17 or 18 but I later found out she had just turned 14. She was giving me a very seductive look and I felt a little uncomfortable with my head laying in her nude mothers lap.

She said I see you guys are getting along fine and seem to be having fun. I didn't want to barge in before mom got her gun off. Laurie said how thoughtful of you. I new you were standing there watching. Did it turn you on honey. Bonnie’s eyes closed seductively and her head nodded affirmative.

This exchange between them was almost bizarre but making my already erect cock almost rip it's way out of my pants. I had never met a mother daughter combination with such an open relationship. There appeared to be no uneasiness about anything sexual between them.

I had noticed besides her face being flushed the crotch of Bonnie's panties were soaking wet when she sat down and her small nipples were erect as if she had been out in the cold. I was also a little surprised at her walking in so nonchalantly after watching and talking as if what she saw was common place. Bonnie replied as she got back up she had to pee and take care of herself before she went crazy.

Her mother said just come back and join us after you pee and if John doesn't mind we can both help get you off. As she left I said that would be great and thought I had died and gone to heaven. Laurie said she had raised Bonnie to enjoy sex but she was a virgin and only enjoyed oral and touching stimulation. She asked me not to try doing anything her daughter didn't want. She wanted her daughter to remain intact until she was a little older and found someone she wanted to take her virginity as it should be a special memory. I agreed and said I was impressed with what a great relationship they had.

As we continued to talk she asked if I would like to take that bulge in my pants out and put it to good use. Still on my knees I dropped my pants and took out my dick. I started rubbing it against her pussy lips and smearing the love juices into her slit. We were both leaking cum and she was wet and ready again so I slide it in slowly. I have always loved to have a woman sitting down on a low couch or chair with me kneeling in front of them as we fuck. It gives the best view possible of my dick sl
Daughter sex storyiding in and out. It also affords the best access to use my hands to touch, pinch and tweak all the goodies.

I was looking at her belly and commented on the fact she had no scar from a Cesarian. She asked what would make me think she had a Cesarian. I said no woman that has had natural child berth could have a vagina as tight as yours. She smiled and said when she became pregnant she found the right doctor to finish after the baby was out. He takes and extra 20 to 30 minutes with the repair that a woman will appreciate for the rest of her life.

We were slow screwing and enjoying all the pleasures of each other, when her daughter reappeared and sat back down next to her mom. Bonnie had returned wearing no panties. I was having trouble not looking at her daughter. The sight of her young body would throw me into a climax long before I wanted. Laurie said she would like me to help her daughter enjoy herself along with us. Without looking I reached over with my right hand and placed it on her leg just above the knee. Her body was tensing with anticipation as I slide it up to her lovely young pussy. She must have been playing with her clitoris as it was sticking out of her pussy and was the twin of her mothers. She spread her legs out and threw the right one over my head and laid it across her mothers belly. This move opened her vagina even more. I began to massage her clit with my thumb and finger just like jacking off a miniature dick. I soon found her mothers hand replacing mine as I was over stimulating her daughter. Laurie had her middle finger working over the lips of her daughters vagina so I started massaging a breast on each of these gorgeous females.

I was doing math in my head to distract my self. I knew I would not last long with this much physical and visual stimulation. As I plunged my cock slowly into Laurie her clitoris would disappear as it was pulled in and on the out stroke it would pop up and drag along the top of my dick. The most unbelievable sight I had ever seen in this position. Both women were very attractive but the daughter was not only seductive she was forbidden fruit. I new at this point I would have to find a way to shoot a load in the daughter sometime soon or go crazy. Laurie was getting herself close to another orgasm with me screwing her and her manipulating her daughters pussy. I could see Bonnie was getting close also. Bonnie leaned forward to kiss me, which had us all three tangled together. I was slow screwing Laurie, while I massaged one tit of each woman in each hand, she had her hand in her daughters crotch now rubbing and pinching her extended clit while her daughter had her leg thrown between us and now was leaned forward sucked my tongue into her mouth after licking her mothers love juice off my face.
Daughter sex story

Hard to tell who started first but we all three were cumming and jerking around at the same time. It seemed to be the longest and hardest climax I had ever had. When we slowed to a stop I was having pains from what seemed to be my sphincter muscle after cumming so hard and so long. Both women lay back on the couch trying to catch their breath. Bonnie was the first to speak when she said “ MY GOD THAT WAS INTENCE” and “I don't think I have ever had such wild orgasm”. I agreed saying I think I broke something inside that time.

