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Mother Sons Sex Stories: Mother Son Story:My Son Fucked Me

 Mother Son Stories
My name’s Molly Marin, I’m a 44 year old medical technologist and I’m a widow. That’s me now but I want to tell you my story and so, I need to start at the beginning. It really begins in the Christmas season 28 years ago. My name then was Molly English and I was a 16 year old virgin. I had a boyfriend, James Marin, and we’d talked seriously about our future. Jimmy was 18, starting college the next spring. We planned for him to finish school then we’d get married. I’d get a two year degree.

So much for plans; we were making out on my parents sofa, they were away for the weekend, and things went further than we’d intended. I lost my virginity on that sofa that night.

It was just the once. We later talked about it and decided we’d wait for marriage before again having sex. But it turned out that once was more than enough, I missed my next period. I was pregnant.

Today, Jimmy would end up arrested for having sex with a minor. He’d, no doubt be convicted and even if he didn’t have to serve jail time, he’d get probation and be branded as a sex offender on government web sites. Maybe times were more enlightened back then. Jimmy wasn’t arrested, didn’t go to jail or anything like that, in fact the authorities were never involved. We fearfully went to our parents and confessed what we’d done.
They weren’t exactly ecstatic about the situation but they arranged the wedding. I was two months gone when Jimmy and I were married.

I know the horror stories a
Mother Son Storiesbout marrying this young but that wasn’t our story. My parents were financially comfortable and owned a large home. We lived with them and Jimmy entered college. After I delivered our baby, I was able to finish high school at our local community college and went on to get my AA.

Our child was a beautiful baby boy. We named him for his father; James Jefferson Marin, but he was then and ever after JJ.

After Jimmy graduated he got a good paying job with an electrical company and I started working for a local physician.

We rented a nice apartment and after two years later we started shopping for a home to purchase. I was twenty-two and Jimmy was twenty-four. Jimmy had gotten a nice raise and a promotion and we went out to dinner to celebrate. Jimmy’s folks were babysitting JJ. On the way back from the restaurant a semi truck ran a red light and t-boned us. Jimmy was killed instantly and I was severely injured.

I was hospitalized for a month; I wasn’t even able to attend Jimmy’s funeral. When I was discharged I moved back in with my parents. I still needed rehab and help with JJ. My injuries had one other serious outcome. I was no longer able to have children. JJ became even more precious.

We stayed with my family for two additional years. At last I was physically recovered and working again in a doctor’s office. Financially I didn’t have problem
Mother Son Storiess. Fortunately, Jimmy’s uncle was in the insurance business. He’d convinced us to carry $1,000,000 in life insurance on Jimmy and $500,000 on me. As young non-smokers the premiums were quite reasonable for the coverage. Additionally, the truck line which owned the semi settled out of court. After my lawyers took their pound of flesh I received $750,000.

I funded a small trust for JJ to assure his education and, when we moved out I bought a nice home. The rest went into investments that have performed well for me over time.

I don’t want to imply that the next years were a piece of cake, being a single parent is never easy, but I was able to continue my work in the medical field and I hired a nanny to help with JJ.

JJ was my pride and joy; we grew so very close and I gave him all my love. I dated several times but I just couldn’t get into it. I still missed Jimmy and I wanted to spend my time, energies and love on JJ.

Years passed. When JJ was fourteen I felt he was mature enough to care for himself so I discharged his nanny. I guess I made a latchkey kid of him, but then again, not really. I worked my schedule so that I was able to make his breakfast and send him off to school each morning and I was home every evening to prepare supper.

When JJ graduated from high school, did I mention that he had a 3.9 GPA, he chose to attend an out of state engineering university. Of course he came home for holidays and during his summer breaks but, for four years, I was so miserably lonely. I missed him terribly while he was away.

Finally, the big day came. He graduated with his BA in electrical engineering. He’d been recruited on campus by a large German firm with facilities here in the Orlando, Florida area where we lived. They gave him a nice signing bonus and were going to pay him while he worked on a post-gr
Mother Son Storiesad degree. Best of all he could live at home for at least the next two years. I couldn’t have been happier nor could he.

Several days after his graduation ceremonies were completed we decided to have a private dinner, just the two of us, to celebrate his graduation and his new job.

