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My Old Boy friend Fucks Me.

Saul woke up, used the bathroom and wrapping his robe around himself went down to his office. He smelled coffee from the kitchen and detoured there for a cup. He then made it to his office, pulled the phone book from a drawer and looked in the yellow pages under fencing. With the promise of a hundred dollar tip, he was told someone would be there within the hour to give an estimate for his Invisa-fence. After calling several kennels that advertised trained guard dogs, he noticed one with a strange note that caught his attention. He dialed the number as he sipped his coffee.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me

“Yes, I saw that you have trained guard dogs that have received special, extra training,” he told the woman that answered. “Could you explain that, please?”

“I’m sorry sir; I can’t do that over the phone. I can make an appointment for you to see Ms Sims, who can explain all facets of our training program if you’d like,” the woman replied.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me
“Fine, my name is Saul Fineberg and I’d like an appointment as soon as possible,” Saul replied exasperated. “How soon can I see Ms Sims?”

“Well Mr. Fineberg, normally she wants to check you out as our prices are high and she doesn’t like to waste her time. However, I recognize your name from the paper the other day, the society pages, so I’ll give you the 1 PM vacancy. I’ll know if you are who I’m thinking of then. If not, you’ll waste your time coming here,” the woman said as she thought of the money this man was supposed to have. “He can definitely afford one of our specially trained dogs, in fact more than one of them,” she thought as she penciled him in and then wondered why he wanted a dog with their special training, or if he had no idea what that training was.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me

Saul had gotten dressed and was back in his home office when the maid told him the fence man was at the door. Saul went to the door and the two men walked away from the house so Saul could point out his property lines as he handed the man his tip for coming so quick. With an estimate of $10,000 Saul asked when it could be done.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me
“We have several other jobs, Mr. Fineberg,” the man said. “It will be a couple weeks before we can get to this job.”

“I want it done by Friday,” Saul said. “Put as many as you need on the crew, but I want it done by noon on Friday. I’ll give you double the estimate, in cash, at noon on Friday if it’s done.” The man grabbed his cell and called the office, telling the receptionist to have everyone come to the office for lunch; the entire crew was coming to do an emergency fence job here, starting this afternoon. Saul thanked the man and went back into the house.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me
“11AM,” he thought, “still two hours to my appointment. I think I’ll take the tape of yesterday with me in case I need it. I’m hoping that special training by Ms Sims is that it learns how to allow a woman to touch his cock, suck his cock, and to fuck her. If it is, she may think I’m working undercover to help the police arrest her.”

At 1230, as Saul headed to his appointment, down in Tijuana Pedro was placing a call.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me
“Hello, Mr. Mayor, its Pedro. I have some news to tell you about that show you’ve been wanting to see.”

“Ah Pedro, why don’t you bring your wife and come to my office? It’s my son’s 16th birthday and I want your beautiful wife to take his cherry and show him how it feels to be a man,” the Mayor responded. “Bring your monthly contribution to my political war chest with you also.” Pedro thought of the half witted son and a shiver ran through him at the thought of either of those two touching his wife. The Mayor had a sadistic streak a mile wide running through him and he had heard the son was a chip off the old block.

“I’m sorry Mr. Mayor, but Mercedes isn’t here and I’m busy. I was wanting an appointment for tomorrow morning to see you and make my donation,” Pedro responded.

“Okay fine, be here at 9AM in the morning. And bring your wife,” the Mayor said and hung up. In his office Mercedes looked at her husband.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me

“Why am I not here?” she asked.

“It’s his son’s 16th birthday and he wanted you as the boys present,” Pedro told her.

“Madre Dios, does he not realize I’m a respectably married woman now? I’m no longer a whore turning tricks for you,” she said and left the office, slamming the door.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me

“You will be Friday night and for as long as I can keep the party going,” he said to himself as he looked at the door. “But you’re right, not for me, you’ll be a whore for Ronnie Levine. With the money we’ll make from these parties, both private and public mule fucking by the 2 Anglo heroines, Mercedes will get over Ronnie Levine owning her ass for that time.”

In San Diego, Saul pulled up to Guard Dog and Specialty training by Ms Sims. He climbed out of his Jaguar as he looked at the glass in the door where there was an outline of a dog sitting and begging before a woman. He entered the office and the young redhead looked up and smiled.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me

“Mr. Fineberg, you are who I thought,” she said. “I’ll see if Ms. Sims can see you now.” Saul looked at the girl sashay in a bright green mini dress that just barely covered her tight ass.

“If she’s 18, I’m 100,” Saul thought. “She looks like a Christmas package in that bright green outfit and her bright red hair.” The girl came back in and sat at her desk; she carefully lifted her leg and crossed her knees, ensuring Saul got a good look at her red panty covered crotch.
My Old Boy friend Fucks Me

“Just go on back sir, only door on the right,” she said as she smiled at Saul and let him know she was available. Saul went to the door and entered the office, closing the door behind him. Ms Sims was probably 35, brunette and about 38-26-36, Saul judged as she stood and came around her desk to greet him.

