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Party sex: Party sex story: Party girl fucks

Introduction: Heather decides to let loose at a high school party
 Party sex
Heather and Kelsey had been best friends for as long as they could both remember. Both girls were smart and took all of the same advanced classes, but were also popular enough and pretty enough to be in the cool crowd. They were both really excited to have been invited to Sean's party. The girls were both 17, about to finish up their junior year of high school. Sean was a senior whose parents were out of town this weekend. The girls were of a small amount of juniors who were invited to attend what was hyped up to be the craziest party of the year, with a keg and some bottles of liquor. Heather didn't doubt that it would be the wildest party she had ever been to - she had been to a few smaller things that friends had thrown when someone was able to get their hands on a bottle of liquor, but things never got too out of hand. The girls decided to meet at Heather's house before the party to get ready together.

"What do you think about this one?" Kelsey asked as she held a top against her chest.
Party sex
"Cute. How about this for me?" Heather replied, modeling for her friend.

Kelsey grinned. "Hmm... A little too slutty. Unless that's what you’re going for, of course!"

Heather laughed and threw the top on the bed with the others. "Well maybe it is! I haven’t gotten any action in a while..." Both girls laughed and picked up another outfit to critique. Standing in Heather's bedroom in their bras and jeans, the girls were repeating a ritual they had performed hundreds of times before, nearly every time the pair went out to something important.

"Well if you'
Party sexre looking for action, it shouldn't be too hard to find some with this crowd," Kelsey said. "The senior boys are just as horny and even harder to say no to than the guys our age."

Heather smiled. "Well then I guess we’ll just have to see how the night goes, won't we?"

Heather wore the slutty dress. After all, most of the boys at the party would be graduating soon and she wouldn't have to see them at school anymore. She might as well have her fun with them. Heather had fooled around with a few guys before, and had sex with a couple that she was in relationships with. As she had revealed to Ke
Party sexlsey earlier, it had been a while since the last time she had fooled around with a guy. She figured that tonight would be a good opportunity to find a cute guy, let him take her to a dark corner, and make out with him so she could finally burn off some of that sexual energy! And if things went a little further than that... well, as Kelsey said, senior boys are hard to say no to, so she would have to play it by ear.

A guy named Mark happened to be pumping the keg when she walked up for a beer. She had seen Mark around at school before, but had never talked to him. She had heard that he was a little bit of an asshole... but he was cute, so she decided to make conversation while he filled her cup. One thing led to another, and after some conversati
Party sexon and one or two more beers, the pair became overtly flirtatious with each other.

"Why don't we head upstairs, Heather?" Mark suggested as he placed his hand at the small of her back and gently guided her to the stairwell. Heather knew exactly what he was trying to do, and decided that it was exactly what she wanted right now. She was buzzed enough to lose her inhibitions but not too drunk to do something she would regret. As they reached the top of the stairs, Heather took initiative and grabbed Mark by the shirt collar, pulling him in for a deep kiss. She slid her tongue between his lips and into his mouth, finding his. She instinctively moaned, relishing the feeling of having a cute guy's mouth planted on hers. It had been too long.

The couple opened the nearest bedroom door and rushed in, leaving the door open halfway and the lights off. As the pair made out, Mark worked her s
Party sexhirt off of her and threw it on the bed. She looked good in her jeans and bra. As Heather planted a sensual kiss on Mark's neck, he gently pushed her shoulder toward the ground. He wanted her to blow him - she realized - already. They had only been making out for a couple of minutes, but Mark knew what he wanted and Heather figured it could be fun to indulge him. She rubbed her palm against his crotch as she knelt to the carpet and felt his hardness through the fabric of his pants. She began to breathe a little harder, having not been in this position for quite a while. She hungrily looked into Mark's eyes from her position on the floor as she unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to his ankles. His hard cock sprung free and stared her straight in the face. Party sex

She gently wrapped one hand around the base of it and allowed her tongue to drag the underside, base to tip. As her tongue reached the tip, she locked eyes with Mark and swirled her tongue around his cockhead. He groaned with approval and rested his hand on her head, stroking her hair. Heather was happy that Mark was enjoying the blowjob. She had forgotten how much pleasure she got out of making guys feel good, and she was getting hornier the more she pleasured Mark with her mouth.