Neither of us were much of a drinker but we had a cocktail before the meal and two bottles of wine with it. It put us in a gay, frivolous mood. We decided to have dessert at home, I had some nice pastries that we could have with coffee. At least that was the plan.

When we got home JJ found champagne in our wine cooler and popped the cork. We had cakes and a bottle of Dom; delightful. I felt so loose and relaxed, I hugged JJ and gave him a big kiss then I put on some music and opened another bottle.

I felt like dancing, maybe dancing on cloud nine better expresses my mood, so I asked JJ if he’d mind a dance or two with his old Mom. The music was slow, he swept me into his arms and across the floor we went dancing close.

When the song ended we sipped a little more champagne and decided to dance again. After about an hour, I was a little tipsy and so was JJ. In hindsight, this is where I should have stopped things but I didn’t. I felt so wonderful, a little high from the wine, the dancing, my love for JJ; I just did not want it to end. I knew JJ felt the same. He took me in his arms and held me close as we again danced.

He clutched me tighter than before, my breasts were crushed to his chest and his leg slipped between mine as we danced. I shouldn’t have, but I was feeling dangerously aroused, I kissed him full on the lips and ground my crotch against him, riding his thigh. JJ responded, he let his hands wander lower, cupping my bottom and pulling me even closer and returning my kiss passionately. Our tongues met, he massaged my ass and I continued to press myself against his leg.

I couldn’t have stopped now if I’d wanted to. I hadn’t been so aroused since I was with Jim
Mother Son Storiesmy. My tummy muscles were tightening and my vagina was clenching as a massive orgasm hit. Even through my panties I’d soaked JJ’s slacks.

My release gave me a moment to consider putting a stop to what was occurring but JJ had other ideas. Taking me by the hand he led me to my bedroom and turned on my dim night light. Still holding me, he began to slowly unbutton my top.

He took my blouse off and tossed it on a chair then kissed the swell of my breasts as he unhooked my brassiere and let my tits hand free. He took a nipple in his mouth, teasing it with his tongue while he played and gently pinched the other. I was leaking again and my panties were already soaked. I unbuttoned his shirt, undid his belt and unzipped him. His slacks fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. As he unfastened my skirt and let it fall I pulled his boxers off and took his penis in my hand, gently stroking as he cupped my labia thought my sopping panties.

It was the absolute moment of truth and we both realized it. We looked into each others eyes. Either of us could have stopped thing now. Neither of us wanted to. He led me to the bed and lay me down as he pulled my panties off then lay down beside me and took me in his strong arms.

We embraced then kissing from my ear lobes and down my neck, JJ returned to my breasts, fondling and suckling at each in turn. Just that was enough to give me a small orgasm. JJ kissed and tongued down my belly before opening my legs and spreading my lower lips. He took a moment to admire me, eying me from top to bottom then he engulfed me with his mouth. God I thought I’d been struck by lightning. I felt him lick along my slit then probe into me with his tongue. He kept me on edge for several minutes then, moving upward, he took my clitoris between his lips, sucking and laving it with the tip of his tongue. My tummy rippled like a washboard, my cunt felt on fire. I exploded, my scalding love juices gushing over JJ’s face. I’d never had such a mind blowing climax in my life, not even with Jimmy.

I felt wrung out from the intensity of my orgasm. Then JJ looked up at me and smiled as he moved his body betwee
Mother Son Storiesn my splayed thighs.

My labia were agape as JJ penetrated me. I felt him slide into me and I hugged him to my breasts. I wanted, just for a few moments, for him to let me quietly and hold him inside. I was the first to begin to move. I arched my back forcing him deeper into my questing vaginal passage. Now I wanted him to take me and take me hard.

JJ thrust into me; he wasn’t huge, but with a nice thick nine inches, he filled me fully. I’d already enjoyed three or four orgasms, JJ not one. I knew he wouldn’t last long and he didn’t; after just twenty or twenty-five strokes, he lifted my legs high forcing my knees back toward my breasts as he pounded me as deeply as possible. When he came JJ let out a loud moan and bucked into me hard. He stopped and held himself deeply in me. I could feel his cum pulse after pulse; still hot, leaking down my crack. Then he started pumping me again. Not so vigorously as before but he kept it up for nearly five minutes before he shrank and slipped out.

He took me in his arms and just held me, my face to his chest as he stroked my hair. I think between the rich meal, the wines and the sex we were both worn out. We fell asleep in our embrace.