“Mr. Fineberg, how do you do? I’m Sheila Sims, what can I do for you? Please have a seat,” she said as she withdrew her hand from his and motioned to the couch on the wall. Saul took in the white silk blouse and navy blue mid thigh skirt and nude stockings as he sat.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me
“Ms Sims, I’m Saul Fineberg. I saw in your ad in the yellow pages that you train guard dogs and then specialty train them. May I ask what that training is?” Saul said.

I’m sorry sir, but I need to ask you a few questions first,” Sheila started as she sat in a chair across from him and crossed her legs. Saul got a look at her white panty crotch and noticed she was wearing pantyhose, not stockings.

“Excuse me Ms Sims, but if your training is what I hope it is, let me set your mind at ease,” Saul jumped in. “I’m not working with animal control, vice squad or any other law enforcement agency. This is not a sting, but I am looking for specially trained dogs that are also trained as guard dogs. I’m having an invisi-fence installed for them but only want male dogs.”

“I see, and what specialty training are you looking for?” she asked as she recrossed her legs, giving him another upskirt show.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me

“If it’s a female that trespasses, I want my dogs to fuck her. I want them trained to accept any woman that wants them and allow her to feel of, suck on, masturbate and fuck their cock, understood?” Saul asked. The woman carefully considered that.

“Why are you looking for dogs like that?” she asked.

“You do realize that what I say or show to you is confidential, and breaking that will see me spend whatever it takes to break you?” Saul asked.

“Of course, but you realize, not saying yes or no, that I can’t tell you my dogs are trained to have sex with women?” she responded. Saul had noticed her TV and tape player when he entered, so he stood and went to it. He removed his tape and tried to put it into the machine but another was already there. He picked up the remote, turned the TV on and pushed play for the tape.

It opened on Sheila Sims entering a room with a dog already in it. Saul noticed the dog had mitts on his front paws and that Sims only had a thong on. She removed them and got down on her hands and knees before the dog and wiggled her ass at it. The dog mounted Ms Sims and Saul watched as it pounded the brunette. He then turned back to the woman who smiled at him and uncrossed her legs and spread them.

“Yes Saul, I may call you Saul can’t I? I train my dogs to fuck on command. Without the keyword, he’s just a regular guard dog and performs just those functions. If the keyword is given, he’ll respond to any stimulation his partner wants. He’ll allow her to masturbate him, suck him; he’ll eat her pussy and fuck her. If the keyword is given and nothing is offered by the woman, he will rip her clothes off and rape her,” Ms Sims said. “That is the final part of a training tape for a dog I sold the other day. It’s still there from then, when it was shown to the customer who bought him.” Saul stopped the video, inserted his and turned it on.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me
“That’s my ex with her dog, Bruno. That’s my wife, the blonde,” he said as Mona and Margie came into the office. “The redhead is her daughter from a previous marriage.” They watched the film and when Saul looked over at Sheila Sims, her pantyhose were to her ankles, the crotch of her panty was pulled aside and three fingers pounded her cunt as she watch Mona suck Bruno. On Mona’s declaration of loving and wanting dog cock, Sheila’s cunt exploded.

Saul turned the tape off, ejected it and then turned the TV off and turned to looked at Sheila.

“Now you see why I want some dogs. I love the view of my wife having sex with them and she wants some to have sex with. So, why don’t you remove those pantyhose and your skirt,” he said. “I want the dogs to get a good whiff of you so I can see fully erect cocks before I make my decisions of which ones I want.” Sheila stood, unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor before what he had fully said sank into her mind.

“Ones?” she asked. “You want more than one dog? You do realize they can run from 2000 to 6000 dollars, each?” She sat back down to remove her pantyhose.

“I don’t care about that, my wife said 2 or 3, so I figure on 3 or 4,” Saul said. Sheila hurriedly stripped her pantyhose off , went to her desk and called Doris, who was the young redhead, into her office. The young woman’s eyes widened at seeing the older woman nude, but for her bikini panties, from the waist down.

“Take off your dress and work your cunt into a frothy brew. We need to arouse the dogs for Mr. Fineberg. He wants to see fully extended cocks before he buys 3 or 4,” Sheila told her as she rubbed her own cunt. Doris looked at Saul in amazement and at his nod, quickly pulled her dress over her head and Saul found she didn’t wear a bra, just the fire engine red thong. Her 34B-23-35 body looked just fine and those tits stood proudly, with no support needed.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me

With Sheila leading and Saul in the rear, the 3 entered the kennel area and stopped. Both women rubbed their clit through their silken panties and finally came together in an open mouthed, tongue extended kiss. Both women released their cunt and shoved that hand into the others panty and began finger fucking each other. Saul looked around the kennel and saw 4 Dobermans in one of the cages. The scent of bitch in the air had all 4 cocks extended and aroused. He walked to the cage to check them out.