She took his hard member int
Party sexo her mouth and gave it some suction, then released it. Mark massaged her shoulder in response. She took a little bit more into her mouth each time she went down on him. She got into a rhythm, letting Mark's hard cock slide into her mouth and down her throat a bit before pulling it back out.

While she was taking a break from this r
Party sexhythm, holding the dick in one hand and licking around the head, the bedroom door opened. A guy who looked to be about Heather's age walked in the room and closed the door again. Heather pulled her mouth off of Mark and reared back in shock, expecting Mark to yell at the boy. Instead, Mark lazily recognized that there was another person in the room before resting his hand on the back of Heather's head and guiding her soft mouth back to his hard cock. He wanted her to keep going! Heather figured it didn't make much of a difference, and she was a little drunk anyway, so she decided to do what Mark wanted and continued to pleasure him. She kept up her efforts on Mark, but kept an eye on the stranger in the room, too. After a bit, she noticed that he had one palm rubbing the bulge in his pants. It was quite a large bulge! It was obvious that the stranger was getting extremely turned on by watching Heather w Party sexork over Mark's dick. At first it weirded her out, but she soon realized that her efforts had intensified as she was subconsciously trying to put on a good show for the stranger.

She continued to deep throat Mark, letting the tip of his cock tickle her tonsils. Mark had both his hands on her shoulders, enjoying the attention. Heather was getting especially horny as she put on a show for the stranger. She decided to let one hand drop to her waist and unbutton her jeans, allowing one or two fingers access to her pussy. She reached one finger down her crotch and allowed it to graze her pussy lips. She moaned around Mark's cock as she had her first sexual contact of the night. She was so worked up that her own touch almost set off an orgasm right then. As she rubbed herself, she turned an eye toward the stranger, who was extracting his penis from the
Party sex fly of his jeans. If a cock had not been in her mouth, she would have gasped at the size of the strange boy's hard member. It was certainly larger than any dick she had ever seen. The stranger began to let his hand graze up and down his shaft as he watched the young girl rub her tongue on the other dick in the room.

Mark’s hips began to slowly hump in and out, thrusting his dick in and out of Heather's hot mouth. Heather could tell that he was getting very close to an orgasm, so she doubled her efforts. She rubbed her tongue and lips over the sensitive tip of Mark's cock as he groaned and let loose a thick rope of his hot semen. His cum filled her mouth as she continued to pleasure him, rope after rope of it bouncing off of the walls of her mouth. She swallowed everything that she could in a large gulp. Mark's cock stopped pulsing after a bit, and Heather released his softening member from her warm mouth with a pop. She opened her mouth and showed him that she had swallowed everything tha
Party sext he had given her, just as the girls in the porn movies she had watched did. Mark stroked the side of her head in appreciation, then lifted his pants and zipped them back up.

Heather sat on her heels on the floor, the taste of Mark's cum dominating her mouth as the other boy in the room began to advance toward her. She assumed he was another senior, but had never seen him before. His large cock stuck out straight in front of him, and he let his hand fall to the back of her head, pulling it towards him and guiding it to his dick. Heather gasped at his forwardness, assuming that she would want to suck his cock... but the closer her mouth got to him, the more she desired to taste her second boy of the night. She was quite good at giving blowjobs, she determined - it would be a shame to not use her talents on such an interested - and large - cock. She extended her tongue and wrapped it around the boy's pulsing meat.
Party sex

"Good girl," he whispered as Mark acknowledged the other boy with a head nod on his way out the door. Apparently Mark was ready to get back to the party and the beer. No matter. Heather had something else to occupy herself with.

Mark closed the door on his way out and Heather focused all of her attention on pleasuring Guy #2. She was warmed up from sucking Mark, so she was able to immediately start deep throating the new guy. The new cock was longer and thicker than Mark's but she was still able to get most of it down her throat, although she couldn’t breathe when it was all the way in. She made sure to give him plenty of suction when he withdrew to the point that only his head was in her mouth. She wanted to give the best blowjob possible.
Party sex

After a few minutes, the door opened again. Heather looked up but continued to work her mouth over the sexy stranger, who was rubbing his hand through her hair as she spread her saliva over his dick. Mark walked in with a couple of beers and shut the door again. Back for more, Heather figured. She wasn't exactly sure what Mark was after. If he was back to fuck her, she wasn’t sure if she would go that far or not. She would have to see how the situation played out.