Laurie was the first to getup and go to the bathroom. I was having trouble sitting there on the floor next to Bonnie without touching her and leering at her scrumptious body. She saw the raw lust I was radiating and spread her legs, offering that precious pussy to me again. She bent over and said I would love to have you taste me also. I stuck my face into it as quickly as I could and started to lick. I remembered her mother and lifted my head asking if she would be angry when she returned and caught me doing this. She pressed my face back down into her crotch saying it would just make her mom more horny.

When Laurie returned I had Bonnie’s legs over my shoulders with my face buried in her pussy sucking her extended clitoris. My pants were still down and there was a space between me and the edge of the couch. Laurie knelt down next to me and took my cock in her hand. She said I see you two are getting better acquainted. She then put her head down between the couch and me and proceed to suck my cock with great enthusiasm. I was hard as a rock but new I would not cum for quite some time. Bonnie was almost ready to start her second orgasm. Laurie stopped to say this is a delicious taste you have on your cock. What flavor do you call it. I raised my head and said it's one of my favorites it's called Laurie-pussy.

Bonnie laughed with a lewd chuckle and said she had tasted it many times herself and found it delightful. At that point she started secreting a lot of juice as she began to cum which I was eagerly licking and sucking up. She finished and said twice in less than an hour is my limit I need to go upstairs and rest a few minuted. After she left Laurie and I got up and sat on the couch. I asked her if she would mind me asking a few questions. She nodded OK. What I would like is to clarify my position. I love being her with both of you and don't want to screw it up. You and I have a lot more experimenting to do but I’m not sure what is allowed with Bonnie. She is very seductive and I would like to do many things to her. Give me some rules so I don't fuck up the best thing I have ever found.

Laurie said let me put it as plainly as possible. Don't put your cock in her pussy unless she begs you to, which she won't. Don't do anything to her she does not want. T hats all there is to it. I won't mind if you are over here with her when I’m not home if you abide by those rules. She and I both treasure her virginity and I would not want to see her pregnant. I think you and I are going to have a very stimulating friendship. I have tried to give Bonnie as much sexual stimulation and freedom as she has wanted since she was young. I have never had a man over before that was comfortable with our relationship so you are the first to touch her and give her a climax. When I talked about you she was hoping you would accept her as part of any relationship we might develop. It has never worked in the past so we are both anxious.

As I sat there she threw a leg over and sat down in my lap facing me. I soon had my cock in her and was telling how I had never dreamed of a situation or relationship that was this stimulating. And if I ever had a question about boundaries or what I might do or not do I would ask first. She smiled and kissed me open mouthed as her daughter had and she ground away on my cock until I squirted cum in her again.

We had another sexual encounter later that week. Her daughter was busy upstairs doing homework so we played downstairs in the living room and in the master bedroom. I asked if she had ever tried anal sex and her eyes grew wicked as she said no but I would love to. She added she had been inserting things in her ass for years and it added extra spice to any sex. I said I have my first question about Bonnie, do you think anal sex is OK for her. She considered this one and answered “ I’m OK with it but you will have to ask her”.
Daughter sex story
As we retired to the master bath I asked how she got started with having sex with females. She laughed and said the only woman she had ever performed or received sex form was her daughter and Bonnie was the one who initiated it. She explained that her husband left when Bonnie was young. When she was about eight or nine years old she would sleep with me often. I woke one night very turned with the most pleasant feeling coming from my vagina. I realized my daughter had inserted all of her fingers into me and was massaging my clit with her thumb. She appeared to be doing this in her sleep. I had been very horny and frustrated for some time. Thinking Bonnie was asleep I just laid there and enjoyed it. As her hand moved around rhythmically I became more aroused and was soon on the verge of an orgasm. Bonnie surprised me by asked if it felt good and was she doing it right. I told her “ oh yes please do it harder and faster”.