“Why 4 dogs in one cage?” he asked as looking around the kennel, he noticed they were the only ones that were even doubled up in a cage. Sheila pulled away from Doris’s kiss and looked to where he stood.

“They are brothers; I got them together and have trained them to work as a team together. Release them if you’d like to see them in action,” she replied. Doris and she quickly dropped onto all fours as Saul opened the cage door and the Dobermans headed to the scent of bitch in heat. Both women had their panties down to their knees and the first 2 dogs to arrive quickly mounted. The others milled around and then went to the women’s heads. Both cocks were eagerly sucked in. Saul watched the 2 women service the 4 dogs. He ensured the dogs were satisfied and filled both women with two loads of cum before he returned to Sheila Sims office with her and wrote her a check for $14,000 to buy all 4. The kennel had a truck with cages for picking up dogs that they had bought and promised to deliver the dogs to Saul and Mona’s home before 10AM the next morning.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me
Saul returned home and told Mona of the day’s activities and that the dogs would arrive tomorrow. They could be kept in the garage until the fence was done on Friday, and she could take what she wanted of them to Archibald’s for her show. Mona kissed her husband, told him she was on her way out and left to go get her report on Margie’s previous night’s activities.

The phone rang a few minutes later and Saul left the house for Ronnie’s office to pick up the aphrodisiac powder for Lynda and Mercedes on Friday.

At 3:00 that afternoon the Mayor walked into Pedro’s bordello and up to his office.

“Mr. Mayor, what a pleasure to see you, please sit down,” Pedro said surprised. “What brings you to my humble establishment?”

“You piqued my interest with your comment about the show I’ve been wanting to see. Do you mean the arrogant Americano whore superheroines? Is it the one who fucked and sucked your mules before the crowd, or the other that fucked mules and sucked fine upstanding Mexican cock in a private showing?” he asked. “Wait, call Mercedes in here first. She can take care of my reactions to your tale.” Pedro knew he meant Mercedes could suck his cock as they talked.

“I’m sorry, as I told you this morning, she’s not here today,” Pedro lied. “Both the filthy Americano whore superheroines will be here this Friday night for a private party for a rich Anglo. I will try to get the client to allow you to be present for the action.”

“Why does he lie to me?” the Mayor wondered. “I saw his wife downstairs.” To Pedro he smiled, “Thank you my friend. I hope the client allows me to attend and watch them fuck your mules.” The Mayor stood, shook Pedro’s hand, and reminded him of his appointment at 9 the next morning with his wife and monthly “contribution” and left.

At 6:00 that evening, as Margie prepared for her “date” with Sergio, and Pedro’s 6PM donkey show was starting, 20 Tijuana police raided his bordello. Pedro was cuffed and put into a car and taken to the city jail, booked and then locked up. As the Captain in charge of the raid explained to his wife that the place was closed until further notice, the phone rang. Mercedes answered and heard the Mayor’s voice.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me
“Mercedes my dear, I’m sorry about this, but your husband left me no choice with his lying. If you want to get him out of jail, keep his appointment and be in my office at 9AM, understand?” he asked.

“Si Senor Mayor,” Mercedes replied. “I will be there at 9 tomorrow.” To herself she thought, “you will make me fuck your son and probably you also, to get Pedro out of jail and then make him give you 2 or 3 times your normal bribe.“

“Good, I’ll see you then. Dress sexy,” the Mayor said and hung up. Mercedes hung up as she thought that it didn’t matter. Respectably married or not, the Mayor would force her to be a prostitute and use her body to get her husband out of jail.

As Mercedes considered what to wear for the appointment, Margie was on her way to her date with Sergio, to give him the contract for the machinery and pay the finder fee for getting George a sale that would keep him out of town the next two weekends. She was to meet him in the Clarion’s bar.

Right on time, Margie walked in. Every man in the place instantly got a hard on as they looked at the “Grade A Prime” piece of ass that entered the bar.

Margie entered in a yellow; absolutely form fitting, cleavage exposing, ass cheek cupping, and mid-thigh length dress that showcased her 43-25-38 figure. She loved the perfectly matching yellow garter-belt, bikini panties, soft bra and four inch heels that that went with it and the way the outfit made her look. She decided to wear her golden power belt and it again matched the outfit perfectly. In other words, she was wearing the same outfit she had worn the night she met Sergio for the first time at dinner with George. She walked to Sergio, who was seated at the bar. He stood as she approached and as she went to give him a kiss on the cheek, he moved, opened his mouth and forced his tongue into hers. As their tongues dueled, Margie felt the back of her dress rise as Sergio raised it and showed her yellow nylon covered ass to the bar. Margie allowed him to tease the bar for a minute before she wiggled her ass around and then broke the embrace and kiss.