Mark watched her blow the other guy for a few moments, admiring the talents she had recently used on him. Then he kneeled behind her and planted kisses on her neck as she sucked the cock in front of her. She moaned onto it. Mark unclasped her bra and let it fall in front of her, then allowed his hands to gently rub her breasts and nipples. Heather was beginning to get very horny, having a dick in her mouth and a second guy massagi
Party sexng her tits. From behind her, Mark unbuttoned her jeans and began to slide them down toward her knees. Heather played along and let him take them completely off of her. Mark smiled when he realized that the girl wasn’t wearing any panties.

The guy in front of her was now holding her head steady and gently thrusting his large cock in and out of her, fucking her mouth. Mark watched this as he kissed her naked back, then positioned his head under her ass and surprised Heather by plunging his tongue into her pussy. Heather moaned around the cock as she was eaten out. Fuck it, she thought, Mark can do whatever he wants to me. She raised her ass off of her heels to give his mouth bett
Party sexer access to her dripping pussy. She was getting so horny.

Mark stopped his assault on her pussy for a moment to get his jeans off as fast as he could. Eating Heather out had gotten him hard again, and so far she was game to everything he had tried with her. He really wanted to fuck her now. He decided he would just go ahead and stick it in, and see how she reacted to it.

Heather wasn't sure what Mark was up to, but she had noticed that his tongue was no longer in her pussy. If her mouth wasn’t so busy right now, she would turn around to look. Instead, she glanced up toward the sexy stranger’s eyes and rolled her tongue around his helmet before engulfing his meat back into her hot mouth.
Party sex
Heather’s ass was still lifted off of the ground as she sucked on the guy in front of her so, Mark was able to lean forward and adjust his hips to get his cock tip pointed toward her wet slit. Heather's heart skipped a beat as she felt the crown of his cock press against her. Although she had not made the conscious decision to let him fuck her, she decided not to resist. A part of her wanted this very badly, although she knew a part of her would definitely question it if she was any more sober. Mark very slowly let the tip slip into her, as if she wouldn't realize what was going on if he did it slowly enough. He grabbed her hips and let it slip in a bit further, then a little further, until he was entirely sheathed within her. Heather's lower body shivered as she relished the feeling of the cock within her. It had been so long since she had felt the pulsing of a guy's manhood in her pussy. She pressed her ass back toward his crotch, craving ever Party sexy inch of him inside her at this moment. Awesome, Mark thought. This girl wants it so bad.

He began to pump his hips as he started to fuck her. This was great, he thought. She was so tight. Her pussy walls gripped him as he withdrew his length from her, her lips clinging to him as let his cock slide from her slit. Then he would push back into her, pushing hard to bury himself to the hilt. He watched his cock continue to disappear and reappear as he fucked her. He had never double-teamed a girl before. When he had met Heather earlier in the evening, he would have never imagined that she would have a cock stuffed deep in her throat and her pussy later that night. Most girls wouldn’t let things get that far, although he had long suspected that all girls wanted it. He was happy that he had found the right girl for the night.
Party sex

Heather had the stranger’s cock deep in her mouth when the bedroom door opened and two of Mark's buddies walked in with their beers, then shut the door behind them. She would have said something, but what could she say? She had two cocks deep inside her at the moment and was in no position to stop a couple of guys from watching. If she was really honest with herself, she would have admitted that she enjoyed putting on the show. She really liked to make guys horny... and right now four guys were captivated by her, all of their attention on her alone.

The stranger pulled his cock from her mouth as Mark continued to fuck her like a jackhammer. He grabbed Heather's face in his hand a little harder than he had to as he finished himself off with the other. He aimed his large c
Party sexock at her left cheek as he allowed himself to orgasm. She felt his pearly cum splash on her cheek and forehead as the boy came on her. He continued to jack off until his cock stopped pulsing and he was spent. He wiped the cum that had hit his hand back onto his cock, then rubbed the tip around on her face as he spread his cream into her skin. He stuck his monster back into her waiting mouth once more to let her clean him with her eager tongue, then withdrew. Heather gathered the cum that he had given her onto her tongue, then swallowed it all in one gulp. Mark continued to fuck her as the stranger smiled at her, zipped up his pants and exited the room. Heather wiped the excess cum off her face and wiped it off on her chest. It felt kind of good to be used like that, and the warmth of the cum hitting her face was exciting, but she hadn't planned on getting all sticky tonight.