After I climaxed I asked Bonnie where she had learned that. Bonnie replied she had seen me rubbing myself down there several times at night when I thought she was asleep. She said she found out how good it felt when she touched herself. That night she told how I was moaning in my sleep like when I touched myself so she tried to help. She was surprised that her hand would actually go inside of me and wanted to know everything I could tell her. That was the night I spent hours giving my daughter all the knowledge of sex I thought she could understand. We both pleasured each other several times before dawn. If she had not been there and started that I would have probably had a nervous breakdown. She is now more like my closest friend and lover than my daughter.

We entered her bathroom and I suggested she have an enema before we began. She said she would if I would leave before she re-leaved herself. I said I would and she brought out an old enema bag. I filled it with warm water and inserted it into her luscious bottom. She sat on the side of the tub as it filler her. I was squatting before her and stroking her pussy as she filled up. I love the look of a woman as she is filled with fluid. I had recently read on my favorite X rated story site (XNXX) of a young woman having several piss enemas and this was my first chance to try. Laurie may be in for something very new. As she was filled I was standing there with an erection and got her to stand up so I could rub her pooched out belly. She told me to get lost for at least twenty minutes.

I left and went upstairs to Bonnie’s bedroom. I knocked and she said come on in. I was nude with a big hard on when I entered. She said oh shit that looks good. Come here and let me touch it. As I walked over to her I told her I was supposed to get lost for about twenty minutes. She said I have never sucked a man before. Can I practice for a few minutes. I stepped close and she took hold of my cock. She said I have never even touched a mans penis before either. What should I do. I showed her how you masturbate a man and asked if she would like to try a blow job. She was sitting on a chair in front of me and quickly slide my dick in her mouth. She was not sure what to do so asked me what was best. I told her a blow job was just a term. What a man wanted was the friction of a woman’s mouth with a lot of sucking on the head. As she practiced she stopped and asked what my phone number was. As I repeated it she wrote it down on a pad. She practiced on my cock for several more minutes with me giving her tips like raking the teeth down the shaft and the butterfly flick. I also told her it was common to deep throat a man and she tried a few times. I told her if you are good when he cums you should try to take it all and swallow every drop. We will have to save that lesson for another time. In the few minutes we had she had learned more about pleasing a man orally than most women learn in a life time.

I excused my self after giving her a long wet kiss and returned to Laurie with more of a hard on than I started with. When I enter he
Daughter sex storyr bedroom she remarked I see you have been to see Bonnie. I said we just had a lesson in male oral stimulation. She said with a shocked look you mean you just showed my daughter how to suck your cock. I pleaded guilty and she said I guess you know that was her first and if you will come in here I will show you my gratitude.

We entered the bathroom and she told me she had time for another enema before I got back and used really hot water that felt super good. She said next time I get to give you one and smiled wickedly. Lorrie took my cock in her hand and lubricated it liberally then bent over the sink counter and presented me with her gorgeous shapely ass. I stepped up behind her and slowly inserted my finger in her ass with a lot of lube on it. Next I pressed the head of my dick up against her asshole and started pushing it inside. She was very tight and I could tell there was a lot of pain as I inserted it. The feel of that much tightness and pressure had me near a climax before I got it all the way in. She was moaning loudly with the pain and pleasure it was giving her. When I had it all the way in her I reached around and slid my middle finger as far into her pussy as I could.