“That wasn’t very nice of you, teasing all the men here in the bar,” she chided him with a smile on her face. She had seen the way all the men had ogled her and secretly been thrilled when he had put her on display like that. She wanted to tease them herself, but couldn’t do it like he had; she wanted to appear to be a lady at least, no matter how big a slutty whore she seemed to be becoming. “You’re the only one getting what you were showing them tonight.”

“Yes, but you enjoyed teasing them. Otherwise you would not have wiggled your ass at them, or allowed your dress to stay up so long,” Sergio replied as he offered her his arm. Margie smiled at him as she took his elbow and they left the bar to cross the lobby to the restaurant.

Back in the bar, a pair of brothers named Mario and Luigi Marino had watched and overheard the exchange. They then watched Margie’s ass undulate back and forth as Sergio and she left the bar. The brothers had been fired from their job that afternoon in the latest of a string of jobs firings. Mario had knocked a foreman on his ass and when other workers went to subdue him; Luigi went to his brother’s assistance. Several years earlier they had been employed by George’s company and recognized the redhead whose panty covered ass they had seen.
My Old Boy friend Fucks Me

“Hey man, that’s George what’s his name’s wife, ain’t it?” Luigi asked his brother. “The one from that company picnic a few years back.”

“Yeah it is,” Mario replied as he watched the couple leave the bar and walk into the restaurant. “But that ain’t George.”

“You’re right bro, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve wanted that ass since I first saw it,” Luigi said. “Apparently she like to get a little on the side. You heard her, that old fool is nailing that ass tonight. I’ve got a plan that allows us to nail it also. When they leave the restaurant and head for the elevators, we get there and follow them in. We follow them to their room, force them into it and have that bitch. She and her boyfriend won’t say nothing because she’s married and fucking around. We’ll act as if we think she’s a hooker on a date with her john, and have no idea who she really is.”

“I’m in on that bro. I definitely want to tap that ass.”Mario said.

Margie and Sergio were led to his reserved table in a back, dimly lit corner. Sergio ordered a bottle of wine and they looked over the menus.

“George will be excited at the sale, but disappointed by not getting home this weekend and next,” Sergio said. “Why is it that you don’t want him home, Margie?”

“Mother has asked me to accompany her to Mexico this weekend for some sightseeing. We’re leaving Friday night and I don’t know when we’ll be back, so I figured that to avoid a scene, I’d ask you to keep him on the road,” she said. It wasn’t a lie, they would be sightseeing. It was just large mule and donkey cocks they’d be seeing, along with any other cocks and anything else the client wanted them to see. “The next weekend on the road wasn’t really necessary. I thought that after spending the weekend checking the installation of the machinery, he’d train people on them on Monday and Tuesday or however long it took.”

“No, I’ll call him tomorrow and tell him the sale went through and he needs to be in Cedar Rapids this weekend. I’ll tell him he needs to make his normal sales calls during the next week and return the next weekend for the training,” Sergio explained. “By the way, I understand last night was a total success, the customer called me last night and said next time you need George away for a weekend or two let him know and he’ll buy more machinery, even if he has to warehouse it.” Margie laughed as she pulled the contracts from her purse and handed them to Sergio, who put them in his inside jacket pocket. The waiter arrived and poured the wine took their order for dinner and left.

“Well why don’t you slide under the table and give me a sample of what I’m getting later, upstairs.” Sergio said. After a quick look around Margie slipped off her seat to her knees on the floor under the table and crawled to him. A glance at the table cloths length and she realized no one could see what was going on here, especially in the dim lighting. She had long ago, after that first meeting with Sergio, decided to do what was necessary to help her husband be successful and make them a lot of money. If this is what it took, then this is what she’d do. She unzipped Sergio’s pants and fished his cock out. Holding it in her hand she licked it from base to knob and then ran her tongue around the head a few times and then repeated the action again. She then opened wide and took the cock into her mouth and sucked. He tongue continued to work the shaft over as she sucked and felt it harden and increase in size.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me
She thought she had been aroused by Sergio displaying her ass to all the men in the bar and a hand to the crotch of her panty showed that she had been. Although not soaked, her crotch was damp, and as Sergio’s rod made first contact with her oral clit and rubbed it as the head passed into her throat; she knew they wouldn’t stay just damp for long. She pulled back and jammed her mouth down around the shaft and his cock invaded several inches into her throat and she began 2 inch strokes, up and down, that kept the clit and cock in constant contact. She quickly felt an orgasm racing up from her depths at this rubbing and mentally shrugging her shoulders, she began a matching rubbing with her hand on her vaginal clit, through her panties.