Heather closed her eyes as she 
Party sexfocused on the pleasure Mark was giving her, an orgasm beginning to finally build in her loins. Her mouth was hanging slightly open as she began to cum. To her surprise, she felt something forcefully enter her mouth as her orgasm overtook her body. Her pussy clenched and released her juices around Mark's pumping dick as his friend, Kevin, shoved his cock into her mouth. She let him slide his dick in to the hilt as it filled her throat and her orgasm overtook her entire body. He waited until she began to gag from lack of air before he pulled his member from her mouth, letting her thick saliva run onto her chin. Heather gasped for breath as Mark grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head upward as he fucked her doggy style. Heather began to realize that Mark had told his friends that she was up here. He probably just told them that some slut was giving free blowjobs. The part of her that valued her reputation wanted to stop all of this, but in another way it felt good being used like this for the guys' pleasure. She felt like  Party sexsuch a slut. Although she knew at the moment that she might regret this later, it was exactly what she craved at the moment. She wanted to give the boys what they came for.

Heather realized that Mark’s other friend, John, was near her side as she took Kevin’s hard cock back into her mouth. John was completely nude, stroking his length as he took in all that was going on in front of him. He reached to grab her hand, then guided her palm to his long dick. She instinctively wrapped her hand around it, but had a hard time focusing enough to give him a proper hand job, as she would have preferred. But she did her best. She tried to give pleasure to all three of the boys who sought it from her.
Party sex
Mark was jackhammering his meat in and out of her at a remarkable pace. From his pace and the sound of his ragged breaths, she concluded that he was nearing his second orgasm of the night. He slid in and out of her slick pussy before considerately pulling out as he came. He slid his wet dick back and forth across her ass as he shot his load onto her back. She felt a spurt hit between her shoulder blades, then onto the small of her back, then the last few strings collected into a puddle just above her ass. Heather released Kevin's dick from her mouth and began to suck on John, rolling her tongue around his stiffness, giving it the same pleasurable treatment she had given the three previous guys that evening. John enjoyed it just as much as the others had. He moaned as she allowed him to insert himself deep within her mouth, past her tonsils and into her tight throat. This girl was a cocksucking pro, he thought.

Mark move
Party sexd from behind her to allow Kevin the room to mount the girl. Heather barely noticed as Kevin's already wet dick pushed in past her pussy lips and filled the void inside her. Kevin moaned as he completely sheathed himself into Heather. He had never fucked a girl before, but a hot junior was on her knees in front of him with her pussy spread so he decided to go for it. He was a fast learner. He pumped his meat in and out of her, enjoying her body that she had offered to him, until he felt the cum surging in his balls. He continued to pump, in and out, faster and faster, Heather feeling his length slide in and out of her, until his balls finally released that torrent that had been rising in them. He thrust deep into her as his cum shot deep into her belly, Heather feeling the warmth spread upwards into her womb. She gasped as she felt a guy orgasm inside her for the first time. The feeling of his hot cum shooting into her depths as she imagined his body being overtaken by extraordinary pleasure made her shudder. If she hadn't h Party sexave just cum a few moments ago, she certainly would have been convulsing around his dick as he came into her. Instead, she only got hornier and craved more stimulation. Kevin pulled out of her pussy and stood to trade places with John, who was only too happy to have a go at the girl's twat.