I had stopped in the kitchen and drank two bottles of water before I had return to Laurie just to make sure I had a full bladder. I didn't want to miss a chance of a piss enema in case Laurie would agree. I refrained from asking until I was almost ready to shoot a load of cum in her. At that point I told Laurie I was about to cum but needed to pee really bad. I asked if she had ever had a piss enema. She said in a strained voice, I have never even had anal sex before so how could I have had one of those and what would I have to do. I told her we would just have to step into the tub without my dick coming out.

We side stepped into the tub and she bent forward again holding onto the control knobs. I started stroking into her ass and massaging her clit again. Each time my finger would run over her clit her sphincter muscle would contract and squeeze my dick like a vice. The feeling was awesome and was bring both of us nearer to a climax. It was difficult but as I shoot my load and finished I managed to relax the muscle that controls the pee response and once I finally got the urine flow started I emptied my bladder inside her ass with a great deal of force and quantity..

The urine was really hot as it flowed into her and caused her to start to cum. As she climaxed she lost control, emptying her bladder in a heavy stream against my hand. It was so exciting I thought I was going to start cumming again. I pulled out slowly and was hit with a stream of my own urine blasting out of her ass. This was beyond real. I had never had a more sexually fulfilling relationship in my life. I don't think I could stand anything more intense than what I had found here.

She stood up and turned around, hugging me for support. I closed the shower curtain and we both showered off. She was to weak to do anything but stand there so I soaped her down and scrubbed every part with a lot of attention. When we got out I dried her off and we laid on her bed for an hour or so. Bonnie joined us later and wanted to know what had wiped us out so completely. Laurie said it was one of the few things we would keep secret form her for a few years. I was to tired to do anything but a little light fondling for the rest of the day. I went home later with the most satisfie
Daughter sex storyd smile on my face possible.

Two days later it was Saturday and Laurie had to work. About ten o clock Bonnie called and asked if I would come over for a few minutes. She said she had something she wanted to show me. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. When I got there I rang the bell and heard Bonnie yell come on in. I entered to find her sitting on the couch wearing high heels, black nylons with garter belt and a push up bra that exposed her nipples. She told me she had her mother buy the outfit for her some time back and wanted to know if I thought she looked good in it. I told her good enough to eat. She spread her legs and said come and get it.

I stepped over her leg and knelt in front of he, then proceeded to go down on her licking and sucking the sweetest pussy I have had in my life. I put my head up and told her this could lead to more than she bargained for. She told me she had broken her cherry a couple of years ago with a small vibrator of her moms and had an assortment of things she inserted into her self daily. She said I have every intention of you fucking me today but I would have to use a rubber as she was not on the pill like mom. I told her the good news is I had a vasectomy years ago so we don't need the rubber.

She asked me to stand up so she could practice a little. As I stood up she took my dick out and proceeded to suck it slowly and then put her hands on my butt while taking the whole thing down her throat. She had been practicing as she continued to take stroke after stroke down her throat. I had to stop her as I almost lost control and shot my load. I asked if she was sure she wanted to do this. She replied her mother had always told her it was her decision who and when the first time would be. She had decided on me the first time I had come to the house. Both she and her mom had been looking for someone like me to share for a long time.

I was having a hard time not climaxing just looking at her. She was the most provocative and at the same time innocent looking girl I had ever encountered. She was so desirable it was almost painful just watching her. She sat back and spread her legs again begging me to fuck her. I knelt in front of her again and holding my cock, rubbed it between her pussy lips making us both hotter. I started to slip it in and was surprised and pleased at how tight it was. This was almost as tight as her moms ass. I had not remembered how good it felt to slide your cock into someone this young and tight.