Margie came for the first time a minute later from the dual clit stimulation and began to attack Sergio’s cock more aggressively. She was lost, in slut mode from her own orgasm; his cum in her belly would bring out the total slut in her psyche and seal her fate. She was in the midst of a second orgasm, three fingers jammed into her cunt when she felt Sergio’s cock throb and begin to swell. She quickly deep throated him as she figured the less cum in her mouth, the less chance for a mess. Sergio released blast after blast of hot, thick, creamy cock juice through her throat and straight in to her stomach. Suddenly he grabbed her head.

“No that’s fine son,” Sergio said. The waiter must be here, Margie thought. “The lady had to go to the restroom. I think her husband called and she needed some privacy.” Margie missed the look of admiration the waiter gave Sergio.

“Damn,” he thought, “she’s married, just not to this guy.” The waiter nodded in respect to Sergio and left. A moment later he looked back to see that the woman, licking her lips, had returned. She started to fix her lipstick and he suddenly realized she had been there the whole time, under the table. From the lip licking and lipstick applying the kid realized she had sucked her date off and swallowed his load. His cock erupted in his pants as he thought of that bodacious bodied, beautiful face in his crotch.

Margie felt the cum in her belly working her metabolism as she ate her dinner. Thirty minutes later, after Sergio had settled the bill, he had to help her from the restaurant, excusing her staggering by saying she’s had too much to drink. “He’s right,” she thought,” but it’s too much cum, not wine, that has me lightheaded.”

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me

As the couple exited the restaurant, the brothers left the bar and everyone arrived at the elevator simoultaneously. Sergio and Margie entered the elevator with the brothers following.

“What floor, sir” Luigi asked with his finger over the buttons.

“Four” Sergio replied and smiled at the two men as he thought how he could tease them. He had noticed them in the bar earlier as fellow Italians and thought he’d give them a treat. The doors to the elevator closed and as it started to rise, Sergio turned to the cum drunk Margie, who was resting her head on his shoulder. “I bet these men would like to see your panties again, like in the bar.”

Margie managed to raise her head and look at the two men. She smiled, and reached down to the hem of her dress. “TA DA!” she said as she whipped her skirt up, revealing not only the panties but garter belt also. Margie stood there, exposed to strangers, and cursed herself. If it wasn’t for her three clits and intolerance to male cum anywhere in her body, she wouldn’t be doing this. But in her state of total slut, she’d do anything any man asked, even going to her knees and sucking any of these three off right here and now.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me
The elevator stopped and Sergio helped her straighten her dress and the two left the elevator as the other men held the doors open for them. They made it to the door to 422 and as Sergio slid the card in to unlock the door, Margie saw the men from the elevator, the men she had flashed, coming up to them. Suddenly, as the door swung open, both men grabbed her and shoved her into the room, shoving Sergio in behind her.

What’s the meaning of this?” Sergio demanded.

“We figured you paid this hooker a pretty price to come here and service you. I hope you paid enough, because my friend and I have decided we’re going to have her also,” one of the men said. It sank through Margie’s head what he has said and she began to get off the floor from where she had landed from the push.

“You wait just a minute,” she managed to say before the man in the red shirt, Mario, slapped her face and spun her head aside from the impact.

”Nobody asked you anything yet, bitch” he spat. Margie continued to try to stand but a roundhouse right spun her on her knees and put her on the floor. She attempted to get her hands under her to stand, when Luigi grabbed her under her arms, jerked her erect and turned her to face Mario, who had a fistful of Sergio’s suit and lifted him up onto his tiptoes.

“I want you to sit in the chair, don’t move and keep your mouth shut, “Mario told him. “My friend and I are going to use your hooker, and then you can have sloppy seconds, if you want.” He shoved Sergio at the chair in the corner and stumbling, Sergio sat, looking defeated. “Now bitch, let’s see those bodacious Tata’s.”
My Old Boy friend Fucks Me

Mario grabbed her neckline and jerked down, but instead of exposing her breasts, the straps of her dress broke and he jerked it to her waist. He grabbed the yellow bra and jerked up, finally exposing Margie’s 43 inch babies.

“Sweet Jesus Joseph and Mary!” he exclaimed, and stood there slack jawed, staring at them. Margie, seeing her chance, raised her foot to bring her stiletto heel down on the man holding her. Mario, seeing it, lessened the impact by burying his fist into her stomach. The air rushed from her as she bent forward and Luigi released her as he hopped away on one foot. Mario’s knee rose to meet her descending face and straitened her back up. An uppercut raised her to tippy toes and Luigi managed to put his foot back down.

“You fucking bitch,” he said as he spun Margie around to face him. Mario took advantage of her being turned and delivered a punch to her kidneys and then Luigi spun her back around with a roundhouse. Margie swayed on her feet as pain rushed through her body, despite her power belt.