When I awakened the next morning JJ was still asleep, lying on his back he’d kicked the sheet off. I could see that his pubic hair was matted with our combined juices. As I moved I still felt squishy down below. He’d filled me and I’d soaked him.
Mother Son Stories

He looked so peaceful sleeping whereas my mind was awhirl over what we’d done the night before. I knew I should get up, shower and get dressed and never revisit the previous night. That’s what I should do; instead, I took JJ’s flaccid cock and began to suck. He was almost immediately hard, even before he woke. He started to sit up but I pushed him back down.

Disengaging I said, “You got to taste me last night, now it’s my turn,” then I took him back in my mouth.

I went down on him as far as I could, he filled my pussy just right, but he was more than a mouthful, then I used my tongue to tease his cock head, licking his shaft and then back down again. I wanted to bring him off in my mouth. I needed to taste his seed. Bobbing up and down, I was able to take more of him in until he was nearly sliding down my throat. I felt it when he seemed to get even harder then he rasped, “Mom I’m gonna cum, oh God I’m gonna cum.”

I got what I wanted, he spewed ropy cum deep into my throat, I swallowed hard time after time to keep up, to keep in all in. When he’d emptied himself in me, I continued to lick his stalwart pole until it finally fell to rest.

“Good morning my handsome one,” I said.

“Good morning to you, too my beautiful Mother,” he replied.

That for some reason that sounded odd to my ears; yes, of course I was his mother but after what we’d done last night and what I’d done this morning it didn’t sound right.

JJ I asked, “Would you mind calling me Molly, at least when we’re alone. After our intimacy I’d be a little more comfortable.”

“Molly; not a problem, I’ll love you whatever I call you. Now, come up here and give me a kiss.”
Mother Son Stories
“Are you sure?” I asked, aware that I had a mouthful of his semen.

“I’m sure, come here.”

I climbed up the bed and JJ took me in his arms. With a wet and passionate kiss he rolled me onto my back and entered me with a single thrust. God he was filling me again. He slowly stroked in and out of me until I climaxed. Not like the night before, not explosively but rather a gentle release. JJ had not cum but he pulled out of me and rolled me over on my tummy. Straddling me, he lifted me and pushed into me from behind. God, in this position he felt even bigger. Grasping my hips he ground into me. My face was buried in my pillow and I had tears in my eyes. He was hurting me and I didn’t care. I knew I’d have trouble sitting later but right now I was getting what I wanted, the pain was exquisite. I wanted it to last and it did. JJ fucked me harder than I’d ever been fucked. I guess because he’d cum just a short time before, he seemed insatiable. Harder and faster, he thrust into my aching vagina for at least thirty minutes until, at last, I felt him swell. He pulled me tight against him and his cock spewed forth gush after gush of his cream.

We were both exhausted, I dropped down on my stomach and he collapsed on my back, his rod still encased in my body. We lay like that for some time. JJ stroked my hair and kissed the back of my neck then got up and pulled me up.

“Come on, let’s take a shower together.”

And we did. He soaped me up from head to toe, letting his fingers explore all of my intimate places. He washed my breasts, lathered my crotch and even scrubbed my anus, letting the tip of his finger slip into me there.

At that I caught my breath. I was virgin there. No one had ever gotten as much as a finger in me. I clenched my cheeks, I’m not sure if I was keeping him from going deeper or holding him in. It was a different feel but it gave me a tingle, both
Mother Son Stories in my bottom and in my tummy. It wasn’t something I was going to give up immediately but I had a suspicion that my anal virginity would soon be lost and truthfully I was terrified. Girls talk and over the years several friends confided that they had let their husbands or boyfriends have them that way. Without exception all each and every one of them could remember was the pain. I wanted to avoid that if I could.

Over the passing weeks I learned that JJ really enjoyed seeing my body, he particularly liked me in just a pair of sexy panties, either topless or in a shorty t-shirt. When I knew we’d be alone I only wore my panties. I’d spent several hundred dollars at Victoria’s Secret and they were hot.