Kevin presented his dick back to Heather. It was shiny from her fluids and had a dab of his cum still on the tip. What the hell, she decided. She had never tasted her juices before, and combined with the taste of Kevin's semen it was heavenly. She bobbed up and down on Kevin a few more times to get him nice and clean. Kevin was very appreciative, and held up a beer to Heather's mouth after she released his member. She smiled at him and gulped most of it down as John continued to hammer away at her from behind. She was still on her hands and knees as Kevin poured the last of the beer into her mouth. She was feeling sort of drunk now.
Party sex

As Heather swallowed the last of the beer, she turned to get a look at John. She loved the scrunched-up look on a cute guy's face when he was overcome with pleasure as he fucked her from behind. When she turned, she got a surprise. Oh my god!, she thought. There were three guys lined up behind her, waiting for the opportunity to slide their dicks into her tight twat! She had heard the door open a minute ago but was too focused with the tasks at hand to pay much attention. At least the guys were all good looking, and by the looks of things, had sizeable bulges in their pants as they anticipated the pleasure that her body would soon be giving her.
Party sex

Heather interrupted John for a moment as she hopped up onto the bed near her. All this while she had been on her knees on the floor. She was getting a bit sore, so she decided to get on her back on the bed. This way, she could watch the guys as they slid their dicks in and out of her. As Heather settled onto the foot of the bed, John quickly adjusted, grabbing her hips and sliding his cock back into her warm velvet hole.
Party sex
Heather enjoyed watching John's hard cock pump in and out of her wet hole. She watched his face as he fucked her. It looked like he was getting close. As he pulled out of her to spray his seed onto her, the door opened once again. Heather's childhood friend, James, walked into the room just in time to watch John shoot his pearly cum all over Heather’s belly.

James and Heather had been close as kids. They grew up next door to each other and still hung out frequently. J
Party sexames smiled at Heather as he watched her on the bed. Downstairs, he had heard that she was giving it to a bunch of guys in this room and he had to see for himself. He had always lusted after Heather, but she had never seemed interested in him in the same way. As Heather lay on the bed, the next guy in line positioning his manhood at her swollen hole, she seemed open to indulging James in his fantasy.

She motioned for him to come to her at the foot of the bed. She reached and unbuckled his belt. As her fingers worked to get his pants off of him, he began to harden. For years he had wanted to fuck her... hell, to see her naked... but he hadn't even gotten close. Now, he was watching his nude friend get fucked by some guy neither of them knew, and she was working to get his hardening member free from his pants. She succeeded, and grasped his cock in her soft hand as his pants fell to the floor around his ankles. She lightly stroked his length, happy to hold her friend's dick after all this time. But she was ready for more. She rolled her tongue a
Party sexround the tip of James' cock as he stood at her side, spreading her saliva around his head. He let his hand caress her exposed breast as he moaned, enjoying the warmth of his childhood friend's mouth around his cock. She sucked him in deeper as he massaged her chest. James noticed that the next guy was now fucking her, grabbing her hips to steady himself. He heard the three guys talking between each other, planning on holding off on their orgasms until they could all cum on Heather at the same time, covering her with their semen. James wasn’t sure if Heather heard what they were planning or not, but judging from the cum he could see covering her right now, he figured she wouldn’t care. She continued to suck him until he noticed that the last guy had withdrawn from her pussy.
Party sex
James pulled out of Heather's mouth and she smiled at him, knowing that it was his turn to slide into her wet hole. "James," she whispered, "Fuck me in my butt. No other guys have been in there yet." James smiled at her in disbelief and she gave his cock another coating of her saliva so he would enter her ass easier. James moved to the end of the bed as Heather flipped over once again to her hands and knees on the bed. He guided his stiff member to her sphincter and gently pressed the head inside. Heather moaned as one of the other guys guided his cock to her lips, and she sucked in willingly into her mouth. James heard her moan around the guy’s cock as he pressed harder and pushed his cock in to the hilt. It felt incredible to be inside her. James began to slowly fuck her, allowing them both to get used to the new sensations. The other guys lightly stroked themselves as Heather pleasured the two men inside her at the time. James Party sex was quickly coming to the point of no return. He sluiced his cock in and out of Heather’s anus, speeding up, and continued to pump into her as his orgasm overtook him. Heather felt jets of her friend’s hot semen shooting deep within her. Spurt after spurt, James unloaded years worth of lust into Heather's waiting bowels. Heather began to cum as she felt his warmth travel deep within her. James pulled out of her, spent.