“My damn cum affliction,” she thought as she fought to stay upright. “If I hadn’t given Sergio that blowjob and swallowed, I could take these two. Damn, am I wet because of Sergio, or these lowlifes hitting me?” she wondered. “I can feel I’m soaking wet down there. Can I really be turned on by getting a beating?” Finally she lost the fight, with her wooziness from the beating and cum induced drunk, and went to her knees then forward onto her hands. Her head hung as she fought to stay conscious. Luigi stepped between her legs and kicked her in her crotch and everyone heard the squish, as the soaked crotch of her panties was pushed in between her cuntal lips.
My Old Boy friend Fucks Me

“Try to stomp on me will you bitch?” Luigi said as he kicked her knees further apart. Margie heard his knees hit the floor between her legs and then she heard zippers and looked up to see Mario dropping his pants. He knelt, grabbed a handful of red hair and pulled her face to his rigid cock.

“You know what to do, bitch” he said. “Suck my cock you fucking whore.” Margie, having no choice in her condition, obediently opened her mouth and Mario thrust forward, slamming his cock into the back of her throat. Luigi, his pants around his knees, pulled her skirt up and threw it over her back. Then prying the soaking wet crotch of the again exposed bikini panty with his left hand, he pulled it aside and guided his cock into her cunt with his right. Once the head was in her, both hands went to her waist and he pulled her forcefully back as he thrust forward, burying his cock to his balls in one thrust.

Mario sank to his knees and the men began a game of tug of war. Mario would pull her head forward, burying his cock in her throat and then Luigi would pull her hips back, forcing her to take all his cock up her cunt. The double clitoral stimulation, following the beating, sent Margie into heaven and within minutes she was thrusting back onto Luigi’s shaft and then jerking forward, taking Mario’s. All pain from the beating washed from her body as she climbed the mountain of orgasmic bliss.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me
“Mister, you got a real fine hooker here,” Mario gasped.

“Hell, maybe it’s his wife. Sometimes fine young cunts like this, marry older men for their money,” Luigi said as he looked at Sergio. “We may be doing her a favor and giving her what hubby can’t. That’s way this bitch is grinding on my cock, I don’t think she’s had any in awhile,” Luigi grunted as he felt his nuts tighten. Margie was in orgasmic heaven, even as she hated herself for it. Her body was betraying her again and with the large tools working in and out of both ends, she was in almost continual orgasm.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna…gonna…gonna CUM!!!” Mario shouted as rope after rope of his baby making batter was wasted as it shot down her throat.

“OH FUCK, ME TOO!!!” Luigi exclaimed as he fired off his cock juice, deep into Margie’s cunt. Sergio had watched Margie’s rape and become overwhelmed with lust. His cock was rigid under his pants and he knew it didn’t matter; he was going to have Margie if it was sloppy seconds or worse. The voyeur in him enjoyed watching this fine bodied bitch fuck, and these two men were fueling that fetish. He couldn’t have planned this better if he had hired the men to rape her. But, at the same time, his Italian manhood was ashamed of the fact that he hadn’t protected her. The best he could do was give a very accurate description of them to the police.

My Old Boy friend Fucks Me

Sergio studied the two men, trying to burn their faces into his memory, and then his mind erased them. This couldn’t be reported, how could they explain to anyone why the two were in a hotel room together for this to happen? How could they explain it to George?

“Hey old man,” Luigi called, breaking Sergio out of his thoughts. “You want some of this ass?” Sergio looked at him as he tried to return to the present from his wanderings about how to explain this to anyone. “Go take care of your John, bitch!” he said and planted his foot in Margie’s crotch again.

Margie quickly scurried across the floor on her hands and knees, anxious to get to fresh, ready to go, cock. She unfastened his belt and then popped his pants button in her haste to get his pants down. She grabbed his swollen tool and eagerly engulfed it in her warm mouth. Sergio groaned and began to thrust into her, fucking her face.

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“Damn, I gotta have that again,” Luigi said as he grabbed his erect cock. He went across to the eagerly sucking, head bobbing bitch, knelt and shoved his cock back in to her cunt. He began to pound into the helpless woman and Sergio sped up his thrusts and became more violent in fucking her face, gagging her on his forward thrust down her throat. Again, the double clit rubbing had Margie violently thrusting her hips back, grinding on the cock buried in her as she spasmed in almost continuous orgasm.

“Hey, get on the bed and have the bitch mount you,” Mario said as he tapped his brother on the shoulder. Luigi withdrew from the warmth of Margie’s cunt and went to the bed and lay on it as Mario grabbed Margie and pulled her off Sergio’s cock. The orgasm-cum induced drunk woman staggered under Mario’s control to the bed but hurriedly crawled to Luigi. Positioning herself, she pulled her panty crotch aside and slammed down on his cock. She began to ride him, but Mario pushed her forward over his brother and Luigi pulled her down to him.