He’d developed one approach to me that was both stimulating and yet terrifying. He liked to hold me in his lap; he’d be naked and I’d be clad in only my sexy lingerie.
He’d pull me down so I was sitting in his lap. Inevitably I’d feel his erection rise. He’d manipulate my hips so that my cheeks spread and I could feel his erection against my anus through my panties. He’d play with my tits and massage my pussy until I was wet then he’d make the most passionate love to me. Even with the anal action I looked forward to it. JJ was, and still is, a fantastic lover and he never tried to go further with my behind than just letting me feel him through my panties.

It wasn’t so much as when we were together that my trepidations exerted themselves; I was too wrapped up in our loving but when we were apart my old girl friends stories played through my mind. Sometimes just the thought of what might be awaiting me caused my stomach to turn to liquid. I’d have to run to the bathroom to deal with it. To say that I was torn about this would be dramatically understating my fears. I wanted to please JJ but suffering diarrhea wasn’t all that pleasant. I guess that you could say I was literally scared shitless.

JJ liked to caress my bottom while we made love. While we were active in the moment I wasn’t concerned but, always in the back of mind was my fear. It created a sexual tension between us or, better I say it created a tension in me. I thought he would take me that way when he wanted me, but he never did.

Two or so months into our relationship my Doctor asked if I could stay late, there were some things that needed to be caught up. He rarely asked me to stay so I couldn’t refuse. I called JJ to let him know I’d be late. I was usually home by five but tonight i
Mother Son Storiest would be closer to eight. He understood.

When I arrived home I was beat, it had been a stressful and tiring day. JJ met me at the door and walked me to the recliner where he seated me, leaned me back, took off my shoes and massaged my aching feet, it was heavenly. I could smell the aroma of food being prepared and asked what he was fixing. He told me a tossed salad with a balsamic vinaigrette, pasta and garlic bread. It sounded great to me. I sat back and relaxed while he went to the kitchen and finished up then he walked me to the table. He served me and poured a glass of Chianti for each of us, the wine helped to relax me. After supper he cleared the table then poured me another glass of wine, asking me to just take it easy while he took care of something.

It was about ten minutes before he came back. I’d just finished the last of the wine and was getting a little mellow when he took my hand and led me to the bedroom. With me standing in the middle of the room JJ began to undress me. He lifted my dress over my head and removed my bra. I thought he’d give my breasts some needed attention but he simply continued to remove my clothing. I was wearing a pair of panty hose and these came off next then JJ knelt before me, pulled me toward him and breathed deeply, taking in my scent through my black silk panties.

“Molly you’re luscious. I want to eat your panties off and lick and taste you but before I do I have something for you.”

JJ slipped my panties off and led me to the bathroom door which was shut. He opened the door and led me to the huge Jacuzzi tub. It jets were frothing the water and the bath oil he’d added was emanating a most pleasant scent, the tub its self was ringed in candles. JJ helped me into the tub and, as I relaxed in the swirling waters as he laved my body with my luffah sponge. As I lay back, taking my pleasure from the warm waters JJ handed me a glass of champagne

Pouring one for himself he whispered, “You’re so very special to me. I want to make you feel nice.”

“Oh baby, you are,” I answered.

We both sipped from our glasses then he refilled them both. He was gazing at me with lust filled eyes as he tipped his glass and took a drink. I felt so wanted and so loved that tears of joy filled my eyes. JJ noticed and asked if something was the matter.

I replied, “I just love you so. You’re so very special to me.”

He leaned forward and kissed me saying, “You’re pretty special to me, too.” Then he started toward the door saying, “I’m not finished you yet. Why don’t you rinse off and I’ll be back in a few moments,” as he walked out into the bedroom.

I’d rinsed off when he returned. He helped me from the tub and taking a huge Turkish towel he dried me and led me to the bed. There were more candles illuminating the room with a soft glow. He lay me down on my back and announced that I was to get a massage. I certainly didn’t argue.

JJ used a scented body lotion, he started at my shoulders, across my breasts, down my tummy and over the tops of my legs before rubbing my feet until I though I was going to climax it felt so, so good. Then he turned me over and started on my upper back. His fantastic hands worked down over my hips and the back of my thighs letting me relax and enjoy his attention. I was even leaking a little just from his massage when he sat beside me and pulled me, on my tummy across his lap.