The other three guys in the room had still not yet cum. They had been waiting to cum onto the slut in front of them, and now was their time. With a nod, the one guy told the others that they should get ready. They stepped up to Heather as she plopped onto her back on the bed, spent, and slid their hands up and down their cocks, slick from her juices and her spit, until they reached the point of no return. First one, then the others, quickly finished themselves off and shot their load onto the waiting girl. Three loads of cum landed on the naked girl, from
Party sex her hips to her face. Heather turned her face toward the door as the spurts of hot boy semen hit her naked flesh in time to watch Kelsey enter the bedroom. Kelsey watched the last spurts of white cum hit her friend, the boys drenching her in their seed.

After they had cum, the guys wiped the last drops of semen off of their cocks onto some part of Heather's body. Kelsey stepped up, "Okay, boys, I think she's had enough. The party’s over downstairs, so you should get your clothes and leave." She looked at James, who she had also known for most of her life. He was naked, and she took some time to admire him, and notice his sweaty chest and brow, and his limp but engorged and slick red cock. "Looks like you had a good time..."

James had a slightly guilty look on his face, then realized that Kelsey had a "boys will be boys" smirk on her face. As the other guys left the room, Kelsey said, "Come on, James, help me get her to the shower."

Kelsey and James helped Heather to her feet, who walked with weak knees and sore thighs with her friends to the bathroom. Once insi
Party sexde, Kelsey told James he could go. "I'm going to get Heather cleaned up. We'll talk tomorrow."

Once it was just the two girls, Kelsey locked the door and turned on the shower to let the water warm up. Heather looked at herself in the mirror. She had globs and streaks of the boys' cum all over. Some was on her eye and streaking down her cheek, some on her neck, and much more on her breasts and belly. Kelsey was surprised at what her friend had been up to all night, but also a little jealous. She liked to get fucked, too. Heather had just lived out one of Kelsey's deepest fantasies. She looked at her friend, thinking about all of the boys who had orgasmed because of her.

"God Heather, you look so sexy like that!" Kelsey said admiringly.

"I have so much cum on me...!" Heather remarked. Kelsey couldn't take it any more. Her best friend had just had an incredible, porno-movie level exp
Party sexerience, and Kelsey missed it completely and didn't even get to participate. She had to change that. They were best friends and did everything together, after all. Kelsey put one hand to Heather's cheek and put a tender kiss on her lips. Heather kissed back, and their tongues were soon entwined. Kelsey could taste semen on her friend's tongue, and when they broke the kiss she had some of the boys' seed on her palm, too. Kelsey looked at the cum on her hand, and at her semen-drenched friend, and remarked that it looked like they both needed some cleaning up.

Kelsey disrobed as Heather opened the shower door and stepped in. Kelsey stepped in soon after. The two talked about the experience while Kelsey gently rubbed her hands over every inch of Heather's body, soaping her up and washing all of the boys' cum off oh her. The combination of Kelsey's hands rubbing her soap-slick breasts and stomach and Heather's vivid 
Party sexretelling of the night's events had both girls horny in no time. In an excuse to get Heather completely clean, Kelsey brushed her finger across Heather's pussy lips and dipped her finger into Heather's sensitive hole. Each time she removed her finger, globs of semen were released.

When it looked like she was about empty, Heather said, "My ass, too."

Kelsey looked surprised. "You had it in the ass tonight too?!"

Heather smiled as she said, "James."
Party sex
Kelsey laughed as she slid her finger into Heather's anus, feeling James' seed still flooding it. "Well that explains why he looked so happy." Both girls laughed.

Kelsey dropped to her knees and wiggled her finger around, opening Heather's sphincter a bit to watch globs of James' cum pour out. "James really put quite a load in there," Kelsey said in amazement.

"God, he kept cumming and cumming in me. It felt nice though, his warm cum going so deep in me. I might have to call him up soon for a repeat experience," Heather said, smirking. Kelsey placed her mouth to Heather's tender pussy as she continued to finger her asshole. Heather moaned under the warm stream of water, thinking it was nice to have a feminine touch after all the rough boys had had their way with her.

"Well don’t 
Party sexleave me out this time," Kelsey said in mock concern in between licks. "I saw that cock and I believe I'd like a piece of it."

Heather leaned her head against the shower wall, preparing for her last orgasm of the night. "We'll just have to share it then. James' bed is big enough for three, don’t you think?"

Kelsey's answer was muffled as she felt Heather convulsing around her tongue. She couldn't wait until tomorrow


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