“Go fuck her face, old man” Mario told Sergio, who hurriedly crossed to the bed, climbed onto it and offered his cock to his employee’s wife. Margie leaned to the side and eagerly sucked him in. Sergio grabbed her head to hold her still and began thrusting into her oral cavity and down her throat.

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With everything in place, Mario now climbed on the bed and positioning himself between Luigi and Margie’s legs, pulled the panties aside and rubbed his cock over the rosebud opening to her anal passage.

“I want some of this ass,” he said as he began to push the head of his cock against the closed opening. Slowly it opened to the pressure and Margie gasped around her mouthful of cock as the head penetrated her and screamed as Mario savagely rammed his entire cock up her ass. He began a rapid rhythm, fucking in and out.

“Yeah man, fuck that ass,” Luigi said as he felt his brother’s cock slide over his own through the membrane separating the two passages. Sergio, at the sight of the triple impaled woman, sped up his thrusts as he fucked her face harder.

Margie, all three of her clits being rubbed simultaneously, lost it and went into continual orgasm as she assisted all three cocks with plundering her body. Her hips went up, down, and rotated on the two cocks there as she broke free from Sergio’s grasp and assisted him in full penetration of her throat and had his balls resting on her chin and her nose buried in his pubic hair as she took every inch of his cock and deep throated him. Through her foggy mind she felt all three of her invaders swelling and throbbing about to give her the cum she was attempting to drain from them. She made a final thrust back taking both cocks to the balls in her lower orifices and Sergio again to the balls. All three responded by giving her what she was craving, and rope after rope of sperm was injected into each of the openings.
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“OH FUCK!” all three of the men gasped as they felt their victim working her vaginal, anal, and throat muscles to milk their cock and balls of all the cum she could get. Finally spent, Mario pulled out of her and collapsed beside her and his brother on one side of them as Sergio collapsed on the other. After several minutes Mario and Sergio managed to sit up and Luigi rolled the bitch off him and onto her back.

The three men stood and looked down at the thoroughly fucked woman, still trembling in post orgasm bliss. They saw her left hand go to her breast and began rubbing it as her right hand went to her crotch and began to massage her clit. They were dumbfounded that she appeared to want more.

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Margie couldn’t help herself; she was in total slut mode and needed to continue fucking, any one or any way. Apparently her “date” and rapists were done, but she wasn’t. They had taken her too far and she was now in auto mode as she worked her body, urging it to cum again.

The men all started to get aroused and began stroking their cocks to her rhythm, matching her rotation on her cunt with a stroke on their cock. Margie, seeing them begin to masturbate, opened her mouth as a willing receptacle for their next loads. The men all crawled back onto the bed and knelt around her as they worked their meat watching her. Suddenly Margie arched her back into the air.

“I’M CUUMMMMIINNGG!!” she yelled as her orgasm washed over her. She sped up her pace, rubbing her vaginal clit faster and had her second orgasm just after her first ended. Suddenly all three cocks began to erupt, surprising all three men that there was anything left. All ignored her mouth and aimed for her tits, eyes, forehead and hair, sending spurt after spurt on the beautiful face and bodacious titties.

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Margie, disappointed no one had used her mouth, raised her cum covered hand from her breast and licked it clean. Continuing her stroking of her pussy, she then wiped up cum from her breasts, cheeks, chin and eyes, moving it all to her open mouth. She continued to clean the cum off her and eat it as all three men dressed. The Marino brothers left after dressing and Sergio looked down on his companies whore. She had really shown she could be a slut he thought. Checking to make sure he had the sales contracts he left the room and closed the door. A moment later the door reopened.

“I guess I’ll leave this open as an invitation to anyone else to use you,” he told the still masturbating woman. “You look like you’d enjoy some more cock tonight.” Margie just looked at him with unseeing eyes as he withdrew and she fought with herself to stop.

Finally, after a soul draining orgasm, she managed to pull her hand away from her cunt. She laid there for a minute before being able to stumble off the bed and to the door, which she closed as she heard a couple of men talking as they came her way from the direction of the elevator. She fought the urge to reopen the door and offer herself to them. Finally she stumbled to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

“My God” she thought, “I look like I’ve just been fucked by 10 or 20 men, not 3.” She pulled the yellow bra down into place and pulling up her dress, settled her panties back into place, patting them over her pussy. Straightening her dress back she looked at the bodice and finally pulled the front straps behind her neck and tied them to keep the dress up. It shortened it considerably and she knew she had to find a way to her car without people seeing her.

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She carefully opened the door and checked the hallway. No one was in sight so she stumbled as fast as possible to the elevators. One was thankfully on her floor and opened immediately. Checking the buttons she found the lobby was as far as it went down. These elevators didn’t go down to the parking garage; she’d have to cross the lobby to get to that elevator.