I thought for a moment he was going to spank me. The position was perfect. I’m not sure I’d have minded but he didn’t. Instead he gently opened my thighs and cupped my sex
Mother Son Stories, fingering me and then moving to my clit which he took between his thumb and forefinger masturbating me. Rapidly, I climaxed from his attention. My heavy redolence filled the room and my love juices flowed from me onto his leg. He seemed to revel in it. Moistening his fingers in my own fluids he spread my cheeks and massaged my virginal back passage. Circling me and applying gentle pressure before just dipping in a finger tip he teased me. My body reacted in ways I hadn’t expected. I ground my pussy against his leg then pushed back against his intruding digit taking him into my dark depths. He didn’t do anything, it was me. I worked my hips up and down, forcing him deeper into me. Just a single finger but sawing in and out of me it aroused me, I wanted it, wanted to give myself to him.

With shallow rasping breath I whispered, “Baby, do you want me there, do you want more?”

I felt his penis jump at the thought before he answered, “Yes, Molly, I want more, I want you.”

He’d never taken me as I feared he would, here I was a volunteer. I said, “Baby, there’s some KY Jelly in the night stand drawer, I’d put it there knowing this moment would come. Get it and get me ready. I want you to take me now, tonight, and baby when you do please put my on my back, I want to be able to see your face when you enter me and I want you to see me, ok?”

JJ didn’t answer he just reached across and got the tube of lubricant from the night stand. I’d put it there in anticipation of losing her anal virginity and tonight I would. JJ squeezed a large dollop into his palm and warmed it before he spread my cheeks and rubbed around my rosebud.

I still had a great deal of trepidation about what was to come. My tummy felt oh so watery and I was trembling a little as JJ gently probed a finger into me, pushing the gel in more deeply. He stroked my bottom as he added a second finger and began to open me up. It wasn’t painful as he pumped me with two fingers. He added more of the lubricant; I could feel that I was open. Then he rolled me off his lap and onto my back.

JJ took a pillow and, lifting me put it under my bottom, elevating me. He placed both of my legs over his shoulders and pushed ‘til my knees were resting against my chest. Then I felt his cock head press against my last virginity. I squinched my eyes tightly in anticipation of the forthcoming pain but it didn’t come. Opening my eyes I saw JJ looking at my face and smiling. I smiled back at him.

He asked, “Are you ready Mommy?” It didn’t register that he’d called me Mommy. I couldn’t answer, I just nodded my head yes.

I felt pressure against my tight ring, there was a only little pain until his head split me. It was, for a moment, agonizing, reminding me of the pain of child birth. Fortunately JJ didn’t push. He just let me grow accustomed to his invasion. I’d tightened myself, holding him out. He spoke to me quietly and softly, “Just relax, just relax.” as he stroked my hips and tummy.

As he talked to me he was applying a gently pressure against me. I could feel him sliding deeper and deeper yet he continued to croon to me, “Relax Mommy, I won’t hurt you, just relax.”

Between his soft voice and gentle ministrations to my body I did start to relax my lower muscles. He slid even deeper until I felt his pubic hairs against my bottom. He just held me there and continued to speak softly to me. When he felt that I was completely relaxed he began to play with my clit, arousing me and getting me to pump against his hand. It also had the effect of me pumping my bottom against his invading rod.

I’ll not lie to you; I was still in some pain. I understood what my girl friends were talking about. In spite of all his gentleness I had tears in my eyes and, although I was the one providing the action I was still moaning. It felt like I had a firebrand in my belly. I didn’t want the pain but I didn’t want it to end either. I pushed harder against JJ and moaned, “Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!”

He did. He’d been holding back for me. Now his hips slammed against my bottom as his thrusts penetrated into my deepest depths. What an experience, I was wailing and moaning in pain. My sobs, as he pounded me took my breath away yet I was screaming, “Harder Baby, harder, make Mommy feel it, make Mommy cry.”

God, I’ve never experienced anything to compare. I was in a wailing and sobbing agon
Mother Son Storiesy still it was a sublime agony. I wanted it to end and I prayed that it never would.

Finally I felt JJ swell and my insides were flooded. I could feel his cum gushing into me, filling my bowels. The only thing I could compare the feeling to was an enema; he filled me completely. As he started to shrink I was still sobbing. He pulled me to him, kissed me and hugged me to his chest. I just continued to cry for several minutes before I was able to whisper, “Thank you JJ, I wanted this.”

Once I’d settled down I asked, “You called me Mommy, why?”