As I felt it go as far in as possible I looked up at Bonnie’s face that showed both surprise and pleasure as her body shivered with the feel of having her first penetration by the real thing. We sat there with it inserted, not moving for the longest time. I was glad she had not stretched her self with large dildos or vibrators. I could feel ever thing she did even her breathing and heart beat. When she cleared her throat the vibration transferred to her vagina and made my cock flex. Each time I would flex it would cause her vagina to respond. The feeling was shear bliss. I told her not to move and we could experiment. I coughed loudly and her eyes opened wide as the feeling went through us both in waves of pleasure. She tried it and I wanted her to get a cold and cough her head off. We finally started screwing with the slowest strokes possible and the friction was so intense it sent us both into an orgasm within 30 seconds. She
Daughter sex storywas yelling for me to screw her faster and soon begging for me to stop. We finished and just sat there with my still rock hard cock in her all the way. I wanted to sit there and not ever remove it but my knees were hurting so I pulled out slow.

Bonnie asked me how soon I would be ready again. She was hoping we could do this 5 of 6 more times today. I could not contain myself so as I laid on the couch and had her sit on my chest putting her sweet pussy over my mouth. As I slowly licked our combined juices she asked me about the encounter I had with her mother a couple of days ago.

Her mothers loud bellowing in pain and pleasure as I fucked her in the ass had made Bonnie come downstairs and listen at the door. She said it was the same sound a cow makes when it is getting screwed by a bull on her uncles farm. When we had gotten in the tub she had opened the door a crack and watched as I ass fucked and pissed in her mother. Bonnie said she had brought herself to an orgasm standing there and would like to give that a try someday. She then turned around and said she would like to try what she and her mom loved most. She laid on top of me and we licked and sucked each other to climax in a classic 69 position.

As we were laying next to each other resting she talked about her desires. I had asked if she was attracted to other women and she told me of a girl at school who is gay and wanted to make love to her. She said the girl was a little masculine looking and asked if Bonnie would join her and Miss Harper the PE teacher in a storage room after school for some fun. She said it was exciting at first and they gave her an orgasm but she was not that turned on by them. Miss Harper wanted to be hurt and punished. She liked to have her breasts pulled and twisted while we slapped and spanked her. It was exciting for a while but started getting creepy when the girl fist fucked the teacher so violently she bleed.

Before I left we discussed what to do about her mom and our having sex. I asked if she was going to tell her mother and she replied that it would probably hurt her and make her sad. She added that now that we have it would be to hard not having it when ever she wanted so she would have to think about how to handle it. Bonnie then coaxed me onto the floor so she could squat over me and with my cock inserted in her pussy she pumped her ass up and down bringing us both to another orgasm.

Laurie called the next morning and wanted to come over and talk. I was worried that this might be a confrontation but she had not sounded angry. We sat in the kitchen when she arrived and had coffee. Laurie sounded very serious when she told me, Bonnie had decided she wants me to be the one that she has sex with first. She said she warned her it might be a mistake and a little to soon. Laurie then gave me the most sincere look and said “ but if she wants it I can't think of anyone else I would want to be her f
Daughter sex storyirst”. She then told me she was going to start Bonnie on the pill as soon as they can get a doctors appointment. If I’m agreeable It could happen in a week or two.

I took Laurie in my arms and told her it was not necessary as I had a vasectomy several years ago. As I held her tightly I told her I would love to be her daughters first and found them to be the most desirable women I had ever known. I then said I know we have only known each other a short time but would she consider a more permanent relationship for all three of us. I added we could not live together for a while or at least until the newness wears off as the two of them would most probably kill me with to much sex.

She was a little misty eyed and said she and Bonnie had been thinking along the same lines since the first time we were together. They both felt this situation was almost to good to be true and was what they both had been praying would happen for several years. She asked if this evening would be to soon as she new Bonnie was very anxious. When I said I could hardly wait she added she was going to send Bonnie over to spend the night if it was alright with me. The first time was special and she should be able to look back on the memory without sharing it with anyone but her lover. I was already about to cum and just smiled as I stuck my tongue in her mouth and kissed her thinking this is one special woman. I knew Bonnie and I would have some great sex tonight but would go back to her house shortly after to share with her other lover.

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