Margie left the elevator and moved as fast as possible to the stairs and went down the six flights to her parking level. She made it to her car and got in. As she set there, breathing sighs of relief that no one had saw her, she heard her cell say she had voice mail. She quickly checked it in case it was George, but it was just her mother.

“Hey honey, call me when you finish your meeting tonight,” Mona’s voice told her. Margie thought for a moment and called her mother.

“Hi, how’d your meeting go?” Mona asked as she answered her phone.

“Can you meet me at my house in a half hour?” Margie asked.

“Is everything alright?” Mona said as she sat upright, taking her hand off her husband’s cock. She had been sucking it when the phone rang. Having been engaged in oral sex, she was turned on and flipped the phone to speaker to assist her husband’s arousal if Margie gave her any tidbits of her date with George’s boss.

“Two men followed us to the room, forced their way inside and raped me,” Margie told her mother. George grabbed Mona’s hand and started it to stroking his cock again.

“How did that happen? Were you wearing your power belt?” Mona asked as she stoked.
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“Yes, of course. But I had given Sergio a blow job under the table at dinner and you know that makes the power belt useless until we get the cum euphoria out of our head. So I was nothing but a normal woman that they beat into submission, raped twice, had Sergio get another blowjob and then the three jacked off over me,” she told her mother. George, his imagination picturing his beautiful step daughter with thee cocks in her and then covered in cum, shot his load, covering his wife’s hand in it.

“So, I guess I’ve told you that, so I don’t really need you to come over and listen to it again,” Margie said. “Oh yeah, when Sergio left, he came back to leave the door open so that anyone could nail me that happened to walk by, look in and see me.” Mona, her hand to her mouth, licking up and eating George’s cum, had to stop to talk to her daughter.

“So I guess you’re still in a cum and orgasm induced fog?” she asked as she felt George’s cum working on her mind.

“Yeah, I have to wait to leave for home until I come down some more. I don’t think it’s safe to drive yet.” She replied.

“Okay honey, listen carefully,” Mona told her daughter as she thought now was the time to talk to her about tomorrow and get her agreement to go. “You know Saul’s ex Lynda has that control over me from her Uncle Archibald Weiss financing our business deal on that real estate, right?”

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“Sure, that’s why we did her dog yesterday for her and Ronnie’s amusement,” Margie said as she fought to keep her hand out of her crotch as she remembered the sight of her mother sucking on and then being fucked by that dog cock. Then she had sucked that cum from her mother and they had each swallowed part of it.

“Well, Saul has a video of it and he saw you in it with Ronnie and me. He took it to Archibald and I’m going out there tomorrow at 1PM with a couple of our new guard dogs to do the show for him. He wants you to come and have sex with his two sons, suck him off, and then suck the dog cum from my cunt. In exchange, Lynda loses her position as head of customer relations, her hold over me, and replaces me as company whore. Will you do it, to help me?” Mona asked. Margie has lost her battle as Mona talked about the meeting and was furiously rubbing her pussy through her panties.

“Oh…oh…I’m cumming,” she gasped as her orgasm swept through her. “Of course mother, I’ll help. I’ll fuck his sons, him, your dogs, anything to help you out, you know that.” She panted. Mona smiled as Saul stood and placed a hard cock before her mouth. Apparently her daughter’s orgasm had reawakened his cock and it wanted to be taken care of.

“Good, be here at 11:30, we’ll load some dogs into the Escalade and the three of us will go out there,” Mona said and then wrapped her lips around Saul as she waited for her daughter to stop talking.

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“The three of us, you mean Saul is going too?” Margie asked. One side of her mind was concerned about her mother’s husband, her stepfather you could say, watching. The other side, still in slut mode, didn’t care. “The more cock available, the more cock I’ll get,” it told her.

“Yes, Saul’s going also. Remember he has seen the tape of us at Ronnie’s office yesterday. He saw me with the dog, with Lynda, you sucking and fucking Ronnie and then us together. So he won’t be seeing anything new and he did get this set up and Archibald told him to bring us, not have us come alone,” Mona said and went back down on Saul’s cock.

Okay, I’ll be there at 11:30,” Margie said.

“Send me some pictures by video mail and dress like the slut he’ll want us to be,” Mona hurriedly told her daughter before she could break the connection. “You know how I love to see you all debauched and covered in cum.” Margie laughed.

“Just like I love to see you the same way,” she said. She ended the call and took several pictures of the cum in her hair and sent them. She started her car and headed for home to shower and clean up.

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Mona, after hanging up, had handed her cell phone to her husband and took his cock back in her mouth. When the pictures came in George opened them and looked at his stepdaughter’s smiling face and the cum in her hair. He showed his appreciation for the beautiful woman and the way she looked by firing his own cum in volley after volley, surprising them both at the amount he had, down his wife’s throat.


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