“You are my Mommy and I felt so close to you, it just came out. But now that you mention it you called yourself Mommy, do you remember.”

“Sheepishly I smiled, “Yes, I remember, I felt the same as you.”

We didn’t even bother to clean up. We were both exhausted. We fell asleep in each others embrace.

The next morning I got up before JJ and went to the bathroom. When I wiped I was sore and I could tell that I was still distended from the night before. I also knew that once would not be enough for JJ. Anal sex was going to become part of our love life.

Even with the pain I was experiencing I thought, what the hell, in for a penny in for a pound. I found the KY Jelly where JJ had dropped it beside the bed and lubricated myself before taking a handful and climbing back into bed.

Even though I knew I was going to be tasting myself I took JJ in my mouth to bring him to a full erection. He awakened as I sucked on him and smiled at me. When I was sure he was fully aroused I used my hand that I’d coated with the jelly and masturbated him, spreading the slickness over him.

JJ realized what I was doing. He asked what I had in mind. I didn’t answer; I simply got on my hands and knees and wiggled my ass at him. He caught on pretty fast.

“Are you sure,” he asked.

Again I didn’t answer, I grabbed the pillow and buried my face it in. I was on my knees and face down in the pillow. The invitation was there. I wiggled my bottom again like a bitch in heat and opened my legs so he could see my offering. He then didn’t hesitate.

I felt him pressing against my tight ring but it wasn’t quite so tight after last night. He pulled my hips to meet his probing cock then buried himself in me to the maximum. He was even deeper than the last night and he didn’t hesitate. He powered into me hard, forcing my face further into my pillow.

I certainly couldn’t complain. I’d encouraged JJ to take me just like he was doing. Even so, still stinging from the previous evening and with his vigorous thrusts, I was in a lot of pain. I just buried my face in my pillow and sobbed as he rutted in me. God his cock felt huge. Filling me, splitting me, all I could do was wail.

JJ was usually the most tender of lovers but not now. Maybe it was my lewd invitation but I was in agony and he wasn’t letting up.

After minutes of raking into me as deeply as possible, he took my right arm and pulled it back under me. I was now resting with my head and shoulder on the pillow while my left arm supported me. JJ took my hand and directed it to my vagina. Taking my fingers and directing my motion he showed me what he wanted me to do. My fingers literally danced over my swollen clit as I worked myself to a huge orgasm. Just as I brought myself to a thunderous climax JJ came in me. It was more that my belly could hold. I could feel his hot, hot cum dripping from my bottom to mix with my own juices as they crept down my inner thighs. Then I fainted. The combination of the sexual release and the pain was too much. I collapsed on the bed. JJ rode me down, still in me.

I wasn’t out long, in fact, JJ was still mounted on my bottom, still in me when I roused.

He slid beside me and pulled me to him, asking, "Are you alright Molly?”

“Oh JJ I couldn’t be better. I wanted to give you something special. Did I?”
Mother Son Stories
I think JJ knew what it had cost me to do what I’d done. He just held me close, saying, “Everything about you is special. I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me.”

We napped for a while then got up and went forward with our life.

Our sex life was varied and active for the next six years. JJ took his Masters Degree then his company transferred him to the West Coast. I cried my eyes out. I couldn’t think of him not being with me.

Then he sat me down and we talked.

“Molly, this could be the greatest thing that could happen for us. Here everyone knows I’m your son. Sell the house and come with me. We can get a place out there and live as husband and wife. Will you come with me?”

Of course I would and I did. We’ve now lived as a couple here in Oregon for the past six years and my only regret is that we are unable to have children of our own. Then again, maybe it’s for the best.

I got in this reminiscent mood because my mother is coming to visit. My father died last month after a lingering illness. I tried to talk mother into moving out here but she has her friends, though she is coming for a month.

Mom didn’t know about JJ and me so for the duration he’d be in one of the guest rooms, we have two and they share a bath. I put Mom in the other.

She was terribly depressed when she arrived, so over tea we talked. She missed my dad terribly. She said the house seemed so empty without him there. She told me about her loneliness and even her feelings about herself. Over the course of a lot of cups of Earl Grey I found out that she hadn’t had sex in over four years. Dad’s illness precluded his ability to perform. She’d wanted some relief and release, even trying to talk him into helping her with either finger or tongue. He refused. He thought if he couldn’t get anything out of it, what the use. And now, at sixty-six she saw a sexless, loveless bleak life ahead of her.
Mother Son Stories
I wanted to do whatever I could to help; I love my mother. I took JJ into my confidence, letting him know about his grandmother’s aching heart and itchy panties. He came up with an idea as to how he could help. He explained it to me and I agreed.

JJ set it up. It was almost a replay of our first night together. He took Mom and me to a nice restaurant, fed us the tastiest food and plied us with several bottles of the finest of wine. He’d asked me to arrange for a nice dessert that we’d enjoy at home and, maybe, just maybe we’d have a little champagne. And that’s how the evening went.

When we got home I put on some slow music and JJ and I danced to a song or two then he asked my mother if she’d like to dance. Her face was radiant, how long had it been since a handsome young man had asked her to dance.

JJ held her close as they waltzed across the floor, letting her feel his muscular frame. He pulled her to him and let her breasts rub against his chest. Even I could see her nipples swell and harden from the contact. They took a break and JJ poured each of us a little more of the Dom he’d chosen. Then he asked her to dance again. She rushed to the floor. It was evident that Mom was in seventh heaven. JJ took a few liberties with her. He let his hands wander down and squeeze her bottom. I was amazed as I watched her reaction. She, without seeming to do so, thrust her pelvis forward and rubbed herself on JJ’s thigh.

I was getting wet just watching.

Around eleven Mom started to run down. JJ suggested that she take a nice warm bath and then, if she was real nice he’d give her a back rub. She immediately accepted JJ’s offer.

“If you’ll get ready for your bath, I’ll run it for you,” he suggested.

Mom went to her room and changed into just a robe while JJ got the bath ready. The tub was a deep roman style tub and he filled it nearly to the rim before adding a nicely scented bath oil. He abandoned the bathroom before Mom went in.

JJ waited about five minutes before he reentered the bath. He told her he’d like to scrub her back for her. Although she was a little embarrassed by his intrusion she did like the idea. JJ took up the wash cloth and soaped her up. After
Mother Son Storieshe’d finished with her back she reclined in the water just enjoying the soak. JJ took advantage of the situation, raising her arms and soaping down her sides. He let his hand wander to her breast and washed her there too. She didn’t stop him, she just lay back mewling softly as he kneaded her soft full breasts. After moving down to lave her stomach he suggested she rinse off and come to the bedroom so he could give her the back rub.

The room was prepared when she came in. She’d put her robe on but it was thin. JJ was able to see her body beneath. Of course her breasts sagged a bit but all in all she had a nice trim figure for a woman her age. The room was candle lit and a bottle of champagne stood in a cooler on the night stand along with two stemmed glasses. There was a fragrantly scented body rub beside it and, unbeknownst to Mom there was a tube of lubricating gel in the night stand drawer. JJ was afraid that, it things went according to his plan, that she wouldn’t produce enough moisture to keep from being hurt.

I’d sneaked into the bathroom after they’d left. In the mirror I watched as JJ led my Mom to the bed. He poured each of them a glass of the champagne and as they sipped he helped her out of her robe. As I watched, he stared longingly at her full breasts; I could see that her nipples were hard and distended. Still she was an old fashioned lady, and she reddened as JJ admired her. Finally he gave her a towel to cover her private places and he guided her to the bed on her stomach.

JJ was clad in only a thin pair of gym shorts. No top and no underwear. He straddled Mom’s hips and started deeply massaging her shoulders. She had her arms folded under her head, exposing the sides of her breasts. As JJ worked down, he rubbed them too. I heard Mom give a little gasp when JJ fondled her breasts but she didn’t stop him. And I watched as JJ pressed against her bottom, riding her a little while he rubbed. I was shocked to see Mom relax her cheeks, spreading her legs just a little. JJ’s erection was evident as he pressed it into her crack. She mewled as he pressed harder against her. JJ skipped her towel covered bottom and massaged her thighs down to her feet. He kissed each foot then started up her inner thighs. The moment of truth was about to come.

As he worked upward past her knees, he nudged her thighs open. She helped, opening her legs to his gentle prodding. He circled around, not touching her vagina and lifted her towel, exposing her bottom. Adding a little more of the body gel he massaged her cheeks as she squirmed under his attention. She wasn’t trying to escape. She was opening and closing her thighs, masturbating herself while he continued to rub. When she spread her thighs still further he let one hand
Mother Son Stories slip between her legs, cupping her sex. She clamped her thighs against his hand then worked her self against his pressure. All the while he kept rubbing her bottom. Finally, he spread her cheeks and massaged her tight rosebud. She mouth a barely audible, Oh, Oh, Oh. Then she released her grip on JJ’s hand. I saw him reach for the KY and squeeze a large dollop into his hand. He let it warm before he again went to her vagina. After lubricating her, he used the remaining gel to massage her anus. She started to quiver and mewl softly as JJ fingered her with one hand and gently penetrated her tight pucker with the other.

It was evident she was ready. JJ slid off her hips, dropped his shorts and rolled her onto her back. Mom was still old fashioned enough that she couldn’t watch. JJ spread her legs and slid between them. Before entering her he reached forward, embraced her and whispered, “Grandma, I love you.”

Then he lifted her legs, exposing her opening and entered her. He forced himself deeply into her. Mom wailed, “No this isn’t right, stop JJ stop.”

No way was JJ going to stop. He leaned forward until he could kiss her. He kissed her with a passion she hadn’t experienced in years. Then I heard him whisper, “Grandma, I want you and you want this, too. Tell me you want this.”

“God yes I want it. Oh, please give it to me.”

JJ picked up his pace but Mom wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him even deeper into her vagina. Then, I watched as she started quivering and crying out. She climaxed and there was no shortage of moisture. It was running down her inner thighs as JJ continued to thrust into her. JJ pulled out and kissed down her body. He explored her navel with his tongue then moved further down. Mom was untrimmed with a bushy mons. JJ opened her slit and ran his tongue its full length before taking her clit between his lips, sucking and teasing. As I watched, Mom climaxed again, she was trembling with the outpour of her fragrant juices. Finally, he raised her legs and put them over his shoulders. She couldn’t have been more exposed as JJ pushed into her with thrust after powerful thrust. She screamed out again as she once again had a powerful orgasm. JJ still hadn’t finished. It was awesome watching as he was pistoning her and forcing her legs even further back while she was thrusting back at him with her hips and vagina. A cry agai
Mother Son Storiesn rose from her lips, she’d reached yet another orgasm just as JJ reached his. Even in the mirror I could see his cum filling her, spilling from her to soak the bed below her.

Mom was breathing hard as JJ stroked out, emptying himself into vagina. He softened and pulled out.

He took my Mom into his arms and told her how much he loved her. Then noticing the soaked sheets, he got up, took her hand and led her to his room.

I scampered out of the bathroom before I was noticed.

Next morning after breakfast, while Mom was out for her walk I asked JJ about the previous night. JJ’s honest with me. He told me about what had happened in her room and about taking her back to his room. Then he told me what had gone on there. He’d fucked her one more time and was ready for the evening to end. It turns out that she wasn’t. She took him in her mouth and got him hard again. Then, on hands and knees she was ready for him again. JJ slipped back into her room and got the KY. It wasn’t what she was expecting but he lubricated himself then played with her pussy while rubbing some of the gel onto her rosebud.

Positioning himself he directed his cock toward her well lubed asshole. Gripping her hips he pushed into her. Like me, she dropped her head and buried her face in her pillow, moaning as he filled her. JJ was pretty well spent. He didn’t cum quickly. Unlike me, he didn’t direct her hands so she could help herself. He just pounded away while she moaned, wailing out once then sobbing into her pillow. JJ said that he’d eased up the power of his thrusts and had just held her hips, stroking into her time and again. After about ten minutes of being sodomized her sobbing eased and a raspy cooing began, “Please don’t stop JJ, please, please, Oh, Oh yes.” Then she thrust her ass back to meet him. JJ was amazed; shortly thereafter Mom’s body was wracked by yet another orgasm. As she came, she was clenching her bottom. The wonderful sen
Mother Son Storiessations this created brought JJ over the top her gripping muscles milking him.

He continued to hold her but rolled onto there side, him spooning her, still deep within her. They’d gone to sleep with him still filling her.

Maybe I was a little jealous. I said, “I know where you’ll get yours for the next month but what about me.”

He just smiled at me, took my hand and led me to my bedroom, locking the door behind us.

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